1. S

    Coaster in zoo, what you think?

    I know there is planet coaster to make an awesome park about attraction, but for me, normally in a big zoo. There’s every time a little section for a little water park and/or a little attraction park inside of a zoo. So I am asking if you have considering about add maybe water thing or like 1 or...
  2. S

    Coaster in zoo?

    I know there is planet coaster to make an awesome park about attraction, but for me, normally in a big zoo. There’s every time a little section for a little water park and/or a little attraction park inside of a zoo. So I am asking if you have considering about add maybe water thing or like 1 or...
  3. J

    Discussion [Feature Request] Standalone Coaster Builder

    Please add an option in Planet Coaster to design roller coasters without the need to open and manage a park, with an option to build it in an empty space, dark room, "stars" starfield, amongst other 3D areas.
  4. P

    Can we please get loading/unloading guests on rollercoasters fixed?

    Hayo vanoledzen ol marlo ooma! (I hope I got "developers" right...) Staying at home due to the Coronavirus has me getting back into the game, since I have time to spare, and I'm actually looking forward to spending more of my time amongst the Planco-speaking folks in my parks. I love building...
  5. cdjets10

    List of New Models

    I made a list of models not in the game that would be very much appreciated to be in the game to build. Here is the link:
  6. Chris11

    Set onboard soundtrack via shutter button

    I would find it cool if you could set by trigger on his orbit when the onboard soundtrack should go so that you can run the elevator example, white speakers and then in the actual rail course onboard soundtrack. :)
  7. A

    Friction controls

    New to the forums! been playing planet coaster since the first Alpha.onto the subject at hand, I long while ago Frontier changed the friction controls by having to retest the your coasters after you change the friction. this never used to be the case. I've had to deal with the change by not...

    Over Shoulder Restraints on Infinite coaster and Vertical Lift Hill

    Before I start, please look at this thread here: because that has most of what I want to talk about. But I also just wanted to add that the Infinite Coaster Car should also have a over shoulder restraint...
  9. I

    "Smooth all" Shortcut/hotkey (+ hotkey to move 1 section when certain amount of tracks selected)

    It's a really simple thing (at least from the gameplay perspective, I don't know if it is from the programming perspective), but I really think players like me would benefit A LOT from it, making us lose less time making our coasters perfectly smooth. I was thinking of creating a pair of hotkeys...
  10. V

    Infinity Coaster (Typhoon Infinite) Issues

    I and many others have been looking forward to the addition of a gerstlauer infinity coaster for a while now. Now that it has actually been implemented, I have found several issues with the coaster type. In this thread I am going to use the Smiler as the main example. Lift Hills The first...
  11. cdjets10

    New Coaster Ideas

    Sorry if the list is a bit long but I've made a list of different types of coasters I love to see in Planet Coaster.
  12. M

    Infinity Coaster (Typhoon Infinite) Unnecessary vertical lift limitations and supports

    I find it really weird and unnecessary, that the vertical lift in the Typhoon Infinite Coaster needs to end with a beyond vertical drop. The limitation did make more sense on the Typhoon Barghest Coaster, because Eurofighters actually always use beyond vertical drops. Infinity Coasters though do...
  13. Distantz

    Cosmetic updates to the Infinite coaster.

    When the Classic Ride showcase videos dropped today we as a community couldn't help but notice these trains. It seems that you have just mixed The Smiler's Gen 1 trains with Hangtimes/monsters Gen 2 trains. I find this odd since you already have the style of the Gen 1 seats in game, on the Wild...
  14. mikefury325

    D. H. Morgan Hypercoaster

    need a D. H. Morgan Hypercoaster sood be added to the game ?
  15. E

    Coasters like in "Thrillville: of the rails!"

    Out of curiosity I purchased a copy of the game Thrillville: off the rails. Turns out it's a very simplistic park manager game but it had the most amazing, imaginative and extreme rollercoasters I have ever seen! Most of them featured a "Whoa" peice, something so extreme that if it didn't...
  16. cdjets10

    New Coaster Ideas

    I have made a list of new coaster types for Planet Coaster. There are a lot so I do not expect them all to come out but if they do, it'll take a few years. I just wanted to make my point clear that I wanted these types of coasters. Link...
  17. bdeheus78

    Roller Coasters "White Knuckle" - B&M Inverted Coaster

    Besides the "WOTWS" themepark I have created some coaster designs that not will be used in the themepark I'm currently showing in the Park showcase topic. Nevertheless I don't want to keep them only for myself. Here for example my 6th coaster design is a B&M Inverted Coaster named "White...
  18. B

    4m smoothing technique

    Hi, I've been using the so called "4m smoothing technique" on my coasters lately and the results are amazing, but I have two questions regarding the technique. I discovered the technique by watching a video posted by Silvarret on youtube. According to his explanation in the video, you have to go...
  19. jbatts220

    Roller Coasters Cyclone (not a recreation)

    Hi folks! It's been a while since I've been on these forums, but I decided to create a vintage wooden coaster design, and I really like how it turned out. Thought I'd share it with y'all. Took a lot of tedious work adding the lights, but I think it was worth it! Take a look, and download the...
  20. M


    The Steeplechase ride would be a cool roller coaster-type ride to add. They could have the old classic one from Coney Island's hey-day in the early 1900's (really a one-way downhill trip): or have a modern one...
  21. M

    Stuff That Should Be In The Game By Now...

    Hey all! Just want to say I LOVE this game. I had high hopes for RCTW but as we know it's a disaster and this game has fulfilled a lot of what I was hoping for in the next generation Roller Coastery Sim game. Below I have suggestions however, for stuff I feel this game really needs, and stuff...
  22. M

    Roller Coasters TR - 3B: Intamin Wing Coaster

    Downloads Ride Blueprint Video Sandbox Park The veil of secrecy has finally been lifted on the government's Black Project - previously referred to by it's code name - Astra. TR-3B is an experimental aerial vehicle designed to push the limits of engineering, and...
  23. ToCoSo

    It'll be just like shooting wamprats in Beggar's Canyon back home?

    LAVA WORLD, HOT BEEF ALERT SLF RACING PIPE CLEANING Planet Coaster landscapes, Elite ships, BRING ON THE BLUE SKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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