1. S

    Fleet carrier improvements

    Here are some improvements for Fleet Carriers: 1)Having the ability to set multiple consecutive jumps based on Tritium reserves. 2) Tritium could also be sold in Cologne, allowing explorers to easily supply Tritium even away from the bubble 3) The transfer of Tritium from the hold to the tank...
  2. Tividar

    [Suggestion] Fabrications Carrier Module

    The Fabrications module would house equipment necessary for maintaining life support and other necessary equipment. It's in-game purpose would be to convert the upkeep cost of the carrier into demand for Commodities. For simplicity I'd set the list of commodities and the associated demand...
  3. Delta_Vee

    Fleet Carrier Feedback and Issues (Odyssey Edition)

    Hey folks, I just wanted to sit down and give some thoughts, feedback and criticism on the current state of Fleet Carriers in Elite: Dangerous Odyssey. I run a squadron by the name of Whitetip Operation, we're about 200+ members strong in-game, have several star systems under our control and...
  4. Snowsturm

    Carrier Jump Delayed

    Hello, CMDRs. Not sure how many of you may have experienced this interesting situation where a Carrier aborts a jump with an in-role failure. After this failure, there was about a 5min period during which I was unable to input any directions, and it just marked it as failed. Afterwards, a fresh...
  5. Kissamies

    Carrier needs a social space

    Remember all those threads demanding an ability for people to go to the FC's bridge, socialize and watch as the carrier jumps. Yeah, that would be nice, but let's start with essentials. The social space, the place to get out of your ship and into your teammate's. Carriers tend to be home bases...
  6. CMDR MattKajtar

    ARX Purchasable Hub/Bridge Interiors for Fleet Carriers

    Well, I know. Maybe carriers won't have on-foot places, but maybe they do in the future. Anyway, this could be a nice thing to have, if we could get a default interior, then have the option to change it to have other styles. Connection to the carrier's windows and the bounding box for the hub...
  7. A

    Please allow multiple players in a squadron to share the price of 1 carrier and share it's upkeep

    I play in a small squadron run by me and my friends, we'd love to have a carrier that we can share between all of us instead of having 1 player handle the grind to buy it and upkeep it, please think about it.
  8. IDragonfyreI

    Carrier Frigates!

  9. Faelendh

    Big Ships in which one could board a hunter type eagle or imperial mail

    These ships would have a long jump capacity. It could be returned from our ship or our SRV, as our ship may already be since the SRV. This ship would be there for the RP is could be a small base for the player. It would differ from the Freighters because we could only board one (or two maximum...
  10. T

    route planning carrier

    Why can't I do any route planning with the carrier?
  11. Stelar 7

    Will pay for Social Area

    I will give you money for a social area on my carrier. It makes sense that we can't have ship interiors with Oddesy at launch. Thats a lot of space to model and not much content to go with it. Carriers are different. They are natural activity hubs with squadrons. They have a built in delay...
  12. marx

    DSSA #127 - DSSA Inverness - carrier info and contact thread

    This is a thread for information on the DSSA Inverness, deployed as part of the DSSA (#127) at Thraikoo PS-U e2-4. If you wish to contact me, feel free to look me up here on the forums, in-game, or on Inara! General info: The carrier was originally commisioned as the IGAU Inverness, as a...
  13. Rct_Tsoul

    Low Cost Fleet Carrier Alternative

    Having a fleet carrier is almost essential to progressing and having fun in game, as a Fleet Carrier it is has the potential to be better than Any Space Station aside from offering missions. I think a lower cost more affordable version should be available that would basically be smaller, have...
  14. N

    Two alternative Carrier concepts: "Pocket Carrier" and "Light Carrier"

    I currently have two Fleet Carriers, and I'm now quite happy with how they work (so this isn't one of those "I can't afford a Fleet Carrier" threads, or a "Carriers suck" thread). But I appreciate that there are still players who either can't afford a Fleet Carrier or don't require one, but...
  15. ebbrell

    General Carrier Deck view

    hi like this idea, we should have a similar but different view of the carrier jump. the jump drive technology is different so fdev could make up another view from the inside of the jump. this is a great example of a view in normal space, then jump and existing the jump, i found it on...
  16. A

    Allow option for pilots to transfer OFF a carrier sitting in desolate space.

    If a carrier, with no plans to decommission, parks in a desolate area for an indefinite time, where it is impossible for a pilot to jump out of, those pilots essentially held captive by the carrier captain. There needs to be an option for pilots to be able to transfer off a carrier to nearest base.
  17. The Broken Limpet

    Fleet Carrier cooperation idea!

  18. Swizzy o7o7

    Distant Worlds 2: Multicrew Edition!

    Source: Unparalleled levels of gameplay!
  19. nicedevill

    THE PRANCING PONY fleet carrier in PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system

    Greetings Commanders, THE PRANCING PONY, a fleet carrier located in the PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system (14 kLy away from Sol), is now open for everyone passing by. There are no plans to move it anywhere else in the foreseeable future, so every commander out there can rely on this mobile outpost at...
  20. nicedevill

    THE PRANCING PONY fleet carrier in PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system

    Greetings Commanders, THE PRANCING PONY, a fleet carrier located in the PUEKEE KK-C D14-6 system (14 kLy away from Sol), is now open for everyone passing by. There are no plans to move it anywhere else in the foreseeable future, so every commander out there can rely on this mobile outpost at...
  21. Amanojaku

    Crew missing after FC update

    On ps4 Noticed my slf crew member was not in my Carrier crew lounge after purchasing. Tried going to a station to see if I had to pick her up there... Nothing. She's completely gone.
  22. Cmdr Travers

