1. D

    Unicode Support

    I noticed the game doesn't support unicode names, I understand if it is too difficult to update the back end code to allow for unicode names. A few games I own don't support unicode, but I would love if you guys could support unicode as having [?][?][?][?][][?][?][?] as a name doesn't look great.
  2. starman

    The Turing test

    Im writing a 'chat' bot where it simulates the responses of all the users to my posts. It not hard actually.
  3. starman

    code it play it

    coding for the millennial generation
  4. Lateralus

    PvP [Video] Return of The Code? We never left..

    Reports of The Code's inactivity over the last year or so is fake news:
  5. Steve 67

    Elite Dangerous Intel

    Hi all, if anyone's interested in a UK based mature community that will form a little later, please pop in here, join the fB group, keep in touch & we will send you formal invites to our private HQ pre-release Elite Dangerous Intel a faction of 17th Gurkha. We game entirely for fun & are...
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