1. whitelion1284

    Plugging in a new controller erases my existing bindings

    The title pretty much says it all. Where are my custom bindings? I plugged a thrustmaster hotas x into the computer and the game simply deleted all of the existing mouse and keyboard bindings. Where are they? What happened to them? Why, for the love of all that is good and holy, did the game...
  2. lemny

    PLEASE FD - give us the missing "toggel/hold" or distinct binding options

    I searched and found suggestions are around for five years. Elite is a game many of us playing with more or less complex HOTAS setups. Why there are still so many important bindings with toggle only? It's so sad we can't use reliable mappings on our HOTAS setups without hassle with voice attack...
  3. A

    Custom control panel - binding led switches

    Hi, I use x52 pro hotas, and wanted to get away from using my keyboard. After a bit of googling I found out about joystick encoders sold on ebay. Spent 20 quid on an encoder, some buttons and switches, and a sheet of carbon fibre printed vinyl. Used some scraps of plastic sheeting I had to...
  4. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    List of un-editable Bindings

    Hello, I'm trying to see if Shadowplay will murder my PC if I try to use it. So far, it's "on" but not recording. All is well. Lol I'm just trying to setup some keys for recording and whatnot, but I'm trying to avoid conflicts with ED itself. However, I know Alt-f10 is screenshot in Elite...
  5. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    [PSA] Back up your bindings!

    Update next week. You've been warned. 😛 Don't ask me how, because I just use the default Xbox Gamepad bindings. 😁
  6. Y


    For how old this game is, I can not believe how archaic your binding functions are. What you need to add at the minimum: 1) Have a "save as" function - so I may create multiple bindings, give it a name and have them appear in the "custom" drop-down list. Right now, if I create a second...
  7. C

    Newcomer / Intro Controls: disable throttle in flight mode?

    Hi, I'm trying to map bindings to an Xbox one controller. I want to have: Flight mode thrust bound to triggers and Supercruise throttle bound to triggers I have managed to edit the bindings file to achieve this. The issue is that in flight mode I have throttle and thrust bound on the same...
  8. Shadowdancer

    Control changes with April 2019 update

    Just FYI, here's changes that are made to custom .binds files when modifying them after the April 2019 update: New binding "GalaxyMapHome" (unassigned by default) BuggyCycleFireGroupNext, BuggyCycleFireGroupPrevious, OpenCodexGoToDiscovery_Buggy and PlayerHUDModeToggle_Buggy, copied from...
  9. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead


    You've been warned. :p I don't need to back up mine. Default context for the win! Good old gamepad. Lol
  10. Old Duck

    Clearing My Save - What Do I KEEP?

    I'm strongly considering clearing my save data on my main CMDR account. IIRC, this is like starting the game over from scratch, but I'm assuming I do keep the following: * Purchased cosmetics * First discovery and first mapped tags What I'm not sure about are these: * Bookmarks * Codex...
  11. Stabby_Dave

    Help reqd with DSS bindings.

    Hi. I'm trying to bind the DSS probe targetting to my mouse, but so far no joy (it only lets me use the joystick). I also can't seem to find a way to rebind the "fire probe" button from F10 to anything else. Here's what I have: all help greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  12. E

    System Map should have its own bindings section

    With 3.3 I set up joystick axis controls for FSS/DSS so I wouldn't keep having to switch between KBM and stick soo often while exploring. It actually worked so well that I revisited the thought of using my stick for navigation as well and... it didn't turn out any where near as good. Since both...
  13. Vovva The Bluehaired

    Newcomer / Intro FPS counter hotkey combination change

    Is there any way to change hotkey combination "CTRL+F" for FPS counter. Because of my control scheme I usually press this two buttons at the same time and counter pops up interrupting actions binded for both of the keys. I would prefer to change it for "ALT+F" but there is no line for this...
  14. Wildcard


    Dear Fdev, While I am highly PO'd at you all I am attempting to keep my cool, but every single f"*** time you folks patch this game you screw up every single last custom key binding config I have, for all of my configs, for KeyBoard and mouse, Flight Stick and Hotas, Steam Controller, and xBox...
  15. lord_lethris

    XboxOne Default Controler Binds for PC Version

    I have re-created the XBoxOne Binds for those peeps who play on the PC with an Xbox Control Pad (or any control pad with the same button layout) so that you don't have to :) - It's as accurate as I can get it. Download, extract, and copy this file to: [GAME INSTALLATION...
  16. Jimmox72

    Changes to Controls menu system

    The changes to the controls menus broke the ability to use both a HOTAS and a controller at the same time on an XBox. The aim was to provide more custom saves, and to make the menu mechanics more consistent across platforms, which was laudable, but it made the HOTAS unusable for a number of...
  17. N

    Rebindable Avatar Hand Movement Axes

    Recently, I upgraded from using an XBox One controller (since I started on console) to a full VR + Thrustmaster HOTAS + pedals setup. Seeing your avatar's hands move and appear to manipulate the controls as you roll, pitch, and adjust the throttle has always been a big immersion bonus for me...
  18. Andalyn

    X52 Pro bindings copied over to X52 standard - Anyone know how?

    So, I got my young son ED. I was able to buy the cheaper X52 from a friend (didn't want to spring for new X52 Pro in case son doesn't get into the game). I figured that it would be a simple matter of copying my much cherished and hard worked bindings for my X52 Pro over to his computer - and...
  19. Tyridan

    £35 A3 Signed items

    All, Had a quick search but couldn't find if this had been asked or not. I put an extra £55 in for a mug and a signed A3 print. Sorted the mug already. However, there are now three options of A3 print to choose from: Signed A3 Concept Art Print Signed A3 Star Chart Print Signed A3 Ship ID...
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