1. Ralph Vargr

    Stealthie Was Right, Again.

    I picked up my second alt account on sale a week or so ago. Stealthie had advised me the honeymoon would be a short one. He was right. I took a carrier ride to Colonia with my new account. My ship was an A rated Cobra 3, with no engineering. I found the mining great, but the third time in...
  2. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    I wish I was in Colonia right now...

    Hey! So I've been following everything that transpired in the Nebula.. How factions went all the way to the Carcosa system to burn shipyards, and urinate on treaties. I felt compelled to write a little encouragement-letter to the Reapers out there, fighting a war against hordes of intruders...
  3. Ed Lave

    Get long-distance carrier trips announced in your server!

    At the Fleet Carrier Owners Club we now have an official discord 'Announcement' channel which you can follow and feed into your own server. The channel is called #final-call and we'll use it to give 24 hrs notice of carrier departures on the following routes: Bubble - Colonia Colonia - Bubble...
  4. Paul Smith the 3rd

    Anarchy in Colonia - what is new?

    News again from the Nebula. Lots of things happened since the last update (Previous update). It’s been a time of growth for Loren’s Reapers as we welcomed new members and we established the Loren’s Reapers PS4 squadron. This has brought a wealth of new knowledge and enthusiasm to the nebula and...
  5. Mystic22

    Fleet Carrier Route Tracker?

    Hello CMDRs, I was wondering is there a website that tracks fleet carriers and what routes they're taking, e.i. from Sol to Colonia and back or anything like that. P.S. Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place; this is my first time using the forums here. Thanks in advance!
  6. AgingGamer

    Colonia bound: mixed bag of questions

    I’ve unlocked Etienne Dorn, so I’m on my way to Colonia in my slightly mis-configured Anaconda to work on getting G5 sensors. It will likely take me a few weeks to get there, and I plan on spending some time (a few weeks?) in that area when I arrive. I’ll have to ’level up’ my engineer friend...
  7. MonsterArthur

    [FEDERATION] looking for people to join my exploreation squadron

    Hello, I am looking for people to join my squadron. The squadron is going to be a exploreation squadron, and our home station is going to be in colonia. We are going to try to explore the galaxy, and have fun. If you are living in colonia, or your planing to go there, and your searching for a...
  8. Shinzo Shikimira

    The Rabbit Hole Expedition: Bubble > Colonia > Sagittarius a* > Bubble

    o7 Greetings, Commanders! I am Shinzo, a newbie in Elite who is eager to explore the whole palette our beautiful galaxy can offer. Inspired by other expeditions, I decided to try and make my own. Ever since I started playing space games, I always made sure that I try to explore it as much as...
  9. R

    Ettienne Dorn - Too Dark and totally unecessary

    Hello Frontier, I'd like to appeal to you to change the unlock requirements for Ettienne Dorn. Human trafficking is a sickening tragedy and it should not be something Colonia CMDR's are forced to do to unlock a key engineer in the game. I have never been comfortable with the way slavery is...
  10. SovereignWinter

    Viper MkIII to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took a Viper MkIII to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Viper MkIIIs. Ship Type: Faulcon deLacy Viper MkIII ID: DSV-51 Name: Lynx Build: From 2019.12.31 to 2020.02.08 I took a Viper MkIII...
  11. SovereignWinter

    Imperial Courier to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took an Imperial Courier to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Imperial Couriers. Ship Type: Gutamaya Imperial Courier ID: DSV-30 Name: Crux (SRV: Callsign Acrux) Build: From 2019.11.30 to...
  12. SovereignWinter

    Imperial Eagle to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took an Imperial Eagle to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Imperial Eagles. Ship Type: Gutamaya Imperial Eagle ID: DSV-06 Name: Ara Build: From 2019.10.25 to 2019.11.29 I took an...
  13. SovereignWinter

