1. WhiteShadow

    What was wrong with fire groups?

    Evening all... o7 I'm sorry if this comes across as a bit of a rant, but I've not been playing for a little while (give or take a year and a bit)... What I'd like to know, was who thought it'd be a good idea to put modes into the fire groups?... just out of curiosity? I was quite happy with my...
  2. Mjmannella

    Allow the New Raptor/Rex Animations to apply to all Small and Large Carnivores

    If you're gonna go in with this, you better go big. I want Spinosaurus killing Proceratosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus killing Deinonychus, Indominus rex killing Herrerasaurus, and any other combination. Please Apply this new change to all large and small carnivores.
  3. TransTechGirl

    [INDEPENDENT] Independence Separatist Fleet

    "A new player has entered the game" Do you play regularly? Looking for a small group of UK based players? Enjoy mercenary work? If you answered yes to the above then the Independence Separatist Fleet could be for you. We are a dedicated group of UK based players who specialise in mercenary...
  4. GN_Abbude

    multicannon C3, the initial time between trigger and firing makes the module a little uncomfortable in combat. (Translated Post)

    Greetings Commanders, I bring an inconvenience that bothers me in certain situations and is also recognized by some of my friends, I would be grateful to share this with you. This is an old mechanic in the game and usually nobody pays attention as something of relevance, but I believe it is...
  5. ThePlanetVenus

    [INDEPENDENT] Outer Rim & Colonia Bounty Hunter's Guild

    The Outer Rim and Colonia Bounty Hunter's Guild is open for recruitment, we are seeking Commanders looking to earn some money while coordinating with pilots all around the bubble and outside it. We want commanders who seek and destroy criminals outside the Powerplay influenced systems, in areas...
  6. ThePlanetVenus

    Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunter's Guild

    Elite Dangerous Bounty Hunter's Guild is open, join the discord and find out what we are about!
  7. A

    Please ADD this in the training section for newbies!!

    (I'm not sure if I've already posted something like this here before, so forgive me if I seem to be flogging a dead horse) The main "Game Killer" and probably the top reason newbies quit and never look back is the unforgiving combat section. A combat section that can, in time, be mastred( So...
  8. U

    Anti Ganker suggestion

    Hello All, I've had a thought about the problem with the persistent gankers that have made the Open game less than enjoyable for many. I am aware of several suggestions that have been made in the past on various platforms. I would like to add my 2 cents worth (and what better place than a...
  9. S

    Allow ships to surrender and pay a ransom.

    Ok, we have the process now of killing an opponent, be it another player or computer opponent. But if we use our skills and risk a little to knock out opponents engins...or a combination of FSD and weapons... why not allow them to yield and pay a ransom that is greater than their...
  10. Vovva The Bluehaired

    [LFG] Stupid Idea That I Want To Perform

    I'm currently flying home from my 8 months expedition and while doing multicrew combat breaks got a stupid idea of getting Deadly Combat Rank being in the void. I'm on Dangerous 84% for now and by my approximations need to kill about 200 deadly-elite ships to promote. I've got 2% with my friend...
  11. Voivre

    [INDEPENDENT] United Federation of Explorers is recruiting

    The United Federation of Explorers is an international group of commanders that have come together for the benefit of humanity to take to the stars and explore it. There are no allegiances to anyone other than the human spirit, everyone is free to support whomever they want in the mutual...
  12. C

    Game crashes to blue screen

    Hi, myself and a friend have both been experiencing the game crashing back to desktop on the PS4. It seems to happen during combat more than at any other time, and it’s been doing it consistently since the most recent update. Anyone else’s having this issue? Fdev aware of it?
  13. Donald Duck

    Community Event / Creation ΞϽCΞ - Elite Community Combat Events (GRAND OPENING 8 AUG - 18 UTC)

    ΞϽCΞ is a new PVP event focused discord server, run by experienced PvPers. The goal is to promote PVP initiatives, introduce new players to PVP through events, and foster communication for established PVP'rs and PVP groups to find active and engaging PVP content. We will publish a regular...
  14. T