    Fleet Carrier Management Spreadsheet, Part 1

    Some of you might know that for the last few weeks I've been working on a Fleet Carrier Management spreadsheet in Excel (that can also be imported in Google Docs). Some people have said early versions of this were useful, so I thought I'd share the final version with you. You can download the...
  23. ebbrell

    Fuel Rats will be very busy when carriers arrive

    Rats will be busy, I expect there will be many CMDRs stranded in system after the carrier they hutched a ride with jumps away. at the moment there is no way to opt in to receive a notification the carrier in going to jump in 15 mins. yes you when near by, but no way of saying hay im...
  24. Q

    Carriers - Engage Tardis circuit for Shipyard

    I Notice that in the Carrier ship yard a large ship takes very few units to store (10 to 15) Now consider that 1 ton of commodities will use 1 unit of you allocation of 25000 units Now consider an Imperial Cutter weight 792 Tons with cargo capacity 1100 tons sits in your landing pad hanger, you...
  25. Q

    Fleet Carrier - Holding Compound

    Set up a system with an outpost for admin and Park carriers showing no activity here ( effectively take them out and put them in storage ). It would be an easy thing for ED to monitor player access to the game and use of the carrier. If not log its jumps and specify that it must jump at least...
  26. W

    Carrier upkeep

    Carrier upkeep needs to be completely removed. I have life outside the game and don't want to be held hostage.
  27. N

    NPC refuelling of Carriers

    From what we know so far, it seems that Carriers will require 1 ton of fuel per lightyear jumped (unless shorter jumps are more fuel-efficient, as with the FSD), have a 1,000t fuel tank, and have up to 25,000t of cargo storage (minus what is used up by installing upgrades, so only a barebones...
  28. N

    A comparison of ship-transfer times and Carrier travel

    According to lore, ship transfer (and module transfer) takes place via unseen megaships. It could be argued that we are now being given access to the megaships we've been using all along. So let's do some comparisons. Ship transfer time is 6ly per minute (over long distances: a 0ly in-system...
  29. N

    Explorers Anchorage should sell Tritium

    Apparently, tritium will be available from Refinery economies. Explorers Anchorage has an Extraction economy. Please make an exception in this case (or change the economy to Refinery: it's supposed to be mostly a scientific research station anyhow, and with the arrival of Carriers, tritium...
  30. D

    Played a Session after some pause - and old Bugs still welcome me back

    Ah the joy of returning to the Game after a short break. With a Mining Load, being interdicted by some NPC Pirate - and then seeing the good old "Random System Authority Vessel(s) spontaneously turn Hostile" Bug make Allied Authority try to assist. Game really never needed "bugs" aka Thargoids...
  31. V

    Fleet Carrier Prices

    Any guesses on what we could be expecting for these monsters? I’m not sure if their will be an ability to upgrade them after the fact of purchasing, but that would change the price point drastically imo. A Conda alone is 143 Million, which nowadays is not much. An A rated conda you could be...
  32. N

    Are you prepared to wait 1hr 23min for that 500ly jump?

    According to lore, ship transfer happens via megaship. And ship transfer speed is 6ly/min (over long distances: as transfer between stations within a system isn't instant, the formula might be "6ly/min plus a bit"). This gives us the theoretical speed of a megaship (though I'm aware of the...
  33. Dryheat4u

    Large Ship Idea - The Field Repair Ship (AKA light carrier)

    (This first part is a case for the ship, for its actual description see below.) Were getting fleet carriers soon, a mechanic that I am increasingly excited for. However I've had this idea kicking around for a while that has taken on suggestions and concepts from other forum posts and other...
  34. ebbrell

    Carriers BGS

    this is just a suggestion, if / when carriers do appear in game can they influence the BGS in some way. for example, if you carrier appears in a system, can the influence you generate be boosted with an additional + on the missions etc. Idea goes, other factions in the system are worried...
  35. W

    A couple of ideas for future updates

    Hey Fdev and community, I was thinking about what the near future will bring for Elite and noticed that there were very little details about what to come. I have thought of a couple of things, either new or improvements that perhaps might make the game feel even more alive than it already is...
  36. N

    Carriers: general discussion, updates, & suggestions

    We still don't know why Carriers were dropped from the 3.3 update, or how far along their development was, or when (or if) they will be introduced. And we didn't get to the stage of having a "focused feedback" thread to discuss them properly with Frontier. So I'd like to use this thread for a...
  37. S

    Ship Concept - Carrier

    I've loved the idea of being a large ship, with tools to support my wing with strike craft, and utilities, as well as support the strike craft. (I'm working on a healer/disabler support platformer with my Cutter now in fact.) Battlestar Galactica Online had player carriers, which was one of my...
  38. J

    What if........

    When the fleet carrier drops we can work towards the introduction of space legs but only for the carrier......we could have them just to navigate the ship from hanger to other areas like mission room or the brige. I'm not fussed about walking on planets just yet but they could add so much more...
  39. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Mining Fleet, is it possible?

    Is it possible and sensible to build a mining fleet with a carrier ship? I mean, like a T9 with full cargo rack and a collector limpet controller. All other little ships can do mining, collect ores and eject them periodically than carrier can collect them with limpets. When they return to...
  40. Temporelus

    Fleet Carriers and Squadrons, how to make them worth looking forward to.

    What prompts me to make this post today is the not completely vanished hope to make the following upcoming content good and potentially revolutionary. It is clear to all of us that we won’t get Fleet Carrier and Squadron mechanics tomorrow, and yet I have seen a lot of pessimism (understandably...
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