1. Zaetheus

    Automatic Credit Deposit for Carriers

    Owning a carrier feels a lot like having a mortgage (albeit one that can never be repaid) and similarly, the weekly fees feel a lot like monthly repayments. As a quality of life feature I was thinking it might be nice to have an option in, say, the carrier deposit/withdrawal menu to...
  2. S

    Ships Carrier cargo transfer with cargo haulers. Issue The short version of this issue. -The cargo transfer button will sometimes be unusable while Docked on own carrier. Relogging does "fix" temporarily. It doesn't happen all the time, but just enough to be annoying. I'm on ps4. Yes I know...
  3. netchild

    The truth / reality about Rackham's Peak ?/!

    Hi Bruce (and all other CMs). I would like to comment about what you said about Rackham's Peak in the Supercruise news of the 15th. It was not wrong what you said (traffic jam), but it is not the full reality of what happened there. To explain what happened and to understand what the community...
  4. E

    Carrier - unable to outfit my own ships anymore ?

    Hi i seem to be unable to outfit my personal ships on my carrier anymore - i do not have the outfitting module but i was always able to complete this prior to odyssey's launch. i was however on a 3-5 month hiatus from the game - so i am just wondering if this is a bug or an intended change ? i...
  5. G

    No time slot !!

    Hi, may I ask about the bug/issue with the carrier? If you want to make a jump, you need to select a system. But every time it say NO TIME SLOT - it's acting the same as NO FREE SLOT. But there are so many free slots... I would like to return to the bubble as soon as possible. And even with a...
  6. J

    Fleet carrier decommissioning demystified; and the mistakes in the in-game Codex

    The actual mechanics of decommissioning a fleet carrier are mysterious and opaque, so the Fleet Carrier Owners Club spent some time, effort and about 700 million credits putting it to the test. (We got 500 million back eventually.) There are several conflicting sources of information about the...
  7. Boomy

    Where are the fleet carriers on XB1? help

    Good evening all. I'm on my way to Beagle point and thought I'd do some surface mining along the way but landed a little to hard and my hull is now a little fragile. Is there anyway to find fleet carriers out here on the XB1 only? I use EDDB but I think it's only showing where the carriers are...
  8. B

    Carrier owner Carrier Lines

    Simple request really.... Basicly adding a few voice lines to the carriers for the owner to give a more personal feel to them, something like "Welcome Home Commander". Not expecting much but big things do come from suggestions made on these forums so...I'll dip my suggestion in here..
  9. B

    Solution for carrier "transfer money/rank exploit" & ensuring better trading with carriers

    Hey there. Its my first post here and i do it because i love Elite Dangerous! If the carrier market would have a cooldown time for changing market prices (meaning a carrier owner can only change the buy/sell options of all goods every 24 hours), this would hinder users from transfering money...
  10. Meneer_vandaal

    BUG: (or on purpose?) No srv restock on carriers

    As apparently you need another login to report a bug in the crappiest bugreporting tool ever I'll just post it here. The effect is probably the same anyway. When you fly to fleet carrier and want to replace a destroyed SRV you get a server error and thus are forced to fly to the nearest station...
  11. M

    Carrier Layouts are currently not worth the money. Treat them like ship kits and allow individual sections to be swapped around.

    Ship kits are either 12 or 16 pieces, allowing for a large number of combinations per kit. Carrier layouts are 1 piece for a price between a 12 or 16 piece kit. I get they're big, but size does not equate to value on a fictional product, especially when that product affords no function other...
  12. R

    Split Up Carrier Layout

    The way carrier layouts currently work as single whole options is unfortunate, since most players are unlikely to be happy with every feature of a layout. For example I like the Nautilus' nose piece... but not its in-front-of-the-flight-deck bridge. So what about splitting the layouts into...
  13. U

    Carrier Market Price Limit must be changed

    Dear Frontier, if you want people to use Carriers actively in any sense of that word, give us the tools to do so. The 1000% Gal Avg limit completly breaks any oportunity to use a carrier for trading via setting up an actual player driven economy. Why? Because the only commodity currently being...
  14. [PS4] Lorenzo Waringos

    General / Off-Topic New Fleet Carriers Threads Thread

    New Fleet Carriers Threads thread. Thread about threads about new fleet carriers. New carriers for fleets creating new fleet threads. Carriers for fleets carry new thread for threads. Threads about threads about carriers, new, for fleets are new but thread carriers are fleet threads...
  15. V

    Fleet Carrriers - Can We Get An Update

    Hey, So can we get an update on Fleet Carrier development now that 3.3 is launched? Will we at least reopen the focused feedback?
  16. Dagwit

    Fleet carriers

    I'd say it's reached the point that when carriers for squadrons are finally introduced, it'll be easier for everyone if Frontier just starts calling them Fleet Carriers, rather than try to make the player base remember that they're supposed to be called Squadron Carriers.
  17. W

    changes to system war mechanics with an eye toward squadron participation

    I'd like to see the system war/civil war system built up a bit more. My suggestions would be as follows: make conflict zones into local battles for local resources (stations/planets/rings/etc.). resources contribute to ship/weapon type for faction ships around system local resources could...
  18. Perfect Dark

    Fleet Carrier ideas / hopes for Q4 2018

    The idea of being able to interact with Fleet Carriers in the upcoming Q4 update for 2018 is a truly exciting idea. I started this thread to hear everyone's input on how they would want this to work, including how the structuring of Squadrons would play into the fleet carrier concept. -Should...
  19. R

    Fleet carrier suggestions / ideas

    Firstly let me just say that this is by no means what I expect to see from the addition of fleet carriers but rather what I would like to see. Perhaps just some food for thought if nothing else. Ideas: 1: construction/purchasing of the fleet carriers themselves: I'd prefer there not...
  20. andrak

    Handling Fleet Carriers in 2018 - Fleet Carrier Concept

    Instead of being critical of Frontier, I'm offering a detailed concept, with mock up images, on how I'd like FD to implement fleet carriers in 2018. As said in the video, this is my opinion, what I want to see and I'm not claiming I speak for everybody. Mods, I'd appreciate it very much if you...
  21. T

    Ships Fleet Carriers Speculation

    I am DYING of curiosity about the fleet carriers announced for Squadrons. Plese. All of you. Speculate with me on what you think will be included with fleet carriers. I think I am most curious about PVP with Fleet Carriers. What happens if another rival squadron finds your carrier? Will they...
  22. 1stBiker

    the funding - missing investments

    greetings community About the Thread I dont know is this question already bouncing around. I'm sorry if so, I didnt get it by searching the Forum. -> Why isnt there more to buy right now ? Elite is much bigger then Wingcommander ever was and RSI is having 8.5M. They sell "digital" Content...
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