    Hauler to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took a Hauler to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Haulers. Ship Type: Zorgon Peterson Hauler ID: DSV-66 Name: Pisces Build: From 2019.09.24 to 2019.10.19 I took a Hauler on a journey to...
  14. Dillon Fallon

    Battle for Carcosa

    Hi everyone, Once again, war for control of the Carcosa system up in the Colonia region is pending. The faction our player group supports, The Nameless, who control the system have been challenged by another player group. For BGS reasons, Carcosa under control of The Nameless is the sole...
  15. SovereignWinter

    Eagle MkII to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took an Eagle MkII to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Eagle MkIIs. Ship Type: Core Dynamics Eagle MkII ID: DSV-88 Name: Vulpecula Build: From 2019.07.11 to 2019.08.05 I took an Eagle...
  16. P

    Private Data Beacons In Colonia Region

    Ok, so I'm starting to pull my own hair out.....! I'm out near Colonia, trying to get Mel Brandon to finish clean engineering my drives. For this, I need a load of Abnormal Compact Emissions Data. That's fine...I'll just hop around some systems, enter some Encoded Emission sources and scan some...
  17. O

    Ships Mel Brandon will not invite me.

    I am fully allied with Colonia Council, but i have not received my invite for Mel, is there an issue or a bug with this?
  18. SovereignWinter

    Adder to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took a Adder to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Adders. Ship Type: Zorgon Peterson Adder ID: DSV-87 Name: Volans Build: From 2019.05.27 to 2019.06.26 I took an Adder on a journey to...
  19. Ambushlizard30

    Listening Post in Colonia

    I scanned the listening post here in Colonia, and a message on it indicated that there is a secret military installation being built?? Can anyone shed some light on what they are doing and getting ready for?
  20. SovereignWinter

    Sidewinder MkI to Beagle Point

    TL;DR – I took a Sidewinder MkI to Beagle Point, Sagittarius A*, Colonia, and Hutton Orbital as a tribute to those still on patrol in their Sidewinder MkIs. Ship Type: Faulcon DeLacy Sidewinder MkI ID: DSV-86 Name: Virgo Build: From 2019.03.29 to 2019.05.22 I took a...
  21. Vovva The Bluehaired

    Where to find yttrium near Colonia?

    Hello, commanders! I badly need yttrium to exchange it for vanadium via trader for refueling AFMU. The problem is that I am in Colonia now and planning to set off on a long journey soon. I tried collecting vanadium itself but it took about 4 hours for me to find about 15 lumps - 45 pieces...
  22. Adaris

    Travelling to Colonia in a Multirole. Crazy?

    I've been wanting to travel to Colonia for quite some time and with the next major expansion being so far away, this feels like the best time to travel. At first, I was thinking of outfitting a Krait Phantom for long distance travel. I have the credits and materials stored back. However, I...
  23. L

    The Bubble-Engineers must not be worse than the Colonia-Engineers. Equal but not worse.

    If someone wants to go to colonia that is fine and admirable, yet not everyone does. And with all the grind in ED, asking me to go to Colonia to get me G4-Shieldcells is a bit much to ask ... Surely I could just pin the recipe and get the experimental somewhere in the bubble but will I then have...
  24. H

    Colonia Ferry Service

    With the exception of ships that are engineered for long range jumping in particular and maso-erm explorers like myself, just getting to Colonia from the Bubble is a royal pain. Additionally, it is essentially a no go for novices to the game, so I had an idea to fix that: The Colonia Ferry...
  25. byteslam

    stand up, join the alliance to free up Colonia

    Dear CMDRs, since 05 February 3305 (05.02.2019) CCN (Colonia Citizen Network) is attacking illegally our home system the second time now. Join the Alliance for peace and liberty in Colonia. CCN has proved itself as aggressive totalitarian clan, led by a dictator like. (Full Story and...
  26. byteslam

    the true story abaout the war in Colonia and a call to join the alliance for liberty

