1. Daniel Klimchuk

    So what PvP weapon loadout do they use nowadays?

    Greetings, As the title says, what is the most popular/effective weapon loadout people in open use nowadays? I have an Anaconda with one huge and two large beam lasers engineered to G5 efficiency and oversized experimental effect. In the remaining large, two medium and two small hardpoints I...
  2. T

    Where do i find letters?

    I've seen youtube videos of custom builds and they have these big letters on various buildings spelling out what they want. I'm trying to find the letters but can't seem to locate them. Are the only available in certain modes? Help! P.s. no, its not the signs that you can type stuff on. It...
  3. W

    Explorer Phantom

    Hi Commanders, I am thinking of switching from the Annie to a Krait Phantom for exploring. It should hit more than 70ly. Not because I am in a rush in exploring, but because it is helpful to reach remote systems. And because it helps if you wanna get home quickly. I will optimise life support...
  4. K

    Ships Passenger missions build help?

    Going to do some passenger missions, because if I do any more engineering I'll delete my CMDR and quit the game. I've enjoyed passenger missions without engineering before, and now I even have the FSD engineering already done for all saud kruger ships. Not sure if I should take the Beluga or...
  5. Swordpunch

    New here. Need a FDL pve build!

    I recently started last week (so you'll see me on here alot sorry in advance) and because of void opals I have more money than I know what to do. I purchased a FDL all A grade core. But money does not buy experience or skill. So if you guys could help me with a proper PVE build (I dont want...
  6. A

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Trying to make a monster out of type 10

    Heres what im working with im thinkin shield biweave high resistance so it comes back quik and long range beams too lure them in burst overcharged to shred them when they get close and lots of limpets to pick up those mats any tips? What would you do to impove this...
  7. L

    PvP Need help - Fer-de-Lance build

    I need a PvP Fer-de-Lance weapon build for assassinating single targets. My current loadout is the following: 4xC2 Torpedo launchers with reverberating cascade 1xC4 Plasma accelerator This build is very effective for PvE assassination missions, as almost every ship loses its shields when hit...
  8. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  9. Timpraetor

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Giving a Python a shot at Mining - Configuration review please

    Hi Folks, I'm changing things up a bit and going to pause grinding for Explorer Elite in exchange for some mining fun. I picked up a Python and outfitted it in a manner that "feels" right, but since I'm a noob at mining, I thought I'd put it out there for suggestions. If you're a miner and...
  10. T

    Ships Alliance Cheftian Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with the final of the Alliance ships. Whats weird is this was the first yet it was the last one I went over. Hopefully you all found this video enjoyable and useful. Please tell me down below in the youtube comments what you think of my build and what you do with yours...
  11. T

    Ships Krait Phantom Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with my combat Phantom. I've enjoyed this ship a lot and I'm still in the process of working on it. Its kind of different than the MK II but similar. Tell me down below in the youtube video what your outfit for the phantom is or what you guys think of mine. Enjoy! :)...
  12. T

    Ships Krait Phantom Exploration Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here with the new Krait Phantom. This is a good round ship pretty much like the MK II but lighter. This ship has a 65 ly jump range fully outfitted. I hope you guys enjoyed the video! Please tell me down below what you think of the Phantom in the youtube video! :) Ship link...
  13. Lukiepookie

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Share your Medium Sized Combat Ship

    Hello all, I am in need of recommendations for a medium sized combat ship. Money isn't an issue, please share away. Yes I already know about the vulture, I'm just hoping to get a lot of variety in this thread for ideas of my own. Thanks and 07 commanders.
  14. Yamiks

    [Video] Hauler "best build"

    (edit: nope - profanity)
  15. T

    Ships ED Alliance Crusader Combat Build Guide V2

    Hey guys I'm back with a Version two of the Crusader! I do like this version a lot more because it sports the extra fighter for multi crew and also gains shields strength two with not to many negatives. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions just post them in the comments and I'll try to...
  16. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys, I'm back with another ship building guide! Today we have the Challenger. This a fun ship I use for PVE and PVP. This a common build you find for this ship as well. I personally go with the daka build on it, but you can do as you please. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video and tell me in...
  17. Titler

    Ships Complete My Corvette; Suggestions for PvE Build Please

    Hey folks; I'm currently looking how to finalise my PvE build after the endless engineering changes, and I was wondering what people would suggest...? Here's my current build, and money is no object when buying new parts... A few pointers on what I'm thinking right now. 1.) Missing are a...
  18. stardestroyer

    Suggestion accepted for a build

    Here's a Guardian fitted Krait Mk. II. Thinking to hunt some bugs. No problem so far with scouts. Plasma are large but Coriolis still don't heve them in the list. Also power distributor is the hightest guardian one but do not save it.. Any suggestion or constructive criticism is welcome...
  19. T

    Krait MK II Combat Build Guide!

    Hey guys I'm here today with another one of my ship builds and it's one of my favorite ships the Krait MK II! I do love this ship for pvp and pve. I have more content for this ship in future videos! There are videos of me using this ship in pvp as well. I hope you all enjoy the video and please...
  20. Xavi Mendoza

    Corvette Build Advice/Feedback

    Hi. I have just bought my Corvette after a loooooong grind and trying to start another one now (Engineering) :o But before that, I need to decide my builds. I have tried to make some with exp. effects for buff/debuff but need advice/feedback before to start run. Just one wish; trying to make...
  21. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro FDL vs Clipper for Combat (with numbers this time)

    I have read billions of "FDL vs Clipper" topics and everyone said "Clipper is a gorgeous cheap multipurpose ship but FDL is a clear choice for combat bla bla" than decided to work on theory and numbers. I made two different combat builds, one of them is close to my current FDL (just a bit over...
  22. Swizzy o7o7

    Exploration Build Please!

