1. C

    Discussion Rate my setup! Spaceship Control Panel: DIY USB Controller

    First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum subsection, I found this one to be the most "fitting". Since my posting in the Facebook group got an overwhelming response, I thought I'd post my new build to the forums as well. The perfect addition for my ED setup, ready to go for the next Season...
  2. Old Duck

    Add HUD Mode to Ship's Function Panel

    Dear Frontier, please consider adding the HUD mode (Combat / Analysis) to the Ship Function Panel alongside lights, night vision, etc. There is plenty of room for another option on my screen, and with the limited number of button mappings one can have on a gaming console with controller (no...
  3. Roope00

    More fire buttons

    I'm sure this has been brought up a LOT, and with good reason. It's been years since the game was released and we still only have two fire buttons. Let us have at least three fire buttons, FDev please. [cry] EDIT: What I personally had in mind with this feature was to be able to have an extra...
  4. Uvelius Sång

    [Builds] Best rl button control panel layout for 3.3

    I am fascinated by this Freespace 2 user's real-life button control panel build: https://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=85509.20 Before I set to work on my own for E: D, I am curious if anyone already has customized a layout for such extensive panels, including the new mode switches...
  5. S

    Hotkey for reloading guns. Changing the colours of HUD

    As Headline; I'm kinda frustrated, that I have to go through some major ordeal menu-wise to reload; can we haz a hotkey, puleaze. That, and I see people going through an equally major ordeal, changing the colour of the HUD (With some pretty extraordinaty results), Can we have an editor for...
  6. M

    Request for more than 32 buttons (Virpil throttle)

    Is there any chance that an update would get rid of the DX6 limit of 32 buttons per controller? Having just received a Virpil throttle, this needs 48. More people are likely to hit this problem.
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