1. phoenix-

    Original alpha/beta backer returning to play - your top 10 tips

    I'm an original backer of the game, avid Elite II player from the 90s and played in the pre-release of this game. Bought the Oculus rift, full stick/throttle set up, etc etc. Played cca. 30-40 hours and then stopped. Mixture of work, lack of time and frustration with early game glitches/lack...
  2. Elfener

    My carrier's crew is just dumb

    o7 Commanders! I have some concerns about my fleet carrier, here are they: My crew is dumb and cannot transfer tritium from the carrier's storage to the fuel tank. I need to use my cargo ship as a "middleman"... My crew is still dumb and cannot plot more than one jump... I have to do that...
  3. Cervidian

    Fleet Carrier Beta 2: The Complete Fram Test - Purchase to Sag A to Fuel Zero.

    This is a comprehensive record of the Fram Test, originally threaded under Beta Fleet Carriers at Sag A: The Fram Test. This aforementioned previous posting has been requested to the Moderators for closure to put everything in one place. Contained is the original information I provided, plus...
  4. khon

    Hotspot reinitialisation is bad and should not happen. There are good alternatives.

    The coming fleet carriers have potential to be a great addition to Elite. But there is a major issue that seems a bit overlooked or too easily accepted while (hotly) debating prices and other numbers: The hotspot reininitialisation. In the current beta ring hotspots were reinitialised. This...
  5. gushaines

    A two tier Capital Class ship system.

    First, let me say I am a PS4 player with no access to the beta and therefore, the data provided here is what I have relied on from YouTubers who have had access to the beta. Let us look at the perceived issues from the Elite Dangerous community so far: The initial purchase price of a fleet...
  6. Paul Smith the 3rd

    Using the carrier for outlaw and pirate activities

    I was really looking forward to use my carrier as a mobile pirate/outlaw home. Unfortunately it's not really useful for this purpose or I'm doing it wrong. Things I learned from or discovered in the beta: 1. You can not use stolen Tritium as carrier fuel. Which self-respecting outlaw buys it's...
  7. Calteru

    It's functionally impossible to offer relevant suggestions with so little official information and insight.

    I have no idea what to suggest because I have no idea what the developers' design philosophy is. Are they meant to be personal fleet carriers? Then there's a few things wrong (upkeep's too massive for solo ownership; if they were meant to be fleet carriers then why is a market standard instead...
  8. E

    NPC carrier commodity trade for passive income, if this isn't the future, what is? (player retention and priming for the 2020 update)

    When I saw in the beta that NPCs land on your fleet carrier I was very excited. Then I heard on Lave Radio that there was not intention to have NPCs interact with the commodities market and other services. Of course that would be highly profitable because we would be able to set orders for NPCs...
  9. CMDR SulanXiao

    Support for Yamik's Top 3 changes, plus one

    Let me register support for the 3 top things that need to change for the Fleet Carriers: 3 - Decrease the time needed to spool up/down for jump -- This is the only way to make the FCs useful for exploration, to align with play sessions 4 hours long. Reset to 30 minutes. This makes it comparable...
  10. [VR] Goooost

    Basic Engineering Module for Fleet Carrier: includes tier 1 blueprints & remote engineering, material trader, experimentals

    I want to have a Fleet carrier that has basic engineering services. Any blueprint rolls could have a transaction fee or additional material cost The extra materials taken from players engineering would help stock a material trader. I could also specify a price for selling high-grade...
  11. Vanquish383

    New BETA version on May - How to take part?

    Does anyone know how to take part in the upcoming beta? Does it require to download another client? Just use a new profile/account? subscribe in any particular way?
  12. E

    Alpha Icon in Animal Tab with Habitat UI

    Hey there! Could the Alpha and Beta symbols be added into the Animal Tab within the Habitat UI. When assessing Alpha status, etc it would make sense to look at the entire social group to make decisions. So that icon being shown where all the animals are shown together (i.e. the Animal tab...
  13. S

    Blueprints getting wiped?

    Ive been working on a staff building for a few hours and just was wondering if they are gonna wipe blueprints put on the workshop.
  14. S

    Do we have to restart our franchise after the beta ends?

    Just bought the deluxe edition so I can play the beta like I did with Planet Coaster (still love that game btw) but does anyone know if we will have to restart our franchise and zoos after the launches if we played it during the beta period?
  15. G

    New animals revealed in beta

    Some new animals I can see in the zoopedia Formosan black bear Giant forest scorpion Nile monitor Sable antilope I might be looking over some more animals so feel free to add.
  16. Woody2107


    A few years ago Frontier released Planco, if you bought the alpha bundle you got an art book with it. This artbook contained a lot of interesting concept art and "In progress" game design. While we have seen some of the progress in dev blogs, I wonder if we will see some concept art and or an...
  17. C

    Possibility to pre-download the beta

    Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to pre-download the beta 1 or 2 days before September 24. I don't have a great connection and I would like to be able to play it from the beginning so as not to waste time. It would be nice if a Frontier developer could answer. Thank you for your...
  18. N


    Hello, will the game be proposed a little before its release (ex: 1 week) for those who pre-order?
  19. L

    Celebrating AAZK's Zoo Keeper week?

