1. C

    Bookmark HELP

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE in the next update or whatever please consider allowing us to add a note along with our bookmark!! The bookmarks are no use if you have hundreds of them not knowing or remembering why you book marked it in the first place! So I can write like- awesome ship I want or white...
  2. S

    Please gives us blue bookmarks back....

    The title says it all. this "must amber EVERYTHING" has gotten out of hand and in fact, extremely obnoxious. i know its their theme and they love their theme. but players like customization and options for quality of life. We really should be having color options for our bookmarks instead of...
  3. T

    Waypoints, bookmark categories, locking routes

    A few very simple and easy-to-implement features that would make exploring and traveling long distances much easier: Waypoints. People have been suggesting this for years. There's no reason this can't be implemented this year. Bookmark categories. I'd like to be able to categorize (e.g. with...
  4. S

    Increase max bookmark limit (128) and add more functionality to the bookmark system

    There are a max number of 128 bookmarks allowed. Very little especially for explorers such as myself and many other CMDRs that frequently use it. This should be a very easy fix. I think the limit should at least be around ~2500. Also, the bookmark system is due for an overhaul. Adding folders...
  5. I

    Bookmarks Folders

    Not much explanation needed, I have a TON of bookmarks, and it'd be super useful being able to organize them into folders, it shouldn't be too hard to implement right?
  6. M

    Favorite bookmarks and docking queue.

    Would be nice to have the ability to acces a fiew favorite bookmarked systems/stations from the navigation panel without going into the galaxy map, And also a docking queue on smaller stations.
  7. Old Duck

    Clearing My Save - What Do I KEEP?

    I'm strongly considering clearing my save data on my main CMDR account. IIRC, this is like starting the game over from scratch, but I'm assuming I do keep the following: * Purchased cosmetics * First discovery and first mapped tags What I'm not sure about are these: * Bookmarks * Codex...
  8. W

    Proposal to better the Bookmarking System

  9. MAD-7

    Stored Modules Sorting and Bookmarks

    Can we please have a way to sort stored modules by size instead of price? price, for me at least, is irrelevant when swapping loadouts. Option to sort by Price, Size, or Type. Also, why is there a limit on bookmarks in the galaxy map?
  10. Serenity03

    Please add bookmarked systems and locations to it own tab in the Nav Panel

    Can a tab be added to the Nav panel that would display and allow us to lock onto our bookmarked destinations? The galaxy map is so cumbersome and glitchy. The less I have to access it, the better. Having access to our bookmarked locations in the Nav panel would make a Cmdr's task easier and more...
  11. The-DemonWolf

    Rainbow bookmarks !

    Hi all and fdev in particular, I am preparing for an event for all platforms. And I was organizing my bookmarks. I suddenly realized that an added feature could be not only alphabetical or nemercal. But we should be able to bookmark by specific colors. That way when looking at the map we can...
  12. Daish

    Bookmarks (coloured) and more.

    Bookmarks love them hate them well we all love them , but there is not enough can they be increased to a few hundred after all the universe is BIG, also can they be coloured changed my thinking is coloured bookmarks for particular things, coloured marks for certain systems, coloured marks for...
  13. W

    May we get more bookmarks?

    I know this has probably been posted before but may we get some more bookmarks? I saw people had an issue with bookmarks after 3.0 hit, so whilst you are fixing it why not give us like 500 or 1000 max? That should shut us up for a while. :) Or why stop there? give us unlimited bookmarks...
  14. n13L5

    The Bookmark function is broken? Can't create or remove bookmarks at all anymore.

    When in the Galaxy map, the button looks normal, but clicking it does nothing - either to create or delete. When in a System map, the button has the "processing" animation indefinitely - doesn't change after 10 minutes either. Is this a known issue? Is there a work-around / fix? Do I need to...
  15. Namsel

    Custom bookmark folders in the galaxy map - mockup

    It may be a bit soon, we're not even in Q1 Update yet, but this could be a nice addition for the game once we get the exploration overhaul by the end of the year. I recently made a couple pictures of how I imagine some kind of sorting capabilities for the galmap bookmarks. This would be the...
  16. SAI Warrior

    Bookmarks On Navigation Panel

    I think it would be a good idea to move the Galactic Powers button from the Navigation panel over to the Status panel underneath View Engineers. Then in place of Galactic Powers on the Navigation put a button for quick access to our Bookmarks. When you select the Bookmarks button it could...
  17. S

    Limited Resources

    I did some searching but could not find anything on this. I was thinking about certain items that might have a limited number in the PU. So, think that there might be a specific weapon, it does not need to be an "Uber Weapon" just different, but there is only 1,000 of them, so not everyone can...
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