1. Mgram

    Galactic Average Changes (By Category)

    Following todays update, CMDR 100.Rub and myself have compiled all the data on the new changes by Category, Click here for a full website version (with colos): COMMODITY OLD AVG NEW AVG CHANGE DELTA...
  2. Postal

    Semi-Unpopular opinion: Fleet Carriers should affect bgs.

    Off the bat fleet carriers are pretty useful tools in the game. But I think there is definitely more potential to be useful and add a new layer of strategy and emergent gameplay. The idea would be to add a "faction office" much similar to the redemption office. And with that you would be able...
  3. T


    Greetings commanders. My name is thedoctor_500 (kiddo279) the comander of ODTK. We are a small group of Commanders with pvp, pve, and bgs in mind. The order of the knights was created by kiddo279 to fight back against the pirate infestation (pvp and pve alike) to keep space safe for commanders...
  4. Samurai83ITA


    Since there is no way of knowing the progress of a conflict between 2 factions, without necessarily waiting for the daily tick, you could put a contact in a station, called "spy contact" which for a total of credits (like 20 million) gives you the score of the day for the conflict.
  5. Cyanidex

    Retreat a non-native Faction

    Hello CMDRs o7. I did some research but couldnt find the right information. What is the best way to retreat any minor faction that non-native and how we can do it ? Thanks
  6. Daniel Klimchuk

    Why Sale of Engineered Modules should be Allowed

    Allow players to sell engineered modules to stations or to other players via fleet carriers for high prices. If someone wants an engineered module but doesn't want to collect materials and engineer it themselves, they can go to someone's carrier and buy the module ready there. It's a win-win...
  7. TheGooseGod

    [ALLIANCE] [INDEPENDENT] Revolutionary Municipal Republic

    A new democratically managed faction for Elite Dangerous faction players who would like to support a free society. Our goal is to establish an emancipation force in support of communist, democratic, and cooperative governments, free governments. While fighting the social poison of...
  8. Daniel Klimchuk

    Get a Megaship Flight Plan?

    Is it possible to get a flight plan of a megaship (the systems it travels between after every tick)?
  9. Justinian Octavius

    [EMPIRE] Elite Torval: BGS, Powerplay, Mining, Trading - new player friendly

    About Us We are the Powerplay Group supporting the Empire’s mining and trading power, Senator Zemina Torval. As a Powerplay Group our commanders take part in all aspects of the game that encompasses BGS and Powerplay. However, everyone is free to pick and choose what they want to do. If someone...
  10. CMDR Akhaten

    United Systems Cooperative is recruiting!

    Established in 3306, the United Systems Cooperative is a tight-knit organization of independent pilots operating across the galaxy, both in human space, and the uncharted sectors beyond. Little is known about this groups motives and plans, though many conflicting reports are offered by systems...
  11. CMDR Avelore Rayne

    A Scanner displaying Mission Giver details

    Before you scream "bruh someone posted this already" it was a year ago and it was just a "wouldn't it be cool if" argument, but I believe the addition of a scanner to display a players mission details is a welcome improvement, and I have arguments to support my case. I'll keep them brief. 1) It...
  12. Old Duck

    Piracy and the BGS

    I'm just curious, with all the activity happening in Borann, why hasn't there been a concerted effort to flip the system to an Anarchy? Are all the pirate groups no more? Do organized pirates not try to influence the BGS to their favor? I'm just a single pirate doing his thing, but if there was...
  13. Daniel Klimchuk

    Extra States (Inara)

    What are the extra states about on Inara? Cold war, trade war, revolution, technological leap, historic event and colonisation - where are they coming from? They're not in the game.
  14. T

    Factions, Powers, Fleet Carriers, and You.

    One of the loadable modules we could buy for fleet carriers is the Faction HQ module. So, here's what it brings to the Carrier: Purchase the "Faction HQ" by the normal process as other FC modules. If you are within [x] light years from a BGS game faction, you can enable the "Faction HQ" to...
  15. CMDR Alistair Lux

    End-game income alternatives: What if we could invest in Factions?

