1. S-O-nar

    Ships Imperial Clipper needs buff!

    Imperial Clipper needs buff! Clipper is a great ship: it is beautiful, fast, graceful. Unfortunately, he has problems that negate his combat potential. The main reason, the location of hardpoints excludes the use of fixed weapons. Poor convergence makes it impossible to play comfortably. Even...
  2. S

    Please Center/Fix the Fer De Lance

    I doubt that im doing anything but waste my time right now. As surely many players have spoken up to this over the years but i have to try.... The fer de lance is unquestionably one of the most beautiful ships in the game both inside and out. Its cockpit interior in my opinion would easily...
  3. Starbolt

    Fixing the Type 7 Transporter

    Had some ideas bouncing around in my head lately on how the Type 7 might be improved to make it a viable option for players to use for both trading and mining, because as it stands the Type 7 is rather useless for either. These are some of the most pressing issues plaguing the T7: *It lacks a...
  4. Adept

    A question about engineering changes.

    I did all my engineering before the system was changed. Now I’m wondering whether I need to go re-do everything. Are the new caps higher, or can there be a benefit to keeping legacy tweaks?
  5. Cryvern

    New and better cosmetics overall. Plz?

    I have a love/hate relationship with paintjobs. You see, most of them are pure garbage, basic recoloring of the entire ship, no personality, no cool visuals, nothing that would make me shell out money at my computer screen, but on the other hand there are a few that rock some different patterns...
  6. N

    Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

    I posted this over on the JWE subreddit, and people said I should cross-post it here too. So, here we go. Whooooboy. Prepare for a long read. Devs at Frontier, this one's for you guys. As we all know, the community isn't particularly satisfied with the sizing of some of the dinosaurs in game...
  7. O

    Restrict ALL Power Play Activity to OPEN PLAY Only

    Devs....Isn't it time to take the Kids Gloves off? PowerPlay is more so for veteran players, and should reflect that in its method of gameplay. Currently Elite Dangerous is being affected by Bots running from the PC side that effects Power Play activity on all platforms. By implementing a...
  8. Esquisite

    Chaff chaff chaff

    Good morning Fdev. I have a question and a suggestion. There are 2 types of player/pvper. Gimballed or fixed. Now gimballed players normally with a shield or hull tank can get a constant bead on you plinking away whatever shields or hull you have with impunity. The counter to this is the...
  9. Ra'Kaan

    Things I have noticed (un-documented 3.0 changes)

    1. Legacy flight suits have had their gloves altered. More black showing. Very cool looking. :cool: (Also saw this in Beta) 2. My favorite so far - PLOT ROUTE is now on the TOP SELECTION when using bookmarks. Hooray! :D (had to re-write all my bookmark related macros) 3. A minor thing, but I...
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