1. Cosmo

    New Tutorials have Checkpoints, but why not Players? Custom Racing

    The new tutorials have cool checkpoints. This is an often requested feature, because it enables custom race tracks. Players could place checkpoints in a certain area and race with a wing. This would improve emergent gameplay. So why doesn't Frontier add this? Add some pre-made race tracks in...
  2. FurryFailure

    Warzone / Lockdown Checkpoint Requirements - Give them a purpose?

    So I was responding to a post in regards to Federal Navy Ships interdicting players in Conflict areas and It went on a tangent about checkpoints, and I noticed a few neat ideas and came up with my own that I think would give elite more flavour or dynamic, so my idea is this: You enter a Warzone...
  3. T

    A Thought on Checkpoints

    From what I've read, aside from the occasional assassination mission, there isn't much point the Checkpoints that form between various warring factions. I had a thought, to make them more relevant what if checkpoints were changed to function as blockades? The blockade sites would feature...
  4. A

    Needless system locations

    What in the world are capital ships and checkpoints even for? Capital ships I dropped out on a capital ship earlier today and saw what it was since ive never needed to go there. MY GOD THAT IS LEGIT. why cant we do anything with it except ooh and ahh at it? Surely a ship like that needs...
  5. K

    Three things I miss from Beta 1

    Hi all, Beta 2 is unbelievably fun, there's no questioning that. However, there's three things I personally want back from the previous betas. All of them extremely petty, but they're things I's be sad to see go. 1: The zoom in upon first opening the galaxy map. I loved this, it was great for...
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