Amnesty Interstellar Seeks Volunteers [AMNI]

    [Note: by nature, AMNI is an RP-heavy organisation. If you're not into that, it'll probably be a fairly frustrating experience.] OVERVIEW Amnesty Interstellar is an unofficial human rights organisation dedicated to maintaining acceptable standards of living throughout the galaxy. It stands...
  2. Greytest

    Enigma Expedition to Colonia for Charity and for/with CMDR DoveEnigma13

    Hello fellow Commanders! o7 You might have heard about CMDR DoveEnigma13 and his fight against cancer. His name is Brandon Keith, 39, from Tucson, Arizona and he's been battling tumors for almost 3 incredibly tough years now. After getting diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, without a skin...
  3. G

    Special Effect Skins.

    I realise that this involves a bit of effort on the artwork team, but what would be the chances of Special Effect skins for all of the ships / SRV / Fighters, which could be purchased from the store, at a slightly higher price than normal, with a portion being donated to the charity ?
  4. F

    December Racing Event/ Charity livestream (need help)

    Hello, I am cmndr FuzzyVis69. I am one of the leaders of the Pilots Ascension Program. My group and I were wanting to put together a Racing event in December not only for something fun to do for the holidays. But also we were wanting to make this a charity run. But this is the first time I...
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