1. C

    General Top 5 Local Bounties Bug

    Top 5 local bounties listing is not accurate at Shrartra Dezra. I accrued 15M+ CRs of bounties there which should place me in the second position but I am not listed. Sorry but I don't see the bug reporting page so 'suggesting' FDev fix it.
  2. NinjaBagel97

    Looking for Hitman

    Guy is in an Anaconda and lurking In a prime station for turning in mining resources. He’s scalping players and it’s not cool. 25 million credit bounty for whomever can take him out on top of reward for his wanted status. DM me for details
  3. A

    Putting bounty on real player who have killed you

    It would be nice, if you could put a bounty with your in game money on other players who killed you. The amount would be of the players choosing. If I like to have this person killed for 500 million it should be possible. Some people like me are traders. What do we have? Money. What can we get...
  4. Scruffman

    Why is it so expensive to 'clean' hot modules?

    I was a bit of a naughty boy and managed to accrue one of them fancy global bounties that was introduced recently and was foolish enough to swap out some modules in my ship. Unbeknownst to me, the modules remain 'hot' even if you then clear your bounty. I'm unable to put the modules back on my...
  5. R

    Rework Crime and Punishment

    Yeah, crime and punishment needs some serious rework. The fact that in case you loose your ship you get treated equally and are send to a detention facility, no matter if you got a 5 million credits bounty on your head or just a laughable 200 cr fine - that's just stupid and ridiculous. After...
  6. T

    Paying off bounties

    Was gathering materials and got a $300 bounty. I’m ok no problem, I’ll just pay it off when I get to a station. Month later, could not pay this bounty for the life of me!!! No matter which interestellar authority I went to. Stored one of my modules by mistake and had to pay 20mill to get it back...
  7. F

    Bounty threshold

    Hi, in these days I'm playing as a bounty hunter. It happened, 3 or 4 times, to hit "not wanted" ships by mistake and to gain a bounty. A clearly low bounty of 200 cr. At this point I became wanted and I had to fly to the nearest Interstellar Factor to have my bounty cleared. But to do that I...
  8. R

    Systems for good NPC bounty hunting?

    So I've been trying to find a new home to bounty hunt in, my old systems have, for some reason, lose their hazres's, and the sites I've been finding are apparently out dated. I'm looking for a system that has a metallic or metal rich with a hazres, or a compromised nav beacon, preferably both...
  9. S

    Question about kill Warrent bounty claims.

    I've been doing some bounty hunting in the sol system near Saturn and have been using the kill Warrent scanner because I thought it would yeld extra dough on ships who are wanted. I seem to be stuck with a bunch of bounty claims in my transaction log, but when I go to the contact menu I can't...
  10. Riverside

    Make notoriety stat more visible

    I've just been helping a friend reacquaint themselves with the game after some time away, and it was difficult to explain where to check the notoriety stat. I'd like to propose that it's added to the 'status' tab (left-most tab on the right HUD panel) below balance, rebuy cost, local bounty &...
  11. C

    Improving the Crime and Punishment system

    I believe that a lot of the attendant frustration with the new Crime and Punishment system arises because of the oversensitive nature of the system. This creates a situation where the system, while having some impact on PvP, has a large unintended and frustrating impact on innocent activities...
  12. M

    How to get your FDL unwanted when you can't fly her

    I was in a fighter in multi-crew and I got a 400cr bounty which attached itself to my FDL (which was my most expensive ship) which was back at my home base at Cleve Hub Eravate. When I got back and went into the shipyard I found I couldn't transfer to my FDL to fly it to an IF anywhere and when...
  13. N

    Piracy suggestions

    So with the new update out and things beginning to settle down, a few things become apparent: earning credits and materials for better and badder ships is the big focus (besides fun of course), the new crime and punishment system makes a bit more sense (for those who can sift through the...
  14. Lukiepookie

    Notoriety in 3.0

    So here it is. 3.0 has dropped and I must say, there are quite a lot of things I love about the latest iteration. Material limits for one are amazing. Now I feel motivated and even a bit vindicated in how much I enjoy what practically amounts to looking for shiny rocks. Especially prospecting...
  15. Jack Shaftoe

    Community Event / Creation Uncle Jack Shaftoe's Guide to Crime & Punishment (updated for 3.0)

    Uncle Jack Shaftoe's Guide to Crime & Punishment (updated for 3.1+) After reading about the sweeping changes to Crime & Punishment in 3.0 from Ed Lewis' post I decided to redo the flow-chart I made a couple of years back. The info in Ed's post was great, but my mind has trouble keeping all of...
  16. M

    Issues paying off bounties on large ships.

    I recently got a bounty on my anaconda and as I went to a system with interstellar factors I realized that none of them have a landing pad large enough for my ship. I have check two other systems to no avail. Im not sure how to get this bounty off my ship.
  17. R

    Community Goals --Pirating, bounty hunting, and grievers

    As the CG is designing to increase player interaction, I have a suggestion. CG are scenarios with the local government usually has an urgent need. It typically includes both cargo and bounty missions. I suggest that the government institute a special x10 bounty for the CG system. Pirates (and...
  18. I

    Looking for bounty hunter

    Hello all! I'm new to the game and I'm loving it. Recently however I accidentally fired on a ship before completing a scan and received a bounty, was killed by security forces and now I have a dormant bounty. Wanted to know if there were any commanders around the PITA system (A. Duvall...
  19. Vortex-XIII

    [C&P][Trade] galmap: enhance 'security' filter with bounty data

    So, we've been given a peek at the trade overhaul. Including, in the galmap filter for trade, trends for the past 24h, both 'commercial' and 'CMDR'. pro: it helps players find good trade routes pro: it helps pirates find good trade routes So, if the trade info is made available: Let's make the...
  20. M

    Resource Extraction Sites and Bounty Hunting.

    Can we get an overhaul of both bounty hunting and the RES system? As it stands Resource Extraction sites are about the most non sensical things in the Elite verse. Imagine for a second that you worked in a current day real life mine. Now imagine one day whilst at work the guy or gal next you...
  21. Anubite

    Plebeian: Safe

    Current: No fire zones out to mass lock range or greater, enemies mean nothing after you drop or before jump. Interdictions that result in entering orbital cruise no longer pancake you and them, instead the tether breaks. Practically infinite shields and hull. NPCs always warn you about...
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