1. C

    Bookmark HELP

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in the next update or whatever please consider allowing us to add a note along with our bookmark!! The bookmarks are no use if you have hundreds of them not knowing or remembering why you book marked it in the first place! So I can write like- awesome ship I want or white...
  2. Kenneth McGrew

    Frontier - Bookmarks... why can i have more ships than bookmarks?

    pretty much as the title suggests i can have more ships in the game than bookmarks, but why? :S is it a design limitation? i really would like to have categories and just more bookmarks ;)
  3. W

    Proposal to better the Bookmarking System

  4. C

    Engineers Re-add Engineer Bookmarks?

    Hey - I deleted my bookmark from Felicity Farseer, and I'm wondering if I can get it back? I know the map has a legend for all the engineers, and I know I can bookmark the location but the icon is different from all my other engineer bookmarks. Thanks!
  5. Yamiks

    [video] 10 Quality of life improvements (part4) ....for those with little attention span : TL;DW : #1 Ship integrity has to be moved to main page and/or recombined with repair all #2 Missiles/torps/mines come WITH ammo (why do we need to rearm these weapons?) #3 Colored bookmarks #4 In shipyard : maneuverability...
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