    To understand the graphs and evidence, you need to know how the BGS (Back Ground Simulation) works. A war starts automatically if two factions are equal in influence. 24 hours after a faction reached the same influence in a system, the BGS put both factions to war. As player faction you can...
  27. aries_four

    New Colonia Based Explorer Squadron

    Hi! Are you an Explorer based in or around Colonia? The brand new Colonia Galactic Survey squadron is seeking members!
  28. byteslam

    Distress call by SEC, we need immediate help in WAR

    Distress call by SEC, we need immediate help in WAR, we are under attack. All CMDRs able to help in COLONIA, are requested to join SEC wings. Coordination HQ in Teamspeak:
  29. EWanderer

    Colonia People and Ware Connection.

    So Colonia. Favorite Pet project of some players, since they are not bothered by Super Power Bull, PP and don't have to bother with Space Bugs. I had the pleasure to make 2 stops there during my long distance exploration trips and I always get warm fuzzy feelings once I dock there as I feel the...
  30. M

    Ships Colonia Space left out i n the cold AGAIN?

    [where is it] I have just decided to give this "new fangled" and definately overly complicated mining "a go"! I have been struggling as it is to understand the new UI separation (between combat and "scanning"?), but after assurances that being out "in the black" wouldn't leave us "Alternative...
  31. N

    New Mining stuff in Colonia

    Does anyone know where in Colonia we will be able to get the new mining equipment from? If it's not available at launch, can we have a colonia CG to quickly manually add the abrasion blasters etc?
  32. Olivia Vespera

    General / Off-Topic We may need to rethink Colonia

    In that spirit please refrain from name calling. (sjw, snowflake, idiot, etc) Introduction: I read this article recently called We need to change the way we talk about space exploration by National Geographic Then I started following the links and started reading The Racist Language of Space...
  33. M

    My SECOND big journey - Going Home!

    It's been a VERY long time since I detailed my FIRST big journey, out to Colonia, (!) so I thought, whilst setting off again, I'd update you on my adventures! After arriving in Colonia, I set about creating some reputation...
  34. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Deep Space Dangus

    Hey CMDRS, For anyone interested in Elite content that's more on the humorous/RP side of things, I've been putting out videos recently in a mini-series called "Deep Space Dangus", chronicling the adventures of Captain Spatula as he travels from Colonia, to Sagittarius A on a secret mission for...
  35. andrak

    Pitiful Outfitting Options in Colonia

    Colonia has been going for a while now, must more than a year at least. Many player factions decided to set up shop there. Why then are the outfitting options so pitiful? There is nowhere in the entirety of Colonia that offers sizeable A rated equipment. I thought I would head out there...
  36. W

    Emigrating to Colonia - Work in Progress

    Greetings, Commanders! My Name is waldgeist, and I am a commander from Austria, playing the game for about a year now. I am thinking about emigrating to Colonia (at least for a while), and I realised that this is a step which has to be well planned. I know that there is a bunch of threads and...
  37. G

    The new Queen VI - Pirates found in system Kinesi near Colonia

    There is something big circling Kinesi 5 with high velocity. It is impossible to keep up in normal cruise. I am trying to enter its gravity field but I keep failing. There are also a lot of angry pirates that are killing me I managed to scan the sattelite which is close to the station...
  38. Zoran Voloshin

    Colonia Systems

    Is there an official list of populated systems inside the Colonia bubble?
  39. spatula

    Community Event / Creation Elite Dangus: Lost in Colonia

    Captain Spatula returns, and he's spent months in Colonia, lollygagging about on a well earned vacation, but in the process, he's lost something very important, and will have to track it down before he can continue his mystery hunting...
  40. V

    Missions to colonia?

    Hey cmdrs, I was wondering if anyone has seen any more data delivery missions to colonia anymore? I know there were a bunch when 2.4 hit but I haven’t seen any since then. I wanted to pick up a few on my way out into the black since I plan on being out there a while and don’t want to take...
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