1. L

    engineer issues

    hey all im having issues getting tod the blaster unlocked i have bounty vouchers to turn in but the donate button is broke and wont let me donate them. any one else experience this issue lately?
  2. P

    Bugs, Issues and Thoughts on the Planet Zoo beta

    Here are some things I noticed while playing the beta. It looks like a lot, but I did really enjoy the game :) Help menu: You can only search for the titles in the Help menu, not for words that might appear in the text. This makes it difficult to find some things. The Help menu can’t be...
  3. H

    General Beta feedback - Bugs and balancing problems

    I've been playing the Game for nearly 60 hours. My zoo in Franchise Mode ist now about 150 years old. With about 1,3 Million Dollars. The game is definitley really nice but there are some things that disturbe the flow of the game. Not all of these things were actually bugs, more balancing...
  4. X

    beta review/thoughts

    honestly I let this get out of hand the first time I typed it up, because I was often frustrated or angry with the beta in some way gjkdhgfd but I simplified it and here is the jist of my experience with planet zoo beta! bugs: -animals sold for conservation points remain in zoo and trading...
  5. Fender

    Bugs, and quality-of-life improvements

    After putting in more hours than I care to admit, I think I'm ready to retire the beta. Here's a list of bugs and quality-of-life improvements I'd like to see. A lot of it will be echoing past threads/discussions by myself and others, and I've probably forgotten more than a few things, but here...
  6. S

    Mamenchiasaurus Bug

    I have recently completed the Isla Sorna science mission and unlocked the mamenchiasaurus but the dig site for it won't unlock (It's depleted and won't turn yellow). I have all research and expedition centres on all islands but the depleted site won't turn yellow and I kinda wanted to unlock all...
  7. Woody2107

    Beta feedback, questions, concerns, bugs.

    Hi peeps at Frontier! I am absolutely in love with Planet Zoo (50+h already). The game is in all points just perfect. I have made multiple habitats so far, making them as suitable for the animal as possible (Which is hard for me, I like to overdo it with the plants.). I enjoyed using the...
  8. A

    Newcomer / Intro Best worst game on xbox one.

    Can no longer reply to my own thread because I was trolled out and finally gave in replying to the troll and now im blocked from it despite having reported him multiple times. What a stupid rule that is. SO back to what I was saying about this game. Its awful and there are a million reasons why...
  9. hayleymills

    Sudden, game-breaking lagging on certain save files. Is it just a Beta thing?

    I know I have the requirements to play Planet Zoo smoothly-- I once even played the Goodwin House tutorial on ultra graphics, at it still ran great! But as I continued to expand the Goodwin House zoo, one of my save files became incredibly laggy, to the point where the game was unplayable...
  10. H

    Franchsie Mode Crash + Customer going into staff path

    Hi all, First of all the game is great and all but there is two bugs that bothers me: 1) All of my saves zoos crash every time I load one... It's really annoying even if it's a Beta. We are here to report bugs, but game crashing everytime is not something I was thinking possible. A lot's of...
  11. R

    Research Glitch and Franchise Mode Exiting Glitch

    Sometimes when attempting to do Vet or Mechanic Research, the game glitches and doesn't do the research you were intending, and instead, auto researches the first animal or mechanical thing in the category. For example, if you had a Common Ostrich in your first research slot and a Timber Wolf in...
  12. Y

    Park was making good money but then.....BUGs

    So i was finally making good money Animals where good staff good but as i was placing blueprint posts with lights Walkway Flags my cash made it to 64,000 and then went to -64,000,000 or somewhere around there it instantly made the park broke with a negative that i can never get out of...
  13. R

    Here is a list of bugs and various other issues I've come across

    Animals are randomly being put in boxes and left near the keeper door on the inside of the enclosure, I have to manually go and unbox them or they just sit there and starve to death inside the box. I don't know who or what is putting them in these boxes or for what reason, but it most often...
  14. S

    Bugs I found :)

