1. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Opinions on Military Slots

    Disclaimer; not a rant, or request, just some thoughts on them! Sometimes, I forget why we even have military slots on ships. My Chieftain, and Challenger, are both currently used for PvP, and/or AX. So those 3 military slots are being used nicely for hull reinforcements. No problems here...
  2. CoyoteXStarrk

    Is there anything more jarring in Elite than when you go from a huge ship to a smaller ship? lol

    I just got back from an extended exploration trip in my Anaconda. Over a month of flying in it and the first thing I choose to do when I get back is get started on my Vette grind by doing some combat missions in Rhea and so I switched from ExploraConda to my "Heavy" (lol) Combat Challenger. Its...
  3. G

    Ships Alliance Chieftain, Challenger, Crusader builds for PvE combat

    I am looking to try my hand at some bounty hunting to start, and I am wondering if you fine folks could give me some suggestions for current builds for folks just starting out. That is to say, just stock equipment. No guardian or engineered stuff. I've not yet started unlocking those things...

    Buff the Alliance Crusader!

    After having spent a bit of time with the Alliance ships, i have come to realize that while they might not be very remarkable, being very comparable to Federal ones.. they are not BAD ships. The Chieftain has a really good blend of speed, agility and firepower, while the Challenger gets a good...

    The Alliance Crusader and Challenger deserve a rework.

    Even as someone who is not particularly a hardcore combat pilot, i can say for sure that i did observe the Alliance ships came and went without much fanfare at all. Since their release, i have barely met anyone who talks about them, hell, i think people barely even acknowledge they exist. And...
  6. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys, I'm back with another ship building guide! Today we have the Challenger. This a fun ship I use for PVE and PVP. This a common build you find for this ship as well. I personally go with the daka build on it, but you can do as you please. Hopefully you guys enjoy the video and tell me in...
  7. Factabulous

    New in the shop - careful, spoilers

    Challenger stuff this week - ship kit may contain spoilers ;) Also precision, vibrant, tactical paints. Or should I wait for the Centurion paints in a couple of weeks :D
  8. Yamiks

    [Video] Challenger "review"

    With help of Exigeous I present : Challenger "review"! VIDEO LINK HERE
  9. Bucky O'Dude

    Ships Challenger - Having fun with it

    So far this ship has been the perfect all rounder for a fairly novice and casual pilot like myself. Now that it's engineered I rarely have to visit the outfitters to tinker with it whenever I feel like switching roles/mission types, which means I'm having much more fun in Elite again. The...
  10. n13L5

    "Have you had the chance to bag yourself a Krait Mk II or a Challenger yet?"

    ( Headline quoted from the newsletter ) No, is there a reason I should? Krait is the same as a Python with unsightly blocky looks that remind me of Lego. And both my Python's are already engineered - so, there seems to be very little point in new ships that merely mimic existing ships in...
  11. T

    Ships Alliance Challenger, The more rounded, refined choice.

    So we now have the Alliance Challenger to play with.. Chieftan Pros: Very much faster than its new sister Faster Pitch rates Has a better Hardpoint vs Distributor ratio Challenger Pros: Much more resilliant Very much smoother to fly, with less twitch More (potential) DPS These were the...
  12. H

    Ships wher can i buy the new ships? krait mk 2 and challenger?

    can some one tell me where the new ships are? thank you
  13. CMDR Jayce MacLeod

    Challenger speculation

    Anyone have any speculation on what the new upcoming Challenger class ship will be like? I hoping for a ship with Python-like versatility!
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