1. T

    Night vision makes stealth builds obsolete?

    Greetings Commanders. Just wanted to ask a question. Prefferably to the more stealth oriented of You. I have just recently been flying around planetside doing missions when i noticed that night vision makes very distant ships(the ones that appear as the scrambled blip on the compass) shine...
  2. Wayward Goat

    Option to save ship build?

    Its very frustrating that I have to switch out modules all the time, for example, turning my Anaconda into a trading ship, then back to a combat ship, or exploration ship. I think the ability to save your builds and apply them again later (within the outfitting menu, of course) would be a very...
  3. VoodooSonny

    Coriolis April fools's

    If you haven't checked out Coriolis today, do so! There's an update, and the old MS Office companion "Clippy" is there to keep you company, and I believe Bugs Bunny retyped the entire site, and dyed it pink! April fools preparations most likely, they're hilarious! Clippy's "recommendations" are...
  4. TodaKuroitora

    Non-Engineered Builds - Exploration, Mining, Fighting

    Ok, so I understand that Engineering and Guardian based/influenced builds are part of the game. But why is it SO hard to find combinations with decent jump ranges, weapons, mining, and repair/limpet loadouts which are NOT engineered or guardian influenced? Some of us either do not want or, for...
  5. KombattWombatt

    Beluga Bound for Distant World's 2

    Hello CMDRS, I am prepping for the distant worlds 2 journey. I have never been out in the black for longer than a few days at most, and have been agonizing over what to bring on such a journey knowing I can't change my mind. So, I went back and forth arguing with myself between my old aspx and...
  6. wetwire

    Exploration Ship Builds

    In my effort to find which ship i wanted to explore the galaxy with after Horizion 3.3 i started building ships with beta. Well this little project turned into mountains of data that i decided to put into a simple website for others to view, which turns out is better to look at then...
  7. Shaamaan

    Returning player seeking ship upgrade advice

    Hello everyone. I tend to play ED on and off, taking the occasional extended break to play other games, then return to find a ton of new stuff and features, which is usually pretty neat. :) I've recently "rediscovered" ED once more, and I've been taking part in the current CG to make some extra...
  8. P

    Just bought a chieftain

    Ok, so I just bought a chieftain. I only had 22 mil, not counting my aspX cuz I don’t want to sell it. So I’m looking for some good builds for my new chieftain. I’m not great at outfiting for combat at all. I just threw a bunch of burst lasers on it and a Hull reinforcement package. So if anyone...
  9. Serenity03

    Ships Need More Ship Role Possibilities

    Hey Cmdrs, I am looking for assistance in finding new roles for ships. I have created over 125 ships for all the Power Players and Superpowers. Each ship with a specific role. I need more reasons to build more ships! Maybe you know of some other roles and specific load outs that you have...
  10. CMDR Linguini

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Dolphin Passenger Build Suggestions

    So I have just recently bought my Dolphin, and am pretty new to passenger missions. I've done some research to try to find a well rounded passenger build for a beginner, but some of the builds have differing opinions on what is important. I also think maybe investing in the Planetary Vehicle...
  11. kris44dad

    Newcomer / Intro What are the advantages of having multiple SRVs aboard?

    What are the advantages of having multiple SRVs aboard?
  12. kris44dad

    Ship build and stats exporter

    It would be nice to be able to export your ship's build and stats to a text file for sharing.
  13. Anubite

    Seeking: M/S-pad pirate ship (not python), convoy attack plans

    I require a M/S-pad pirate ship, but want to make things more interesting than rolling with the classic or going overkill. I need to be able to pirate one and survive against several NPC Anacondas and T9s. I dream of putting a hulltank Cobra 4, a silent-running spee-agle or even some Dolphin...
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