1. Bionic Bytes

    Suggestions for Tweaking Beyond - adding immersion

    Elite 3.x Beyond suggestions These are some of my thoughts regarding the state of Beyond and some simple improvements to make it flow better and deepen the immersion. I’ve been playing for a number of years now and I’m sure with the combined community suggestions we can achieve a truly great...
  2. Shinji Ikari


    Why did the ADS have to go for the FSS to come here? Could we keep them both and avoid all this controversy? What balance or gameplay reason justifies this decision?
  3. T

    Community Event / Creation Live Stream of DW2 Exploration (You Tube)

    Join CMDR Trotsky21 on his participation in the DW2 Expedition. [Mechanic, Exploration].
  4. CaptainCaboose

    Distant Worlds 2 T-9 Mining Rig

    After much tinkering and head scratching, this is the best I could come up with to meet my requirements, if anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them. My requirements: Full Suite of mining gear with at least 4 collectors SRV and SLF hangars(I...
  5. T

    What is the "compensation" for owners of advanced scanners?

    Regarding the new Discovery/Exploration mechanics, the devs said: "... those players who have already purchased scanners above the basic level would receive compensation. " So, exactly what is/was the compensation? And what about those players that had used engineers to maximize the upgrades...
  6. Justinian Octavius

    Mining Commodity Price & Squadrons Powerplay Leaderboard Feedback

    The last tweaks to mother lode material sell prices on specific commodity markets is creating genuine wild west style gold rushes at a couple of ports & stations (~1.5M per ton). This is excellent and brings mining almost inline with the passenger lounge & mission board but requires skill & user...
  7. Morbad

    Could use some help assessing sites for a potential event

    Alright, so I'd like to organize a small canyon death-race event featuring the new Mamba and Krait Phanom ships for the last few days of the Beta, but I'm having difficulty scouting enough potential sites on my own. Ideally, I'd want a canyon that meets the following criteria: - Near the...
  8. starione

    Beyond Chapter four - some love for multicrew planned?

    The actual beta and what we can expect from chapter four is incredible. For me it feels like the biggest update since release with a wide range of improvements (like finally sharing the target system with your wing). And exploration feels much more like exploring new systems and planets. For me...
  9. M

    Where is the focused discussion thread?

    I was waiting for an opportunity to post directly to FDev via a dedicated thread, but this is all there is! ...Which I find surprising? Here goes anyway! Several points I have mulled over, over the last few days, so that you can consider your position before things get BEYOND hope!! 1 - The...
  10. P

    My idea on the new exploration mechanic

    I could be misunderstanding people talking about Nav Beacons and the new exploration mechanic but this is my though. Unless I missed something, I don’t think any systems in the bubble will change their exploration status. Right now most systems in the Bible don’t need to be scanned to locate and...
  11. BRUNN

    XENOARCHAEOLOGY and new exploration mechanics

    The new exploration mechanics look very good. But we also need new things to explore. There are many planets with "alien life". But the archaeological findings don't reflect this diversity. In addition to the Guardian sites, I suggest other points of interest: - Ruins of other civilizations...
  12. CMDRArkam

    [tradução] Capítulo Quatro - Revelações Sobre a Exploração

    Olá comandantes! Vamos agitar um pouco o formato do tópico principal de discussão em torno de algumas das principais características do Capítulo Quatro do Beyond. Neste post, apresentaremos apenas algumas das melhorias para a atividade de exploração na próxima atualização. Há uma série de...
  13. P

    Galnet news

    I love the galnet news. It’s one of my favorite parts of elite. I downloaded a third party app on my phone so I can read the galnet when I’m not online. The only thing I dislike about the galnet is that we only get new news every 2-3 days. The galnet is serving more than 6.6 trillion people, I...
  14. Yamiks

    [Video] Beyond 3.2 chapter three RECAP in 4 minutes
  15. P

    3.3 launches today...

    ...but I won’t be on until Friday. What’s all new? I know about most stuff like the crusader, guardian SLF, and some new weapons, but anything else? Is the codex with 3.3 or 3.4?
  16. T

    Small ship in the Q4 update prehaps?

    Hi me again. *Waves idiotically* Just a post in the hope that we'll get another small ship in the Q4 update. (not a SLF but an actual jump capable superiority fighter) Hopefully with an interesting hardpoint layout different to the carbon copy Viper loadouts. Personally I'd like to see one...
  17. MajorM3ss

    Chapter 2 is a bit buggy, but that's okay!

    Greetings Cmdrs! While I am enjoying the new Krait, it is a nice ship to do almost everything in, i am left wondering if it could do with so fdev modifications, after all, it is supposed to be new, and with that in mind, you would think that it could/should/would have "newer" hud systems, and...
  18. Bionic Bytes

    Chapter 3 request - QoL mission fixing

    Now that we have chapter 1 and 2 complete, and 4 is under discussion....the timing is right to address the biggest ED issue right now - missions. If they address these issues in chapter 3, then by the time 4 ships they will have had time to properly fix all the bugs and iron out the things they...
  19. Bionic Bytes

    Why are these forums constantly asking for planetary landings?

