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  1. Tom_Jurassic

    Dino Fact Fridays: Season Two

    Hey Everyone, Very happy to share that I've been working on a new short-format series to keep people occupied during Lockdown. I'm hoping this series will help you learn more about the dinosaurs we all love, whilst also encouraging you to dive back into Jurassic World Evolution - and replay...
  2. NiccoloDG

    A glimpse of a Jurassic World

    a thread of Photos I took while playing on Capture mode, I hope you guys enjoy viewing!
  3. T

    Slideshow of jurrasic world evolution Capture mode ENJOY

    Hoping to do more but here is my first ever slide show of Jurassic world Evolution from capture mode video is on youtube link here : Source:
  4. H

    Planet Jurassic - A Jurassic World Evolution In Game Documentary! :D

    Hi guys, new here, didn't know these forums existed! I'd be super grateful if you guys could check out my JWE documentary that I've been making as of late. I have 2 episodes already out, one featuring the heroic triceratops and the other, the cunning allosaurus. More coming soon!
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