    Thank you for an amazing game! Heres a list of bugs I found during my wild life playing Franchise mode: - Guest getting stuck at the entrance - When changing the entrance price, the slider will stay at the "low price" position. Which makes me questioning; What is the price? - No matter what...
  15. foxconscience

    Glitches and Bugs Pt.2

    Numerous glitches and bugs I have found through playing. NOTE: some may have been fixed or are known about already! I also wish to add that this is by NO MEANS a dig at the game. I am utterly adoring every minute of gameplay regardless of bugs and glitches. I just want to help in making sure...
  16. foxconscience

    Glitches and bugs found pt.1

    Numerous glitches and bugs I have found through playing. NOTE: some may have been fixed or are known about already! I also wish to add that this is by NO MEANS a dig at the game. I am utterly adoring every minute of gameplay regardless of bugs and glitches. I just want to help in making sure...
  17. Old Duck

    Another Elephant Butt Leather Thread...

    Because Fleet Carriers are still months away, but Elephant Butt Leather is NOW! And like peanut butter and jelly, EBL goes with DDS (dancing disco shadows). For your watching pleasure: Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpNjYnviL6I (feel free to visit the channel to see countless...
  18. J

    Unable to retrieve a complete list from the server.

    Unable to retrieve a complete list from the server. A partial list of available missions is displayed. This has been happen EVERY SINGLE TIME I enter missions for two days straight. I have to wait for the communication to time out and it is terribly annoying! It makes me not want to play...
  19. XB_Joyrider144

    How to eliminate holo-screen activation stutter

    Hello. In control options remove the option that enables the auto screen look lock ( hold X + press <- / -> ). Just use the free headlook function ( RC ) whilst having no other method assigned. Doing this eliminated the issue for me, at least I think that is what solved it. Just wanted to...
  20. RadicalEdward2

    General Gameplay Sanctuary Bug: Cancelling Dinosaur Arrivals Deletes Them

    I still can't find where the new bug report section is but, if you hit [Esc] by accident when receiving your Nublar Dinosaurs, they just never come. I lost 2 of my 8 dinosaurs so now I need to restarted the entire island.
  21. Jermanicus

    Today's Play

    Spent a few hours today mentoring a friend who recently got the game. Within those few hours... Multi-Crew didn't work, no matter what we tried; We were fined after autolaunch time out; Autolaunch rammed my ship into the side of the station causing damage to my ship; Launching the Galaxy Map...
  22. M

    Planet Coaster Crashes

    Is anyone else getting constant crashes about a minute after you have opened a park? or any ideas on how to fix it?

    I FOUND A FIX TO THE BUGS OCCURRING IN WING VOID OPAL MINING... (Detonator Display not working etc)

    Over the past several days me and my wing have had experienced many repeatable bugs while attempting to do void opal core mining together and as a result of much frustration and loosing hundreds of millions of creds to the bugs, we have found a reliable fix... Basically while in the wing I...
  24. B

    Frustration Overload

    Come on FDev, sort this out. We were promised great things wtih Chapter 4. But so far all I'm getting is random crashes, and half-finished functionality (cough cough...CODEX!) Don't get me wrong......I love the game, the lore, the styling, the over all mechanics. I like what you've done with...

    Top 10 Fdev should show us on livestream

    Pick your favorite should all be easy tasks 1. Unlocking Guardian FSD Booster, Guardian Fighter and Guardian Shield reenforcement. No reloging envolved. 2. Unlock Selana Jean with the new Mining tools and Uprgage their Hull to grade 5 3. Flying from Bubble to Colonia Scanning every System...
  26. S

    Fast Charge FSD Engi 100% Broken (bug)

    Yeah anyone else notice how all this upgrade does is increase your heat, and boost the optimal mass a little bit? There is absolutely no change to the speed of the charge lol
  27. D

    My idea Fix the bugs!

