1. B

    ED Horizons - different bindings ?

    Hi all, Question? I have ED and am happy with my current bindings However when I launch ED Horizons - it has different bindings ? ? ? how can I make them both the same without remapping.
  2. C

    Custom keybinds not saving

    I recently picked up a joystick to use with Elite, and I copied my old keyboard custom.bind file to my desktop just in case. However, now whenever I try to edit my control scheme in any way, it resets to that old custom binding whenever I open the game, or the controls menu. Even using other...
  3. lord_lethris

    XboxOne Default Controler Binds for PC Version

    I have re-created the XBoxOne Binds for those peeps who play on the PC with an Xbox Control Pad (or any control pad with the same button layout) so that you don't have to :) - It's as accurate as I can get it. Download, extract, and copy this file to: [GAME INSTALLATION...
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