1. Erimus Kamzel

    [DW2] Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery

    EXPEDITIONARY ROUTE & ITINERARY LINK AN INSIGHT INTO PLANNING DW2 LINK ORIGINAL EXPEDITION & CG PROPOSAL LINK The Road to Launch (archived news updates): 2017 - October : Erimus Kamzel meets DW1 participants at Frontier EXPO. Ideas for a DW2 are discussed. 2017 - October : DW2...
  2. Nova Viper Dwagon

    Krait To Beagle

    Stop the clock!, its been 16h and 30mins, And I just touched down at beagle 2, and boy has it been a hell of a trip Spent 1h in drydock engineering some modules and then 15h trip to beagle passing by Sag A* half way where I meet my friend "Rodney McKay" Who almost boosted into me with a...
  3. The-DemonWolf

    Beagle point and Livingston point decals!

    Hi everyone and fdev, O.o long story short I’m not sure if we have these or not. But I think we should be able to get decals for going to these points like the Hutton orbital decal. Just a cool suggestion I thought might work? if you Like the idea please support! It is a big accomplishment...
  4. Keef Drow

    Farthest Distance from Sol Record Attempt

    In an attempt to go past where anyone has been before, I have set out on a multi-week supercruise from the Semotus Beacon star in the solar system farthest from Earth, Oevasy SG-Y d0. The goal is to warp away from the Galactic Core as this is the last system inside the Milky Way at this most...
  5. Karaya1

    The New Darwin's Legacy (Beagle Point 2) - After Update 3.0

    Greetings Commanders! INTRO: Two weeks ago I visited Darwin's Legacy, the second planet in the famous Beagle Point system. As a participant of DWE 1 I was interested in the changes that happened during the 3.0-update. So I took pictures of the new surface, added some reference coodinates and...
  6. Wishblend

    General / Off-Topic Stephen Hawking Memorial petition

    The members of the Beagle Point Expedition are saddened at the death of Stephen Hawking and will be dedicating our meet up at RENDEZVOUS POINT in honour of him this coming Saturday 17th March. We would like to propose that a memorial beacon be added to the the Rendezvous point system above...
  7. Persera

    The Void Beyond

    There’s nothing out there. Not for a long way anyway. Ahead is nothing but blackness. As I transmit these words I believe I am the furthest any human has ever traveled from Sol. This is the story of the Void Beyond project. It’s goal is simple: Send a human made object out into the emptiness of...
  8. BusterSSNS91

    Additional fuel tanks, mass & power.

    Hello all. Just about to reach Colonia then head north to Beagle Point. I want to make sure I have enough fuel for the Abyss, but haven't needed additional tanks with a 6B scoop. I want to keep my mass low by not having extra fuel also. Is it possible to buy extra tanks, and power them down and...
  9. BusterSSNS91

    Beagle Point this weekend, anyone?

    Scubastevo83 and myself are setting off to Colonia, spend a wee while buying modules and giving the ships a shakedown before departure Saturday morning. Figure now is good a time as any, be back in the bubble prior to any Q1 ‘Beyond’ releases. If you have the itch and don’t want to go alone...
  10. Erimus Kamzel

    The Galactic Mapping Project & Historical Archive of Exploration

    INTERNAL LINKS Galactic Regions & Overview Map The Expedition Hub History of Beagle Point & Archived Maps The Age of Pioneers The Distant Worlds Expeditions New Horizon & DSSV Distant Worlds Colonia Connection Highway (external link) ED Astrometrics (external link)...
  11. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic Futurama, rendered 3d as it should be.

    It looks better than Coruscant
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