1. PurgeTheXeno

    Current CG, Similar to the Cerberus Plague?

    Remember how Ceremonial Hekie Tea was a massive help in the cure for the Cerberus Plague? I'm thinking we are facing something similar here. So i parked my T9 'Extra Thicc', hopped in my Python 'Now I'm Broke!', and ran around the bubble and picked up a bunch of stuff i thought would be useful...
  2. Old Duck

    Some interesting PvP / C&P observations

    This weekend was my first serious "study" of PvP at a CG on PC, and it's been months since I've PvPed on PS4. I observed a few things, performed a few experiments, and came to a few conclusions that may be right or wrong. I'm sharing these for discussion. First thing I noticed is that when...
  3. Graabeerd

    It's NECK to NECK!

    It's a tight race ladies and gentlemen! Between the Imperials and the Federation a very tight race indeed with the Aliiance falling back to a distant third place! Never before has a race now so tightly contested has anything like this ever been seen! WHO will win in such a tight battle to claim...
  4. Lain

    Zender Partners Winning so far on Day 1

    Zende Partners are winning by odds of about Two to One so far here on Day 1. People just can't live without their multi-cannons. Wonder if this will keep up as the week progresses. I hold on to the data about the Missile Racks being better, but not everyone knows about said data or just...
  5. Fuego Estelar


    Hi folks. Today´s video compilation contains combats at the ruins surface and also at deep space, hope you like it!!! There are plasmas, explosions, hard landings, archeology, etc!!! Feel free to comment, subscribe, ask thing, etc Source:
  6. Lain

    Next Week's Goal: Which reward would you rather have? (Spoilers)

    -So next week's Community Goal is a Conflict Zone with the option of supporting for a Missile Rack or a Multi-cannon. -Knowing the community of this game the winner is 100% going to be the Multi-cannon. -But placing that aside, which Module would you rather have? -I like the idea of a shiny blue...
  7. Mon Dieu

    Notify player on automatic payment of Community Goal reward

    I was recently a bit slow in collecting a couple of Community Goal rewards (the Vitadyne nano-medicines pair of CGs), and the CGs disappeared from both the Nav panel and the CG section of the Missions Board. I thought I'd lost out on some credits, so I raised a support ticket for the missing...

    Have a shipyard at the Distant Worlds mining CG

    While it is really great that Frontier has agreed to have a mining CG in the middle of the galaxy, it does lead to a logistical problem for the vast majority of everyone actually taking part in the expedition. Most people came on the trip to explore, and thus don't actually have outfits that...
  9. Hazzmango

    Griefers aren't always Meene [Memes Gameplay]

    Highlight from the recent Meene CG. Bit different to what I normally do, but does include some useful tips, so hopefully you'll enjoy it :)
  10. Morbad

    Remember kids, C&P only helps those who can help themselves

    You'll have to excuse the video title, it was almost 9am and I was deliriously tired, plus more than a little surprised that I didn't manage to shoot any of the police or otherwise turn them hostile in this encounter. I thought about changing it, but I wanted a record of how bad my sense of...
  11. P

    How do I submit a request for a CG?

    I had this idea (probably not the first to think of it) but wouldn’t it be cool to finally have a CG for us explorers? What if there was a CG to explore a nearby nubulea or star cluster or whatever to colonize. The thing could be hand in exploration data from this nebula/star cluster/etc to this...
  12. C

    How to improve the Wings system...

    So I'm at the CG station in Anima. I have my trade Cutter and two PVP specced ships. I asked the other commanders if anyone would like fighter escort or trade support (wing trade bonus is still a thing?). The answers all came back NO. (Polite but still a no) Now while we can multicrew and fly...
  13. P

    The Gnosis Isn't Going To The Cone Sector, And Was Never Going To.

    As we know the gnosis is run by a player group, and the players who run it were taking it to the cone sector and frontier locked the one system it was going to. And when the player group asked to go anyway, Fdev, instead of simply denying the request, decided to get it hyperdicted. Fdev never...
  14. Indigosun

    CG Combat Zone issues.

    I've been at this game for a few months now. Got a few hundred hours in, and have gotten pretty good. Started getting a little bored with the day-to-day of the game, so thought I'd change things up and actually start doing some of the community goals. Always wanted to, just had more important...
  15. S

    How do you know when a CG rewards a cosmetic emblem

    I’ve been participating in CGs and noticed some reward cosmetics. I don’t think all CGs reward cosmetic emblems. How do you know which do?
  16. ChuckMG

    Possible solution in support of ObsidianAnt's video "Why Elite Needs a Gold Rush"

    ObsidianAnt made some good points in his video on the need for a "gold rush" mechanic in Elite. I know this (and just about any proposed change) is like touching the 3rd rail in the subway, but here goes: Rather than creating some new "weekend play...
  17. Devil's Refugee

    In defence of development, Elite, but also of what could be.

