1. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  2. Olivia Vespera

    General / Off-Topic We may need to rethink Colonia

    In that spirit please refrain from name calling. (sjw, snowflake, idiot, etc) Introduction: I read this article recently called We need to change the way we talk about space exploration by National Geographic Then I started following the links and started reading The Racist Language of Space...
  3. DGBaley

    Feature Request: Colonization missions

    I think the current mechanism of human expansion (mostly through community goals and FDEV generated bases) is a bit restrictive and not terribly interesting from the players' perspective. Despite attempts to involve the player base in the construction of new bases, I've never really felt any...
  4. Kleckerklotz

    Concept proposal - COLONIZATION - Community created outposts

    This idea has a complexity which could be part of a new DLC. It would require quite a lot of assets and balancing. But I feel confident it has a huge potential to create more identification and emersion for players with the world they act in. Here's the idea (note: every letter in quotation...
  5. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  6. E

    Vote for Elite Best of E3 Peoples Choice!

    Hi Commanders.... Now you can vote for the Best of E3 Peoples Choice. Doesn't HAVE to be Elite: Dangerous......but was is not the best? :) :p Here's the link: See you in the Milkyway!
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