Stranded in Colognia, searching a reason to fly back

    Hello, ill need some motivation. Stopped playing the game a half year ago as i flew to colognia to pin the shield cells blueprints. Frontier promised amazing things thought that is enough to motivate me to fly back. So as i thought the amazing things turned out to be cained commuity goals with...
  2. L

    Elite Dangerous' flight model is severely flawed

    I have to say that the absolute biggest offender in this game is the flight mechanics; they are so severely broken and boring. I love simulation but above all a video game should be fun.. that is the first principle of why people play them and can escape in video game worlds. Otherwise, people...
  3. W

    Grinding isn't the player's fault

    I've noticed that when players talk about the game getting boring, they usually get accused for 'grinding' the game. I myself haven't made any threads or comments about Elite Dangerous getting boring, but I disagree that the player should be blamed for grinding the game. And to state my view...
  4. n13L5

    Engineers USS spawning frequency in February 2018...

    When I was looking for info on how fast to fly, when hunting for USS, I found only older posts, like from 2016. Several of these posts had advice to cut super cruise speed way back to the minimum possible (30km/s) and that after a few moments, a USS should spawn every 30 seconds. I followed...
  5. V

    boring pirate missions

    Hi, today i stopped playing Elite Dangerous because of the boring pirate missions. one of reasons : to longe distances f.ex. about 600.000 light seconds to find a few fleeing pirates... this is not what entertain me... good bye ed
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