    I've been thinking about the upkeep costs of fleet carriers. It seems like upkeep adds a sense of management pressure into the owner's real life. I think I'm alright with the current upkeep figures and how it works (not 100% sure yet), but, what if we could invest in and earn passive income off...
  16. Daniel Klimchuk

    A few questions regarding BGS

    Good morning! I've got a few BGS related questions: 1. Does boom/bust/investment have any long term effects on the system? I know that each system has a hidden "wealth" value, and that it increases during the duration of a boom/investment and decreases during a bust. But does it stay...
  17. A

    =Sapere Aude= PS4 Squadron

    Sapere Aude are now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive - so there is also a PC branch – click the link for info on info and rules. We’ve now completed our second season and have a very active membership of 80 members. During our first 4 months in...
  18. Bramshevik

    [INDEPENDENT] [PS4 | BGS] Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard

    Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard Est. 30 - 01 - 3306 What is the Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard? The Interstellar Proletarian Vanguard (IPV) is an associate faction of Communism Interstellar (CI), a dedicated background simulation player group, and we essentially serve as the PS4 wing of...
  19. Old Duck

    Mysteries, or just bugs?

    I sometimes discover things in this game that are mysterious, especially when the rumors of Raxxla and The Dark Wheel dance around in the back of my head. Yet when I investigate these things, nothing comes of them, making me think these are just bugs in the game. Here are a couple of examples...
  20. Arburich

    Interested in a Fun, Casual Group? Alchemy Den is your place!

    "We welcome players of any profession, and play games in the name of having fun! Four Pips to Fun!" Here is our Group's very own Trailer as well! My name is Arburich. I run Alchemy Den and I pride myself on being the owner of a fun, casual player group that welcomes anyone and everyone. As of...
  21. Old Duck

    Potential Bug in Mission System

    I've been running missions for [classified], and I've noticed something strange. I took a bunch of passenger missions with the purpose of gaining rep with a new faction, and when I started turning them in, at some point I was being offered more INF that I originally remembered the missions being...
  22. Old Duck

    Allow single player "pledges" to a specific faction, please!

    Hello Frontier! I really like the faction tracking tools you provide squadrons. I even created my own squadron for the sole purpose of tracking a faction I was working for. However, this prevents me from being a member of an actual squadron, and it feels a bit overkill for accessing this one...
  23. Simplystyc

    Terra EX (DTEA's Squadron) vs The Code BGS War

    A number of days ago, Terra EX attempted a coup in the Reidquat system. Unbeknownst to Down to Earth Astronomy's Squadron, there was another Player group in the system as a minor faction. The Code of Pirates had been maintaining a presence in that system for quite some time, and when they found...
  24. LeinhartKUF

    Onyama Legal Exchange needs you!

    Petition of Vice President Roxana Woodward of Onyama Legal Exchange: Commanders, the Federation needs you, the Catalan separatists have broken the contract of non-aggression, this is unacceptable, they have declared war on Ostyat when we tried to recover the economy in the sistem. Ostyat is...
  25. M

    Overhaul of PvP, BGS, and Power Play 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Given the recent increase in threads asking for the BGS to be nerfed or removed from solo and PG, I thought that I should contribute to the conversation by making my own proposal for FDev's consideration. Let's start with the first and most important change in my proposal: Remove Open Mode...
  26. M

    Overhaul of pvp, bgs, and powerplay

    Hey everyone! I have found a happy medium for pvpers, gankers, and pve'ers. What im suggesting will not happen in one patch unless frontier puts their entire staff on it but its a good suggestion nonetheless. I'll be breaking it into parts so its easier to read. TLDR below all of the paragraphs...
  27. K

    Vox Universum Seeking Pilots of Any Play Style to move from homely group to galactic power house!

