1. D

    Post Beta Thoughts

    Hello all, The beta for Planet Zoo has ended and, to be honest, I'm sad it ended. I am however elated that I got the chance to play a game I've been waiting for to fill the void of the original Zoo Tycoon games, and that it met my overall expectations for such a title. Here's my personal...
  2. ziggycardon

    My Beta experience

    Hi, First of all, I really enjoyed playing the Beta of Planet Zoo, after playing ZT2 for over more than 10 years this game is everything I hoped for and more! I encountered some graphic issues but that doesn't have anything to do with the game but with my Graphical card & Processor which I...
  3. H

    Beta Feedback on Research

    Hey there, Just wanted to say that the Beta was really fun, and that I can't wait for the full game to come out in about a month! I am so happy that the annoying research bug has been fixed, so the workers actually continue to research after doing whatever other task they had to do in between...
  4. J

    My findings on Planet Zoo beta

    Weeks before the beta was live I was already hyped by all the YouTube material from youtubers playing on gamescon. Really wanted to play it myself so I purchased the game and of course I choose the deluxe version. Now, almost two weeks after the start of the beta (and almost ending) I like to...
  5. S

    Blueprints getting wiped?

    Ive been working on a staff building for a few hours and just was wondering if they are gonna wipe blueprints put on the workshop.
  6. G

    Zoopedia mistake?

    I was just reading up on the lions and it said "life expectation: 14 years; age of sterility: 15 years". Now it's just something minor but maybe double check the zoopedia before the official launch.
  7. Woody2107

    Beta feedback, questions, concerns, bugs.

    Hi peeps at Frontier! I am absolutely in love with Planet Zoo (50+h already). The game is in all points just perfect. I have made multiple habitats so far, making them as suitable for the animal as possible (Which is hard for me, I like to overdo it with the plants.). I enjoyed using the...
  8. S

    Do we have to restart our franchise after the beta ends?

    Just bought the deluxe edition so I can play the beta like I did with Planet Coaster (still love that game btw) but does anyone know if we will have to restart our franchise and zoos after the launches if we played it during the beta period?
  9. L

    People walking bug

    Hello Frontier! I've got in my park a viewing area for the lions where the guests can go up by stairs. If they want to walk up there is no problem but if they want to go down, they go to the stairs, stop at them, turn around, walk 2 meters away, go back to the stairs, turn around, walk 2 meters...
  10. N

    Anyone having issues with the turtles starving all the time?

    So I have two Galapagos tortoises and they are starving all the time. The reason? They take literally days to cross their exhibit and get to their food. I've been having a lot of bugs with the keepers not feeding/cleaning well and also I have animals stuck in the trade center AND my wild dogs...
  11. R

    Here is a list of bugs and various other issues I've come across

    Animals are randomly being put in boxes and left near the keeper door on the inside of the enclosure, I have to manually go and unbox them or they just sit there and starve to death inside the box. I don't know who or what is putting them in these boxes or for what reason, but it most often...
  12. L

    Zoo keeper suddenly not feeding bears and letting them starve!

    I absolutely love this game! I'm very dissapointed now because I have spend days building a profitable franchise zoo, with happy animals. Now I'm losing money to protests and lost two 5 star bears to starvation all because the zoo keeper wouldn't feed the animals. I've tried moving the feed...
  13. M

    First Impressions

    I have played 4 hours so far, done the Campaign tutorial and have been working on my Franchise since then. I agree with other players that the cost to purchase animals on the market can be quite hit and miss especially when first starting out. However, I found once I purchased to lower quality...
  14. P


    Hate to be "that guy," but I've never heard of a "likkle baby" before! :) Obviously not a pressing matter, but wanted to point it out regardless!
  15. G

    Feeders not refilled in covered enclosure

    I got a problem where my keepers don’t refill the feeders in 2 of my exhibits. I don’t think the others have the problem as those feeders were filled ( but I haven’t seen my keepers filling them). Now the 2 enclosures where I have this issue have a roof build on them so I wonder if that’s the...
  16. F

    Wolves and Wilddogs attack each other!!

    Hello, i had wolves an wild dogs in my zoo. I've read the Zoopedia correctly. So I read that wolves and Wild dogs live in Familygroups. The problem is now: I had two alpha wolves/wild dogs, they get a lot of babies, two babies babies stay in the zoo the rest is now in the nature. But the...
  17. K

    Brief Feedback

    Hello, just want to provide my feedback after a few hours playing Franchise :) 1. Animal Market needs the following improvements a) Save/remember filter settings b) A refresh button c) A limit on how many of the same species are displayed (which we can choose to expand) d) The lag and failing...
  18. P

    Guests not entering zoo?