    With every patch/update just brings more bugs. Understandable and to be expected to an extent. What is not acceptable is for "known bugs" to still be plaguing the game FOR YEARS! When are you going to get on top of this? Known bugs list just keeps getting larger, can you provide an ETA of...
  28. Daish

    FRONTIER ....STOP!!!!!

    Frontier, grab yourself a chair and please listen to your loyal community... STOP all work on new content ALL CONTENT.... get your entire team that is working on Elite together, and distribute them into categories of the following: Local and minor bug fixes Long term bug fixes Mechanics...
  29. S

    Outfitting broken

    It's so weird I logged in today, and the devs must have broken something overnight because I can't purchase or transfer modules.
  30. T

    A Rant on Post patch instability.

    This is getting beyond the point of now. Wanted ships putting fat bounties on my head, NPC's that are so retarded you can trick them into suicide, a ist of BUGS so damn long it would fill a cathedral, terrible multiplayer connection and utterly inane content. The saving grace of this Beyond...
  31. Unknown Zombie

    Teaching a big dog new tricks

    Tonight my Type-10 learned how to do backflips: https://youtu.be/OTY8xZvg2Vo Jokes aside, if any of you like flying Type-10's then be wary in asteroid bases. Since 3.1 dropped the Type-10's winglets don't fold up properly (among a few other problems). Normally this just causes them to clip...
  32. lord_lethris

    Unable to get an up to date mission list from the server - Possable FIX

    I didn't know where to stick this, so I'm adding it here - The admins (I'm sure) can move it to the correct place) So, this is quite a common problem amongst some players Both Xbox and PC (can't say about PS players)- here is the problem: When trying to load the mission board you may get the...
  33. D

    A message to new customers of Frontier Developments

    Just a little heads-up to the people not used to a Frontier game: Frontier's modern games have the business model of "games as a service". This means that The Jurrasic World: Evolutions we have to play today is the first iteration. The game will continue evolving with new content and...
  34. raptorflight

    Report Observation & Suggestion

    Masrani Global Corporation Report v 1.0 06/14/2018 First name: Raptor Last name: flight Fonction: Observator Investment Here are my conclusions after finishing Jurassic World Evolution, for future player and especially dinosaur enthusiast, an update of the game is indispensable in order to...
  35. 1v4n94


    So, I've seen this video: https://youtu.be/wS__o5FArrg Before I begin with the "bad things", I want to let you know that I love the new interface/heads up display options, the further and more realistic level of detail, the lightning, the small details on the terrain, the reflections, the newly...
  36. floozie

    Frontiers Quality Assurance, Testing and Issuehandling strategies

    Hello everybody, first of all, I think that the game is on a good way again as I played the game now more frequently after a long absence. Things feel now more interesting with the alien background story and wing missions are keypoint to play with my friends. Ok, balancing in mission rewards...
  37. Viper2kUK


    Many have commentated on it but few have thrown it in the face of ED but dagnamit even nowadays we have self cleaning glass for conservatories, surely by the current ED year we've progressed quite a bit? For a QoL can we get something to sort this out. My example is below: In case this self...
  38. to_boldy_go

    Engineers MC all downgraded from 5 to 3. Bug or a feature I missed?

    So after doing drives shields and boosters ok I see Tod. All my OC grade 5 MCs now say they are grade 3. No legacy flag etc as with other modules. And that means mega grind for polymer caps. Saw some others complain about this. I logged it but no answer. Maybe fdev are overwehelmed with this...
  39. H

    Frontier's Intentions

    The haphazard urgency with which Frontier handles high-credit farms is so nonsensical and strange. If it were a game like WoW where players could purchase game-time or greatly effect the economy, their methods would make far more sense; quickly fixing the issue would take priority, even if it...
  40. O

    PS4 Horizon's Bug

    Let me start this by saying I'm a brand new player. I'm at wits end. I purchased horizons and promptly started a planetary scan mission. I have looked up and followed a guide to land on a planet and use the scarab srv. I have made sure that I Google every aspect of this game that I have trouble...
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