    Vox Universum is a brand new and small squadron and player faction that is seeking pilots to help us grow! We accept all play styles and have a very laid back outlook on gameplay. Can't be on all the time? Fantastic, Vox Universum is for you! Love to play for hours on end in search of the...
  28. A

    Sapere Aude Recruiting for the PS4: New - Intermediate - Experienced CMDRs welcomed

    Sapere Aude are now recruiting for the PS4 platform. The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules. We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 40 members (in the top 10 on PS4...
  29. Erinir

    An Invite to the ORBIS Server

    The Server ORBIS operates as an information network. We operate a dynamic, modular server approach where members can assign themselves access to different parts of the server according to their interests. If you fancy joining a small community of helpful and mature PC players with good...
  30. Commander Yumasai

    [30 SEPT - 07 OCT 3305] The Battle of No Cha

    Ladies and gentlemen of the cosmos, This week I have been involved in one of the most intensive battles I have ever participated in during my career thus far at the point of writing this entry. It all revolves around the No Cha system, a system known for it's riches in resources. It attracts...
  31. Commander Yumasai


    Dear people of the cosmos, Allow me to introduce to you the Nova Navy Squadron. Nova Navy is the squadron led by Hadrian Augustus Duval representing the naval arm of Nova Imperium. Nova Imperium? Well yes, Nova Imperium indeed: The Imperial Organization that values the old traditional ways of...
  32. Tolmir

    [INDEPENDENT] Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS, PvP, PvE, anyone is welcome

    Welcome to the Wanderers of Witch Space. The Wanderers are an in game faction that has one main focus The BGS system Taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other...
  33. ebbrell

    BGS and ARXs

    is this correct, after running many missions and CZ I have eared this in a week. most of the total I have is from CZs I just did another 5 or 6 missions and scanned 1 system with a honk. I have earned nothing for the missions, and 1 for the scan. is this correct you think? should...
  34. ChocoMcShreddy

    [INDEPENDENT] The Federated Commonwealth of Systems - A new RP and BGS community for everyone!

    Greetings Commander, and welcome to the Commonwealth! The Federated Commonwealth of Systems is a brand new group that has several goals in mind: - To create and facilitate a safe space for players familiar with solo play to make friends and familiarise themselves with the open play experience...
  35. Old Duck

    Felicity Winters and the BGS

    Being pledged and ranked with Felicity Winters offers from 10% up to 100% influence reward in controlled / exploited systems. How does this work with the per-player influence cap? Does it raise that cap, or does it mean a player only needs to do half the number of missions (best case scenario)...
  36. Wendar

    [INDEPENDENT] [RU] Эскадрилья White Fire

    White Fire - русская эскадрилья в имперском секторе посвящённая различным PVE аспектам игры. В данный момент ведётся активный набор новых пилотов, в основном требуются BGS пилоты, но и остальным будем рады. Так же есть кандидатура в координаторский состав! По всем вопросам обращаться к лидеру...
  37. U

    [FEDERATION] [TIHI] Tieni Holdings, Int. recruiting. 3 players needed for PMF!

    Commanders, Join us on our way to becoming a PG and PMF in a quiet sector, where we can learn to play and move the influence needle in relative peace. We are a group of veteran gamers who are new to Elite and are looking to share what we have learned and to learn from others. Veterans and...
  38. Nexgan

    [INDEPENDENT] Empyrean Navy is recruiting - PvP | PvE | BGS | Roleplay

    Empyrean Navy is recruiting We are a friendly group of honorable players that performs every kind of activity - from piracy to mining. We serve our faction, the Empyrean Realm (home system: Segestani). Joining our Discord server is highly recommended, even if you don't want to join the squadron...
  39. Old Duck

    Make CZs Context-Sensitive

    My suggestion is simple - Combat Zones should be found around the assets that are "up for grabs" in a war, not over some random ice moon with zero assets. I realize we're not at the point where combat will happen around a contested station like we see in the trailers, but at the very least the...
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