    National Zoo Keeper Appreciation week (here in the US at least) is coming up the third week of July (21st-27th). I know my zoo celebrates with lunches for animal care staff, but the thought I had was that since our community team has been calling us Zoo Keepers... wouldn't that be a great week...
  20. Orillian

    Ships New large ship type (LEAK!) the BOA

    Here is leaked pictures of the new large ship, an anaconda variant with more cargo, the Boa Front View: Side Views: In cockpit: On landing pad:
  21. N

    New Mining stuff in Colonia

    Does anyone know where in Colonia we will be able to get the new mining equipment from? If it's not available at launch, can we have a colonia CG to quickly manually add the abrasion blasters etc?

    New mining system makes "Mining Fighter" an even better idea

    The new mining mechanics in the beta, while highly profitable, especially with the new minerals that are only found inside asteroids, require a bunch of different skills. Piloting, aim, speed, time management, rough calculation... there's a bunch of it. However, there are two things that are...
  23. The-DemonWolf

    Keep Galatic Anomalies Petition!

    Greetings CMDRs! In the recent beta notes FDev have indicated that they will be addressing elements of the Stellar Forge that have resulted in a range of galactic anomalies like planets that collide or very brightly coloured gas giants. There are some very well known and popular examples...
  24. Morbad

    Could use some help assessing sites for a potential event

    Alright, so I'd like to organize a small canyon death-race event featuring the new Mamba and Krait Phanom ships for the last few days of the Beta, but I'm having difficulty scouting enough potential sites on my own. Ideally, I'd want a canyon that meets the following criteria: - Near the...
  25. CMDR Plexus Ironrot

    [Beta Spoilers] Mega ship combat! >_> In a DBX

    Okay.. so I knew they did something..but this is cool! I had a ton of fun fighting here! (also mods can move me I was not 100% sure where to post this)
  26. Incandescence

    Important QOL suggestion for exploration (3.3BETA)

    We NEED indications for which bodies we mapped, because on the navigation bar it doesn't show, and it can get confusing if youre mapping all the planets in a system, especially the moons of gas giants. A "v" of. Some sort or a "mapped" next to the body name would be useful. Especially for us...
  27. Buur

    Community Event / Creation Side by Side BETA and LIVE comparison video - new lighting is amazing

    I found this fascinating to make - hope you enjoy it. Its a side by side showing off the BETA lighting changes (with nightvision where appropriate) compared to the current LIVE build.
  28. blizzardwuffy

    [3.3 Spoilers] Creepy discovery scanner black hole sounds

    Wow, went into the new discovery scanner in the 3.3 beta and tuned all the way to the highest frequency to see if I could zoom into a black hole with the scanner and.....damn it really sounds like something is trying to claw it's way out from inside of that thing and trying to communicate! Took...
  29. Factabulous

    Beta FAQ

    Open Beta FAQ The Beta appears as a new option to start in the launcher when it is available, normal game will remain available during beta. Beta will go live in UK office hours - usually between 9:00 and 19:00 UTC, most often afternoon / evening. 3.0 Beta was 14:30 No, consoles don't...
  30. Athan

    Discussion [3.3 Beta] Collecting Journal Files for Third Party Devs

    NB: The Google Drive link changed evening of 2018-10-30, see below for the new one! The EDCD (Elite Dangerous Community Developers) has during past betas provided a Google Drive for Cmdrs testing to upload beta journal files to in order to aid all the third party developers in ensuring their...
  31. Daish

    Beta testing Bugs vs Live update Bugs.

    BETA testing Since release of the game we were introduced to beta testing on many levels, This was a good way both test fly new ships and test the core mechanics of the game, With this we could generate solid bug reports for frontier to look into and deal with before live update release...
  32. M

    Engineers Beta 3.0 Engineering Differential Data

    Greetings, Commanders. Not sure if anyone else has done this yet, but I have compiled a list of all frequently-used Engineer mods from the end of the 3.0 beta for comparison against the current (2.3) values. God rolls and existing experimental upgrades are not included in the comparison, for...
  33. Pyelot

    New 3D System View found in the Beta 3

    [yesnod] New 3D System View found in the Beta 3 [yesnod] Forgive me if it's old news but I was super surprised to notice this so I screen grabbed it,just in case it wasn't I looped and slowed it down from the small footage I took to let the music (public domain ) get some airing. **edited**...
  34. Yamiks

    [video] Beyond chapter one BETA recap & feedback in 9 minutes
  35. dAlexis

    Beta: Something should be done urgently with log records! No influence info on completion

    OK, here is a sample of mission with selecting addirional influence on completion. Two log records. { "timestamp":"2018-01-27T04:34:34Z", "event":"MissionAccepted", "Faction":"Alliance of BD+47 2112", "Name":"Mission_Courier_Boom", "LocalisedName":"Доставка данных бума"...
  36. A

    PETITION For Beyond Beta to extend to XBOX ONE!!!!

    Ok, so I don't think I'm breaking any rules here. Just want to see how many of you out there would love to see the beta for the upcoming improvements to ED go live on beta for XBOX One at the same time as the MAC & PC. Thanks, AT
  37. LuxAeterna

    Release Voice Attack Panels - Beta

    Summary: Users can create interactive panels to use via web browser or HTTP compatible software in most tablets, phones and touch enabled devices through Voice Attack. PROJECT IS BETA The original post is almost a year old and I didn't find a thread in the ED forums for it. I think it's a...
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