1. space voyager

    Turning yourself in

    What exactly does it do? Judging from my last experience, it only removed the local bounty I had. I still have notoriety and I still have one remaining bounty. Is that the correct working?
  2. CMDR Kurt Vonnegut

    Can't pay bounty at Interstellar Factor

    While fighting some wanted pilots in Shinrarta Dezhra, I managed to attack a system defense force craft and got a 200CR bounty on me. I tried to pay the bounty at Jameson Memorial but since it has me as anonymous when I entry, I can't pay it. I've been to 4 Interstellar Factor agents and none...
  3. drorangutan

    Prison Ships in Odyssey are Great

    Waking up in a cell on a prison ship after getting killed was a genuinely cool and nice surprise. Stuff like this makes me optimistic for the future of Odyssey, just little fun worldbuilding touches. Just as a side note Odyssey runs terribly though, Jesus Frontier, please throw us mid-spec...
  4. G-Dubya

    The Human Player Real Time Bounty Bondsman or Bounty Broker.

    I have an dream for a human bounty broker who can issue real time bounties on Commanders who carry out criminal activity within the Elite Universe. I am not talking about the useless in game bounty system, I am talking about a human 3rd party run bounty system where you can issue bounties on...
  5. P

    General Rework Current Bounty System (with proposed solution)

    First of all let me acknowledge the difficulty of this task that the devs have to do. In the current system it's too easy to make money with bounties as a low ranking player and it falls of very quickly as you get better and better ships. I would like to start this discussion by pointing out...
  6. Synoptik

    HELP: I can't claim Pilots' Federation bounty

    I have been looking all over the internet for a place to claim the bounty, I have tried interstellar factors agents but they do not come up with anything. refer picture :) I followed someone elses troubleshooting and ended up here. add me if more detail is needed to be said...
  7. Old Duck

    Bounty Bug

    Is this a bug? I assure you, the lower amount (left panel) is representative of my crimes. I would have to kill lots of people to have a 1 million credit bounty, and I have killed nobody in a long time.
  8. The Black Pearl

    so why can't I claim this bounty?

    Edit: it seems the forums keep going "oops" I have a 7,795,265 bounty by Sirius Special forces in my claims. In Serious at Patterson Enterprise, At Kyleigh McKenzie (Authority Contract) and I have no bounties to claim
  9. Old Duck

    I've Been A BAD Boy

    The most expensive ship in my main CMDR's fleet, the BattleConda "Terrible Shadow" (EBL-07), now has a collective bounty of over 100,000,000 credits on it. I kinda went all "War Doctor" back when I was considering clearing my save and starting fresh, just to try out a life of crime for the fun...
  10. J

    Ships Assassination/BH Gunship engineering

    Hello Commanders! I bought the Gunship. I plan to use it for Assassination mission's (most time) and eventually for bounty hunting (all PvE). Here is the link for the build: LINK I've done some engineering, except armor, hull reinforcements, shield and shield boosters. Mentioned parts in this...
  11. G

    Ships Alliance Chieftain, Challenger, Crusader builds for PvE combat

    I am looking to try my hand at some bounty hunting to start, and I am wondering if you fine folks could give me some suggestions for current builds for folks just starting out. That is to say, just stock equipment. No guardian or engineered stuff. I've not yet started unlocking those things...
  12. Vurrath

    Investment state and bounties... zero effect?

    do bounties still have a positive effect on the system-authority-job faction's influence, during a investment-state? i did quite a lot in Huiche the other day,.. ---------------- Journal.190210191131.01.log:{ "timestamp":"2019-02-10T16:41:22Z", "event":"RedeemVoucher", "Type":"bounty"...
  13. LanceLord


    Period. :) THIS is what I meant when I keep whining about ED needing space legs. IGN did an excellent preview of this space ship flight sim/RPG opera. Rebel Galaxy will be out in spring of this year and from the look of the game play, it's going to...
  14. G

