1. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  2. A

    please add the wires electric fences that appear in Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer

    please add the big wires electric fences that appear in Jurassic World Evolution Announcement Trailer to the final game in update (best electric fences animation especially when tyrannosaurus rex cut wires of electric fences) look like when Tyrannosaurus Rex breakout in Jurassic park film and...
  3. Ranek Eisenkralle

    Guide / Tutorial Elite's built-in optical landing system explained

    I frequently noticed that people seem to be having significant problems with fitting the big ships through the mailslot and into a station. Hence I am going to share a neat feature I have been using for a long time to safely get several different big ships into a station. I tested this with the...
  4. AL TARF

    Paladin Consortium - Betrayers and Opportunists or the NEW face of once proud faction

    Greetings, Pilots! You may have heard of this player group - Paladin Consortium — a proud fighters for safer Galaxy. Ones that help new pilots to be introduced to the world of Elite, without danger of them being killed by some mad griefer. Well, you've heard correct. Though your information is...
  5. ToCoSo

    Super Freighter Concept - Big Ships with Big Roles and no Hardpoints!!

    Super Freighters always wanted to see them, not as big as megaships but active large cargo carriers. Yes, made of glued together ship hulls!!!
  6. K

    как сбросить скорость звездолета до нуля

    как сбросить скорость звездолета до нуля Я могу сбросить скорость только до 30 км/с Пролетаю космическую станцию за несколько секунд Подскажите как быть
  7. G

    PvP balance big vs small ships

    I suggest again that small/medium ships should be nerfed. Experimental effects like feedback cascade or reverberating cascade should be removed or, at least, experimental effects like an area of effect damage for e.g. multicannons should be instituted. Also, high class sensors like 8A should...
  8. G

    PvP balance big vs small ships

    Dear FD, I would like to strongly suggest that you remove experimental engineer effects that clearly favor small vs.big ships, like reverberating cascade, feedback cascade etc., or, at least, introduce experimental engineer effects that favor big vs. small ships like area of effect, AoE, damage...
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