1. T

    Suggestion for better building placement

    Reposting from the subreddit since frontier_support suggested I share it here. So one thing that has been around since launch that has bothered people is the finicky building placement as people struggle to get the orientation of their buildings JUST right if they can't snap to paths right away...
  2. Paleoguy


    This may very well be in production, but I would just like to share this on the forum. It would be amazing to have JP buildings, vehicles, signage, and skins. 1993 Explorer The gate. The Raptor Paddocks The Rex Paddock JP Visitors Center And finally, give some of the legacy dinosaurs...
  3. S

    A new Dilophosaurus and juvenile dinos

    So, something it's triggering me since the game has released, the dilophosaurus in game is extremely smaller than the original canon dilophosaurus that's have 3 meters height (and 6 meters length), not only 1, 5. The Dilophosaurus that kills Dennis Nerdy in the film was a juvenile, being...
  4. Dawk_nite316

    Rewind Feature

    A rewind option would be cool for when implementing triggers. It gets kind of annoying having to cycle the coaster or track ride around the track just to see if a trigger is timed perfectly. When you have a lot of triggers it can get very timely. I know that would cause the game to require and...
  5. R

    Park Attractions & Buildings

    Hey Frontier/Ladies & Gentlemen of the forums :) I pre-ordered the game back when it was to be released and have fallen in love with it. I was a massive fan of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and so was excited when I saw a game being made by you guys. Fast forward to a year and my interest...
  6. Udju

    Prehistoric Plants to feed Herbivores

    Hey :) The following idea came to my mind: It would be nice to have prehistoric plants in JWE. We could also research on them, get fossiles and extract DNA and then grow the plants in special facilities. The plants can then be planted in the enclosures to feed the herbivores. Expeditions to...
  7. S

    building ideas

    I know a lot of this will be repeats but I figured I'd add to them and my take on how I would like to see them work. Or really, how I'd like to see them in game. Kinda hoping that one more thread/post will tip the scales and the devs will want to add them into the game somehow, sooner than...
  8. xelono

    JP'93 (and Site-B'97-2001) Buildings Pack DLC

    Your Feature Request / Idea Ford Explorer Tour, Visitor Center, Fences, Gates, Hatchery. Laboratory from Site-B, Visitor Center from Site-B, Aviary.
  9. 1v4n94

    Do the devs create the models or are they "delivered" directly from Universal Studios?

    Does Frontier create all models and textures or do they "receive" the assets from Universal?
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