    It seems to me that the forum is full of planetary landing hype which has never been once confirmed or even hinted at by FDev. I can't see why people seem to want it so very much. Yes it will undoubtedly look nice, but unless there's some actual game design around the concept then it's almost...
  20. G

    Beyond Changes

    I was thinking what changes frontier could make to really build on the reality with their Beyond changes . I think they should make resources finite on planets and meteors that way as the less common items become rarer close to home people will have to use the new exploration tools to find...
  21. F

    Bounty threshold

    Hi, in these days I'm playing as a bounty hunter. It happened, 3 or 4 times, to hit "not wanted" ships by mistake and to gain a bounty. A clearly low bounty of 200 cr. At this point I became wanted and I had to fly to the nearest Interstellar Factor to have my bounty cleared. But to do that I...
  22. Bionic Bytes

    Galaxy map - please combine multiple filters

    Currently in beyond the galaxy map can only filter systems using one filter, either by state,security,government,services,etc. Whilst this is a good start it really doesn’t reduce the number of systems to a manage level when looking for anarchy systems with military economies for example...
  23. VoodooSonny

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
  24. Ulon Yuanshi

    Material Traders - Improving Exchange Rates via a Reputation System

    The "infamous" Yamiks have recently puplished their review and it seems that many players agree with what's being said in the video: Personally, I also agree that there should be better exchange rates... but how will these be implemented? Simply...
  25. Solyse

    A little unsure what to do now...

    All right, so I don't play Elite too often, I kind of just play in spurts here and there, really makes the game feel new again each time I play, and I haven't really played much since before the release of Beyond. So I'll begin the story of how the new crime and punishment system has either got...
  26. CMDRTarkaDal

    SRV & Multicrew Feature Request

    First I'd like to quickly take this opportunity to say I am delighted with 3.0, the changes to the planets, engineers and the new chieftain particularly. Very good job! One of my few yet biggest disappointments with Horizons was the absence of SRVs in multicrew. It seems to be, particularly...
  27. Gueromarinero

    Credits and Balance (Probably not what you think)

    Run the Credits No, I don't mean one mission sort or another. Not the calculation of income per hour either, that holy of holy metric. The game credits. Balance Take a step back. I, like most Cmdrs, have their favorite dead horses to beat; irritations with this or that game element...
  28. M

    Frame Shift Drive: New vs Old Engineers

    Greetings CMDRs! So I’m 30,000 LY from home right now, a little over a quarter of the way into circumnavigating the Milky Way counter-clockwise. Point being, I’m too far to try out the new engineering since 3.0 dropped. I apologize if another forum addresses this but I couldn’t find anything...
  29. C

    Fed/Emp Reputation and Credit Grind in Beyond Chapter 1

    So with the Skimmer Mission gold rush behind us I have been trying to look into what the best methods are for earning cash and reputation with the Federation and Empire as I do not yet have enough rank for the Corvette or the Cutter. And working with other members of my player faction we seem to...
  30. Lukiepookie

    Notoriety in 3.0

    So here it is. 3.0 has dropped and I must say, there are quite a lot of things I love about the latest iteration. Material limits for one are amazing. Now I feel motivated and even a bit vindicated in how much I enjoy what practically amounts to looking for shiny rocks. Especially prospecting...
  31. Bionic Bytes

    Arsenic - incredibly hard to farm

    So it’s 3.0 beyond and I thought I’d gather materials for a round of engineering. I visit a moon with 2.9% arsenic - a very high percentage so after 3 hours of roaming you’d expect a fair amount collected right? Wrong Just 1 lousy material. Plenty of niobium however. Anyone else finding...
  32. feelsickened

    Beyond Initial Feedback

    Congratulations on the release of Beyond. This release has been impressively seamless in the context of Elite history. I expected a few patch updates since Beyond went live, and while I'm sure they're in the works, absolutely no disruption. I've been playing pretty much non-stop since release...
  33. punkroyale

    3.0 + Powerplay Undermining = No Good

    The new Crime and Punishment system is not tuned correctly for Powerplay undermining and has made this aspect of the game uninviting/not fun and appears to punish this type of play. - Gain bounty when you destroy legitimate opposing faction NPC – Agree - Gain Notoriety value when...
  34. Yamiks

    [video] BEYOND Chapter one RECAP in 5 minutes
  35. M

    Issues paying off bounties on large ships.

    I recently got a bounty on my anaconda and as I went to a system with interstellar factors I realized that none of them have a landing pad large enough for my ship. I have check two other systems to no avail. Im not sure how to get this bounty off my ship.
  36. Justinian Octavius

    Beyond Payable DLC suggestions

    Just some crazy, and perhaps not so crazy, ideas for what I would pay for in regard to the Beyond payable DLC. Handcrafted Story arcs Using the follow on mission system blaze your own trail in the Empire/Federation navy or as an independent Explorer (Q4?)/Pirate/Trader by completing a series of...
  37. Pyelot

    New 3D System View found in the Beta 3

    [yesnod] New 3D System View found in the Beta 3 [yesnod] Forgive me if it's old news but I was super surprised to notice this so I screen grabbed it,just in case it wasn't I looped and slowed it down from the small footage I took to let the music (public domain ) get some airing. **edited**...
  38. E

    [B]why no space legs ot atmo planets and planetary bases[B]

    how come we dont have atmo planets, space legs and player own planetary bases? no man sky did this with a small team. im Sure that Fdev has better equipment and more experienced staff to make this happens. plus they keep getting revenue from in-game purchases. it seems that they dont want to or...
  39. Yamiks

    [video] Beyond chapter one BETA recap & feedback in 9 minutes
  40. L

    2 New Mission Type Ideas

    Well I am an Xbox CMDR and I’m getting a little sick of reading about Beta woes and Engineer saltiness and general whinging so I figured I’d come offer up some alternative discussion. Here are two new ideas for mission types that would require very little effort to implement but, in my opinion...
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