    I've not posted here in a long time. This might be more long-winded than my original Twitter thread (which you can read here) but given some of the posts highlighted by Drew Wager about the state of ED at the moment I thought I'd jump to both defend Frontier but also highlight that change is...
  18. B

    Fixing Community Goals - Recognize Logistical Support

    Community Goals have a problem. Namely, the often encourage NOT participating in Open or Groups, but instead, resorting to Solo play. And while its fine to play Solo if you choose to, NEEDING to play Solo, in order to fulfill "Community" a problem. To fix this, we first need to...
  19. A

    No more CG decals!

    No more CG decals! If you are proud about your achievements and want to show off all hard earned decals on the ship there is just no way due to the limit of decals possible on the ship. I'd rather like to see CG badges on my cmdr suit. Maybe similar or slightly different to the ones they used...
  20. Z

    Whats with the CG?

    I thought delivering 33 cargo at a time was stupid but they had to nerf that??! I used to pick up 15 ish gin 15ish beef. 1pickup, no 10min waiting which is a bigger time waster. Bast gin is limit of 2 and beef is 11. This a joke? How the Frakk were we supposed to do the goals carrying limits...
  21. S

    Trouble With Trumbles

    I would like to see some Trumbles back in the game! Were so funny and frustrating back in the day on my old C64 - crawling all over my screen whilst trying to target enemies and failing - and no clue how to get rid of them at the time! I think a series of community goals could be introduced...
  22. VoodooSonny

    MobiusXUS group members?

    Participating in the CG this week at Ross 310? Our wing is there fighting alongside the Natural Services faction in the Mobius private group. We're night owls, so we're usually on in the wee hours. Our wing is Snow Crash and can be found on both INARA and in the Xbone Clubs. Hope to see you...
  23. O

    Why is everybody the good Guy?

    In this CG ans in others everybody is the good guy. This is boring because you know that the good guys will win
  24. S

    Weekly community goals

    For about the past few months cg's in my opinion have continued to worsen to a deprived State. Lately the cg's have been thargoids based or all the way in colonia or to systems that don't have haz sites or even stations. The thargoid community goals may float some peoples boat but cg after cg...
  25. G

    CG suggestion in honor of Stephen Hawking

    Most everyone, and I’d venture to guess everyone who plays elite, is aware of Stephen Hawking’s many contributions to his field. Sadly Hawking has passed today. I was thinking that to honor Hawking and his work, perhaps we could have a CG to get materials to build Hawking Research Center (not a...
  26. R

    Community Goals --Pirating, bounty hunting, and grievers

    As the CG is designing to increase player interaction, I have a suggestion. CG are scenarios with the local government usually has an urgent need. It typically includes both cargo and bounty missions. I suggest that the government institute a special x10 bounty for the CG system. Pirates (and...
  27. Camisade

    Dear Denton and AIE, you pansies! [A CG-related open letter][Humor][Sort of]

    Dear Denton Patreus and the Neo-Feudalists of Angeli Imperial Enterprises in Wangal, et al: You drama queens should be ashamed of yourselves. As a hard working independent pilot, operating in a universe where Major Powers work actively to snatch away my hard-found income streams at whim (you...
  28. Baba_Ghannoush

    PvP My First PvP Kill!

    It's been a long road, with much grinding and engineering and gnashing of teeth, but it finally paid off today, after a fashion. My PvE Anaconda got blown up twice today as I tried to dock at George Lucas station (first by a suicide-eagle, second by a group of FDL jocks), so I took out my...
  29. Highwayman

    CG rewards

    Money is nice, I like it a lot, but would it be too much to expect that Frontier could give away a paint job, decal or just a 1$ store credit to the top 10 CG contributors? I’d like to see more motivators to get people online together, and maybe have more ways to contribute to a CG than just...
  30. B

    Rescue CG: Curious and Interested

    So I just heard this is a thing, and am curious: Is this the sort of thing a Salvage Asp/Cobra III would suffice for? I've been known to use the latter, drop into Salvage USS and fire off limpets to collect Black Boxes just quick enough to escape pirate ambushes. It's something I enjoy from...
  31. Yamiks

    [Video] Community goal overuse Edit: Yes, yes i know the code is probably not gonna work, but it's meant to be used for a point, not provide working stuff (for that i we all need proper compilers =})
  32. NW3

    QoL improvement for CGs: Add a new Marketplace Manager contact

    Recently, yet another trading CG has been thwarted by a lockdown state. I think there should be a new contact, a Marketplace Manager, similar to a black market contact. This contact should only be available whenever the main Commodities area is closed down (only if the station has a...
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