    Police/bounty hunting gameplay enhancements

    Had an idea after seeing how easy and unpunished murdering feels in ED. To stimulate pvp, the possibility to work with the system factions with a structured way of enforcing the law better than the current bounty hunting system based only on scanning. A new profession to have fun which...
  15. Orbitalai

    How to pay off bounty in large ship

    I got a bounty. It says I can pay it off in 2 ways: 1 - INterstellar contacts (they are normally using only up to medium landing pads, so out of question) 2 - Go to a system where they have presence. I did number 2, went into a station where they offer missions so they certainly have presence...
  16. number2301

    RED DICE SYSTEMS - Casual, Friendly, EU/PC Based PVE Squadron

    Our Offer We are a casual, open PVE focussed wing concentrating on fun cooperative gameplay, alongside providing a purpose for mission running, bounty hunting, and everything else by supporting our in game faction. In addition to regular daily priorities, we run varied events where we get...
  17. T

    Looking for a squad!? Join us!

    With the new comming update especially squadrons it will be even more intresting to join a squad! Or if u wanna fight off the thargoids who are on there way to invade our systems! Than join us! join the fight for humanity! We are a fun buch of guys from all around the world who hang out...
  18. Q

    Renown GANKER ERADICATOR / BOUNTY HUNTER - This is what I want to be when I grow up!

    But, not under the current system. I want to be well paid for each and every psycho kill, according to his/her skill and danger level, and I also want a title that shows how proficient I am at ridding the galaxy of the antisocial elements. I think it may prove to be a wonderful emergent gameplay...
  19. C

    How I quadrupled my money in an afternoon. (A rambling story)

    OK, so realtalk, it was only a little over 4 mil to begin with. I had mostly A rated iCourier, iClipper, and iEagle except for using bi weave shields and some B modules due to availibility on station, plus doing a little module tetris. I went ratting and sensor hit exploring a little in the...
  20. T

    Infinite Corperation is recruiting ! ! !

    We are a group that does everything the game has to offer: minor faction, thargoid hunting, pvp, bounty hunting and so on. With the new updates that are comming we are looking for new and veteran players to expand our group. If ur new to the game than this is a good opportunity for u because we...
  21. Bionic Bytes

    Bounties in Anarchy systems?

    I'm in an Anarchy system and yet when shooting certain ships I'm accumulating a bounty. Anyone else seen this kind of thing?
  22. IcemanAJL

    Merging the new Exploration tools with Bounty Hunting

    First off, loved the new changes and tools added to exploration. The past system always seemed absolutely lacking in content and interest beyond jump, scan, repeat. Now all these new tools and scanners will make the scanning process more interesting and open up more randomized events and...
  23. M

    AI Bounty hunters. - Aren Geesus?

    I'm not sure this observation is in the right place, but here goes! I accept a lot of contracts that end up with bounty hunters/assassins being sent to eliminate me! I don't very often oblige them with combat, being very often outgunned, so I outfly them in the "mini-game". This has the...
  24. V

    a new manufacturer of ships that focuses on silent running

    They could be named after Owls, the hunters of the night. Obviously, the ships would be focused on silent running, making them shieldless hull tanks that are cold. There could be a small, a medium and a large version. Discuss!
  25. CMDR Hagglebeard

    Finishing the Basics.

    This game's most foundational systems are absolutely astounding. The flight models feel more real than anything else I've ever flown with a joystick, and the immersive factor is incredible. The scale is amazing, and flying to and fro really puts space travel into perspective. Watching the video...
  26. F

    Request: When a bounty is gained and listed in Transactions, clicking on it should show information

    Like what it was gained for and where to pay it off.
  27. DMC831

    C & P: Hunting down CMDRs with high notoriety

    I know crime and punishment is being tweaked further, but I was thinking back to when i used to play a text-based MUD in the 90s that allowed unlimited PVP and stuck to roleplay as much as possible, and the ways we could self-police other players causing trouble. In that game (also a huge open...
  28. B

