1. Caelos_Eko

    Distress and Social Beacons

    Okay so I get the initial concern that many players will have with distress beacons, you know with gankers either faking or hunting calls. But I have a couple ideas on how they could be implemented effectively. First of all enabling a beacon broadcasts the players location on the galaxy map with...
  2. CMDRGURU951

    I found 12 Structures and 3 Beacons in 6 days and I want you to know how I did it. o7

    Good Luck Out There CMDR's. Safe Travels, Dangerous Roads.
  3. A

    Needless system locations

    What in the world are capital ships and checkpoints even for? Capital ships I dropped out on a capital ship earlier today and saw what it was since ive never needed to go there. MY GOD THAT IS LEGIT. why cant we do anything with it except ooh and ahh at it? Surely a ship like that needs...
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