    In franchise mode my guests will walk up to the entrance but at the last second just turn around and leave and not pay or enter the zoo at all. Is it something with paths or animals or? Just making it annoying cause I have zoo set up with an exhibit but just loose money because no one will enter...
  19. G

    Huge exhibit + game crash (nothing important)

    (Just a bit of a rant nothing special) Just build a huge exhibit (which will be for the african elephant, sable antelope, zebra, african buffalo, ...) and it was huuuggge. And my game crashed!!!! 😭😭😭 I don’t think the exhibit had anything to do with the crash (I was raising the wages of my...
  20. KitCat

    Animal Market Suggestion

    The market is currently saturated with Wild Dogs and I am clicking "load more" a ton of times before getting to any of the other animals. I know that we can go through and tick which animals we want to see, but that is especially cumbersome when you're ticking all but one in the list. My...
  21. W

    My Feedback

    Grettings! I am Wistala. Like so many others, I am here to gives some feedback on the game that I have observed so far. So without further ado and in no particular order, let's dig into it shall we. :D Performance: Some hiccup and lag during gameplay on high end PC. I can see you guys are...
  22. T

    What myself and Reddit love,dislike, and think needs improvement before Full release

    First of all, I pre-ordered the deluxe edition one hour after it became available for purchase on Steam. And it's safe to say that i am not disappointed in what we got in the beta! I have to say, besides a few flaws here and there. This is an excellent game and it is only getting better from...
  23. G

    Lack of animal variety in franchise mode

    I hope more animals will be uploaded to the market soon as the only animals in the market available are african buffalo’s, african wild dogs and african elephants (not counting exhibit animals). And I can’t even buy the elephant because it’s so freaking expensive (which I get but I really want a...
  24. GrimCamel

    Guests not using food/drink stands

    Idk if its a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. They're connected to a path, open, everything on the menu available so what am I missing or is this a bug?
  25. salmonmarine

    I'm playing a zoo game and /cant get animals/

    I started a new zoo in Franchise mode. Every timeI choose an animal from the market it's either 'no longer available' (? then why show it??) or 'unable to complete adoption' I'd like to be able to put animals in my zoo, I know that's a lot to ask
  26. Jammy3112

    My thoughts (and questions!) so far...

    So far, I have only had just over 2 hours inside the Beta release, and I have to admit...I'm impressed. I am getting those Planet Coaster launch vibes, and that's a great feeling to have again! I have a few bugs to report, which I will do through the Issue Tracker, however, I thought I would...
  27. G

    New animals revealed in beta

    Some new animals I can see in the zoopedia Formosan black bear Giant forest scorpion Nile monitor Sable antilope I might be looking over some more animals so feel free to add.
  28. Woody2107


    A few years ago Frontier released Planco, if you bought the alpha bundle you got an art book with it. This artbook contained a lot of interesting concept art and "In progress" game design. While we have seen some of the progress in dev blogs, I wonder if we will see some concept art and or an...
  29. C

    Possibility to pre-download the beta

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to pre-download the beta 1 or 2 days before September 24. I don't have a great connection and I would like to be able to play it from the beginning so as not to waste time. It would be nice if a Frontier developer could answer. Thank you for your...
  30. N


    Hello, will the game be proposed a little before its release (ex: 1 week) for those who pre-order?
  31. L

    Celebrating AAZK's Zoo Keeper week?

    National Zoo Keeper Appreciation week (here in the US at least) is coming up the third week of July (21st-27th). I know my zoo celebrates with lunches for animal care staff, but the thought I had was that since our community team has been calling us Zoo Keepers... wouldn't that be a great week...
  32. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
  33. N

    New Mining stuff in Colonia

    Does anyone know where in Colonia we will be able to get the new mining equipment from? If it's not available at launch, can we have a colonia CG to quickly manually add the abrasion blasters etc?

    New mining system makes "Mining Fighter" an even better idea

    The new mining mechanics in the beta, while highly profitable, especially with the new minerals that are only found inside asteroids, require a bunch of different skills. Piloting, aim, speed, time management, rough calculation... there's a bunch of it. However, there are two things that are...
  35. The-DemonWolf

    Keep Galatic Anomalies Petition!

    Greetings CMDRs! In the recent beta notes FDev have indicated that they will be addressing elements of the Stellar Forge that have resulted in a range of galactic anomalies like planets that collide or very brightly coloured gas giants. There are some very well known and popular examples...
  36. Morbad

    Could use some help assessing sites for a potential event

    Alright, so I'd like to organize a small canyon death-race event featuring the new Mamba and Krait Phanom ships for the last few days of the Beta, but I'm having difficulty scouting enough potential sites on my own. Ideally, I'd want a canyon that meets the following criteria: - Near the...
  37. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    [Beta Spoilers] Mega ship combat! >_> In a DBX

    Okay.. so I knew they did something..but this is cool! I had a ton of fun fighting here! (also mods can move me I was not 100% sure where to post this)
  38. Incandescence

    Important QOL suggestion for exploration (3.3BETA)

    We NEED indications for which bodies we mapped, because on the navigation bar it doesn't show, and it can get confusing if youre mapping all the planets in a system, especially the moons of gas giants. A "v" of. Some sort or a "mapped" next to the body name would be useful. Especially for us...
  39. Buur

    Community Event / Creation Side by Side BETA and LIVE comparison video - new lighting is amazing

    I found this fascinating to make - hope you enjoy it. Its a side by side showing off the BETA lighting changes (with nightvision where appropriate) compared to the current LIVE build.
  40. blizzardwuffy

    [3.3 Spoilers] Creepy discovery scanner black hole sounds

    Wow, went into the new discovery scanner in the 3.3 beta and tuned all the way to the highest frequency to see if I could zoom into a black hole with the scanner and.....damn it really sounds like something is trying to claw it's way out from inside of that thing and trying to communicate! Took...
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