1. T

    Odyssey Appreciation Cinematic/Trailer (When it works ofcourse)

    Sup everyone, Just wanted to share a short trailer-type cinematic I made with my experiences in Odyssey, since when it actually does work it's awesome. (Make sure to watch with sound turned up!!!) Hope you enjoy! o7
  2. Yamiks

    [Video] 3303-3

    A 3rd part of my little cinematic style videos
  3. Swiiiifty

    Capital Ship Protection?

    Video introduces the ability for players to be messaged when a nearby capital ship needs protection from an opposing faction. Had a lot of fun producing this, an absolute nightmare finding 2 of them in one spot!
  4. M

    All Elite Dangerous cinematics

    Greetings Commanders! I wamt to collect every ED cinematics to merge them into a full "movie". I checked out the YT channel but I've just found around 5-6 or so. Can you please give me every cinematic links what youve know so far?
  5. M

    Community Event / Creation Short film: The Game Has Changed Hi there, I have long had the idea of this meditative film, and, finally, after a while I'm happy to introduce it. I hope you will enjoy. Get ready: 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
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