    Fixing Community Goals - Recognize Logistical Support

    Community Goals have a problem. Namely, the often encourage NOT participating in Open or Groups, but instead, resorting to Solo play. And while its fine to play Solo if you choose to, NEEDING to play Solo, in order to fulfill "Community" a problem. To fix this, we first need to...
  29. usafirebird

    Question on removing bounty and noterity

    I know this has probably been answered before but I am aggravated and out of patients. How can I get my notoriety back to 0? I am on a planet driving around, and have been for the last 90 minutes and notoriety has not dropped. Any suggestions??
  30. P

    Community Event / Creation Cant find a station with broker network

    Hi, I am very confused about bounties and broker networks. I may have acquired a bounty in frontier unite space (sothis) but cant seem to figure out how to pay it off. The galaxy map told my there is a broker network in robigo however I cant find a station with a broker network within any of the...
  31. M

    Elite dangerous

    How do I have a 12000 credit bounty in Felicia Winters when I've been conflict zone fighting in Kamadhenu, an imperial system with no links to Felicia Winters at all?
  32. R

    Systems for good NPC bounty hunting?

    So I've been trying to find a new home to bounty hunt in, my old systems have, for some reason, lose their hazres's, and the sites I've been finding are apparently out dated. I'm looking for a system that has a metallic or metal rich with a hazres, or a compromised nav beacon, preferably both...
  33. earlyfang

    Bounty Hunters prey tracking (or squealer service for PVP)

    Simple thing. But let's give it a shape. A new service in (not all but many) stations, in wich we can track wanted starships... for a price. Inside Contacts we can find a new option, Bounty Informant (squealer), selling records. In this records we can see the location and time from last...
  34. L

    Why are authority contacts blocked by anonymous protocol?

    You get a fine for forgetting a docking request or something and you dock to go to contacts and pay it off but contacts are blocked! To unblock you need to pay the fine, to pay it you need contacts and so u need to pay... Help?
  35. T

    3.0 Crime rules leads to marooning

    I'm in a fully kitted Vulture with the smallest FSD to save power and weight, the FSD is far too weeny to jump out of the system. Here's the problem... I accidentally fired on a ship, a g wrong click, became wanted. Now I'm screwed, I'm essentially marooned with no way out of the system. -...
  36. K

    Bounty Hunting Intelligence Network

    In systems you are wanted people can access an intelligence network in stations that constantly reveals your exact location for 10 minutes. - After use the game informs the player that he is being hunted and shows a timer until he has evaded the intelligence network. - Intelligence network...
  37. G

    Showing a ships bounty next to the WANTED

    Hello CMDRs, This is a rather simple request: Maybe I have been missing something, but right now you have to go to the contacts tab to look at how much a kill pays you after scanning a ship. I ask myself why it's not possible to simply show the bounty on a ship next to the big, red, wanted that...
  38. Riverside

    Make notoriety stat more visible

    I've just been helping a friend reacquaint themselves with the game after some time away, and it was difficult to explain where to check the notoriety stat. I'd like to propose that it's added to the 'status' tab (left-most tab on the right HUD panel) below balance, rebuy cost, local bounty &...
  39. S

    Vulture - not as good as everyone says it is? Or just me?

    So I've been playing ED for about a week now, picked it up for 20 quid and been loving it, made a bit of money got a few ships explored a bit. Since the update the money has dried up and decided to become a bounty hunter or do some massacre missions for some money. Looked online to see what the...
  40. Leolph

    Anaconda + Turreted Cannons are farming bounties that I can't get rid of ?!

    So, here is the plot: I have an Anaconda with H Beamlasers (gimballed) and 3 L Cannons, which are turreted. The last days I wanted to farm some materials and a bit cargo in my favorite system with all pristine rings, so I flew into a RES and started mining. Usually after some minutes some...
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