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  1. Isana Jabaani

    Dakka Dakka (Artwork)

  2. Wrecked

    A Thought on Bounty Missions in Odyssey

    Last night I finally took a mission I'd ignored for a long time. The mission to become an Empire Prince (Yes, I know... Thank you). It ended up being a bounty mission. The mission instructed me to go to a specific system and scan for the target. I was then messaged that the target had moved to...
  3. T

    Bounty Hunting needs some love

    Hey Frontier, With the recent changes to Mining and Exploration, I would ask that you take a look at Bounty Hunting. In it's current state it's not really worth doing when compared to mining or even exploration. The Credits per hour is just sad, compared to the amount of...
  4. M

    Join the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing Today!

    Greetings, Commanders! I recently started up a squadron called the 501st Joint Arcturus Wing on PC. The squadron shares the name of a player-created faction (though I did not create it) and both are based in the Arcturus system. What do we do/what are our goals? Right now is to take control...
  5. Old Duck

    In the age of Borann, can we finally remove the cap on player bounties?

    I just don't see the purpose of capping player bounties anymore. It's far easier for one player to give another player a cargo hold of LTDs than it is to exploit the bounty system to transfer credits, so let's just remove the cap and make PvP bounty hunting great again.
  6. Sciencekeeper

    [INDEPENDENT] (GER/DE) Stellanebula Project - SNPX

    Join the STELLANEBULA PROJECT Founded way back in 2005, the Stellanebula Project started with a old time Star Trek Chat RPG and Webradio. It grew into a big community of gamers and SciFi Fans. Our Elite Team took up work in early 2019 and is growing...
  7. D

    Better pirates for higher risk and higher payouts

    Like for most bounty hunters here, killing any pirate ship or wing in a haz res or cnav is no issue, and the pay is somewhat decent given how "easy" it is. But then what's above that ? Threat 7 pirates don't have much of a price increase despite having ships 3 times as tough. Slightly more...
  8. Valcain

    Where Do You Want To Park Your Fleet Carrier?

    This is not meant to be a post on the costs or upkeep of an FC. I want a more optimistic ideal about them. Something we know is that FCs can jump 500ly at a time. And they can be modified tailored to Exploration, Mining, Bounty Hunting. Etc. Where do you want to park yours? I’m thinking of...
  9. H

    What inspired YOUR playstyle?

    What got you into doing the part of the Elite Dangerous, that you love the most :)
  10. Mercenary Venus

    Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunter's Guild

    Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunter's Guild is open, join the discord and find out what we are about!
  11. U

    Anti Ganker suggestion

    Hello All, I've had a thought about the problem with the persistent gankers that have made the Open game less than enjoyable for many. I am aware of several suggestions that have been made in the past on various platforms. I would like to add my 2 cents worth (and what better place than a...
  12. W

    For the love of God fix the Bounty Hunting and Mercenary system!

    Hey all! I'm sure this has been suggested before but I couldn't find it in the deluge of posts and would rather spend my time playing the game than plying the forums. Anyway, there is a real problem with the Bounty Hunting and Merc systems. Outside of the fact that you get paid peanuts for...
  13. Ibn Mora

    Wanna join a group?

    Hello, Are you in need of a community? Feeling lonely in the empty void of space? Well friend I have a solution for you! By joining up with our crew; you can find yourself a few buddies, an easy cash flow and some good times! Recently, A friend of mine has started a group for Elite...
  14. E

    [LFG] I was experienced... and now im looking for someone who still is [ENG/GER]

    Hi there, to make it short I havent played since quiet a while and now I really wanna play again. So now Im looking for someone who wants to fly with me and get me back in to the game. Im interested in pretty much everything from trading to combat except PvP because I heard rumors that a high...
  15. dreampage

    System Security Attacking For No Reason?

    The other day I went bounty hunting in order to try out my somewhat optimized ship build. Since it's a medium ship and not a death dealer monster I didn't want to risk too much and chose a High RES to work with system security killing some bandits. Long story short, after only a few minutes of...
  16. H

    House of Saga recruiting! [PC+Xbox]

    The House of Saga is an established PMF with presence in 13 systems. We strongly believe in staying true to our roots and never forgetting where we came from nor our peers who are sadly not with us anymore. Hence we are more like a family as opposed to a rigid hierarchical system. Therefore our...
  17. Bakerfield


    Is their any place I can post to find a wing in the UK for bounty hunting. Or is their any one from the UK that is interested in bounty hunting at resource sites and doing a wing.
  18. K

    Notorious CMDRs should show on galmap and radar

    Notorious CMDRs (esp. ones murdering other players) should be marked on the galaxy map. Any time they dock at a non-anarchy system, get scanned, or interdict or attack a ship (unless it has report crimes off), marker appears or has its location updated. Hovering over the icon would show CMDR...
  19. Duck & Jenny

    Can someone explain this to me?!?

    WHY do I need to deploy hardpoints to use my KWS and wake scanners? This irritates me to no end for multiple reasons. First, if a person is dumb and not paying attention (sheepishly raises hands), it's very easy to accidentally shoot the person you are trying to scan, you know, if the triggers...
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