1. Vice President Hank Sweeney

    [FEDERATION] The 80's Business- The Retro Faction Of Voltrigones

    What We Do? 80's style retro Gamers. We play #FreeAim GTA, GT Sport & Elite Dangerous. @The80sBusiness Youtube We are a PVE Player Group, Aligned with the Federation we participate in everything from trading to bounty hunting, the background simulation, exploring and even the occasional...
  2. P

    Busco Grupo

    Saludos compañeros hispano hablantes! como lo dice el titulo estoy en busca de un grupo, clan o faccion, como le llamen :D De preferencia que sea nuevo, activo y de ser posible sin faccion menor, o en proceso de entrega de la misma, o de ultima opcion que sea faccion nueva. Desde ya gracias por...
  3. J

    The Feros Initiative recruiting

    Founded in 3304, the Feros Initiative is a organization, created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists on a expedition to find a suitable system for the Feros corporation. With powerful benefactors lending their support, the organization is in its starter stage and is mainly recruiting...
  4. B

    Newcomer / Intro Aussie Looking for ps4 groups

    New to the game. Looking for any Aussie clans/wings etc. Have aspX just trying to grt my head around the game. I have discord as i use it for my other games. Cheers. My psn is blairy087
  5. O

    Duamta needs help

    If this is posted in the wrong section please direct me where i need to go. Any big clans out there supporting the federation we would happily pledge allegiance to, but we remain forever the order of the smiling moose. We are a small group of players representing the order of the smiling moose...
  6. F

    [PC] Spieler sucht Gilde/Clan

    Hallo Piloten, ich spiele Elite jetzt seit einer Woche und suche eine Gilde oder einen Clan. Wichtig wäre mir, dass sie/es aktive Spieler hat ( 5 oder mehr reicht schon ;). Außerdem sollte es einen TS3 Server oder eine andere kommunikationsmöglichkeiten geben. Nun zu mir : Ich fokusiere mich auf...
  7. P

    Abnormaly long hyperdrive exit time!

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for help, a solution or a fix for my problem. For some reason, it takes me a very long time to exit hyperdrive, when i'm about to enter a station map, it also lag before entering in Hyperdrive. Entering hyperdrive +/- 10 seconds, Exiting hyperdrive +/- 30-40...
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