    Hi, commanders. I need help to build an Asp that can do exploration, but also light trading! I will be playing in Open Mode. Thanks, o7
  23. Swizzy o7o7

    Newcomer / Intro Asp Exploration Build Advice Please!

    Hi, there. I'm new to the game, and I want to build an Asp that I can play Elite: Dangerous with. I want to be able to do exploration, but also trading. I will be playing in open mode. Thanks commanders! o7 [yesnod]
  24. Loopios7

    Ships DW2 Mechanic Anaconda Build

    o7 CMDRs If I participate in Distant Worlds 2 I will most probably be a mechanic, so I wanted to know what kind of anaconda build you guys would suggest. Thanks
  25. Jason Sefer

    Any good combat anaconda builds?

    Do you have any good anaconda builds for combat? Let me know.
  26. Rariano Majoy

    Ships Build PvE: How do you see it

    Hello, I'm thinking of equipping a Corvette to "Smash" NPC in a HRES and raise the two levels that I lack to reach the Elite level. I am looking for something that takes little time to destroy any ship and that does not require too much to go to refuel munitions to the base or make synthesis...
  27. Valen Zendaris

    Proposal for More Versatile Outfitting (No Engineering!)

    Summary: This proposal is about the principle of converting hardpoint slots to optional internal module slots. This allows an increase in the number of optional internals a ship can carry (= versatility/functionality), at the cost of firepower. Example of conversion rates: Small Hardpoint =...
  28. T

    optimal Engineered Shield Builds. Thoughts?

    BI-WEAVE SHIELDS: Thermal Resistant (fast charge experimental) SHIELD BOOSTERS: Resistances Augmented (Thermo Block experimental) SHIELD CELLS: Rapid Charge (Recycling Cell experimental) PRISMATIC SHIELDS: Reinforced (Hi-Cap Experimental) SHIELD BOOSTERS: Heavy Duty (Super Capacitors...
  29. Adamfox

    PvP PvP build advice needed - Thermal Cascade

    Hi all, was just looking for some build advice, specifically PvP. Got bored with my other ships and am building a type 10 for some PvP combat. (Yeah I know, slow as hell....but that canopy view in vr....) Anyway, I've decided to try LR Cannons (for the increased shot speed) 5 of them...

    What are you commanders using on your PvP Chieftain?

    Also, do you guys think it could be a fun pirate ship? Manly PvP pirating, and not the butthole pirate that shoots on site, but the ones that are gentlemen .
  31. R

    Ships Hardpoints loadout Chieftain

    Alright, so I just bought my Chieftain and want to mess around with the options for hardpoint loadouts. I would like to hear what are you guys trying out? I am currently running with 1 Large Beam Laser 1 Large Multicannon 1 Medium Beam Laser 3 small multicannons I tried to go for a 1/2...
  32. GURU-951

    Got a new Chieftan and need a reference build.

    I have a few engineers unlocked and would like to know a basic PvE build for my Chieftan. I'm not super savvy with outfitting. Thanks You.
  33. CMDR Linguini

    Ships Dolphin Passenger Build Suggestions

    So I just recently bought my Dolphin, and I was wondering about what kind of modules I should get. I have looked at some builds but they disagree on what is most important. I was thinking about installing a Planetary Vehicle Hangar to make the Dolphin a more versatile multipurpose ship. Any...
  34. Spiderkeegan

    Ships Advice for a build

    Normally I would think it would be pretty straight forward for a Vulture build, but there is only one problem I have. I have recently made the trek to the Colonia region (the Ratraii system, specifically) and have purchased a Vulture to get into some bounty hunting after the long exploration...
  35. G

    Ships 2.4 Corvette Build advice/doubts

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Commanders Since short I have a Federal Corvette. For the most part I got no problems to build it. But I kinda am doubting what to do depending on it's purpose how to build my shields and Armour. My Clan has given me decent advice, but I decided to listen...
  36. vantablack

    Mirrored Surface

    Hello all! I’ve recently started exploring and wondered if it’s worth using the mirrored surface as a way of reducing heat build up when scooping and contralto flying close to stars etc..... Does this make any sense? Or is it a case of keep as light as possible for jump range? Cheers
  37. shadow133

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Another Vulture mod thread

    After “working” my way to unlock FF to get my g5 fsd I completely abandoned engineers. Now that I have all ships in the game (except the cutter due to money and laziness), I feel like I can’t postpone this anymore and need to engineer a ship. Maybe I like torturing myself too. In the process I...
  38. Laksefest

    Imperial eagle max speed build

    Im trying to make a max speed imperial eagle for fun, but I think im stuck now. Whatever I do I cant get the speed above 837ms. It gets to a stage where reducing weight dosnt matter anymore. I see other players have gotten imperial eagles above 837, so im not sure what to do next. Im thinking it...
  39. I

    LostWinds when will lostwinds 3 come out ???

    I love lost winds product very much. I made 10+ 100%s in lost winds 1 and 2. And I think they are really good. When will you make lost winds 3 ? Why I didn't see anything about the next product in 2? I think it will be better and hope it to come out earlily. I AM ONLY A STD OF CHN.I WILL...
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