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Corvette for PVE question

    Ok, first off, forgive me if I am in the wrong forum, if I am, please direct me to the proper one. I finally got my real admiral rank and I want to build a corvette, This build is what I came up with. Now, because play style comes into play with combat builds, first off, I am a p poor shot...
  15. ScriptedSamurai

    [FEDERATION] The Armada - Valyn's Dragons

    The Armada is a small group of seasoned players that are willing to help new players with anything they need. We need more people for combat missions to further our in game faction. We can help with ship progression, money making, and engineering. We love the game and the community and just...
  16. GN_Abbude

    TYPE-10 DEFENDER, a ship with the potential to act differently in combat.

    greetings commanders, I come here to suggest a simple modification in the super heavy class combat ship Type 10, I will try to contextualize the situation using google translator due to my different language. First of all, my favorite activity in the game is to assist my squadron with building...
  17. E

    [LFG] I was experienced... and now im looking for someone who still is [ENG/GER]

    Hi there, to make it short I havent played since quiet a while and now I really wanna play again. So now Im looking for someone who wants to fly with me and get me back in to the game. Im interested in pretty much everything from trading to combat except PvP because I heard rumors that a high...
  18. O

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Dynamic Combat

    Here's how I think the combat system should have been and still have the gene mod system. Like JPOG dinosaurs can have hit and run combat along with the duels we currently have. Each species still has the base defense, attack, and resilience stats, but they also have a base hit points value like...
  19. J

    Question for Frontier

    I posted this on Reddit but didn’t get a reply, so thought I would post it here as well: There have been a few highly-requested changes, such as increasing the herbivores’ combat stats so they are closer to the carnivores, or changing allosaurus so it’s not the strongest non-hybrid carnivore...
  20. A

    How to help newer players understand ship combat better.

    This may not be the best thing but this could be so extremely simple and would not require much coding or having to redo whole sections. The biggest issue for newbies and one of the main roadblocks and a major catalyst for quitting the game is combat. The training difficulty goes from 0 to 100...
  21. B

    Improving the immersion - some tweaks and suggestions

    Elite 3.x Beyond suggestions These are some of my thoughts regarding the state of Beyond and some simple improvements to make it flow better and deepen the immersion. I’ve been playing for a number of years now and I’m sure with the combined community suggestions we can achieve a truly great...
  22. B

    Suggestions for Tweaking Beyond - adding immersion

    Elite 3.x Beyond suggestions These are some of my thoughts regarding the state of Beyond and some simple improvements to make it flow better and deepen the immersion. I’ve been playing for a number of years now and I’m sure with the combined community suggestions we can achieve a truly great...
  23. C

    I'm here to complain about punishment for friendly fire

    In the half year I've owned this game, I've received two 200cr bounties, for my NPC fighter firing at a station because its target vessel was moving and because my anaconda got a bounty for one of its lasers slipping and firing at an innocent guy, respectively. This is very annoying since it...
  24. C

    The problems and solutions to the present boosting system (or why the drag munitions change was a bad solution to an important issue)

    The drag munitions change did do some work to reduce permaboosting, but it went about it the wrong way; by creating a highly specific and limited solution to a systemic issue within the game, i.e. the current boost system and its attendant issues. However, systemic issues require systemic...
  25. Swordpunch

    New here. Need a FDL pve build!

    I recently started last week (so you'll see me on here alot sorry in advance) and because of void opals I have more money than I know what to do. I purchased a FDL all A grade core. But money does not buy experience or skill. So if you guys could help me with a proper PVE build (I dont want...
  26. A

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Trying to make a monster out of type 10

    Heres what im working with im thinkin shield biweave high resistance so it comes back quik and long range beams too lure them in burst overcharged to shred them when they get close and lots of limpets to pick up those mats any tips? What would you do to impove this...
  27. F

    Wing up with crew members or hire npc's

    When completing trade or other types of wing missions I think it would be good if I could make use of the hired crew or hire npcs to take along as part of the wing. They could use my spare engineered ships or have access to their own grades of ships for differing costs. They could be cast as...


    Hi guys , its Vampire .. I would like to tell you guys about a major fundamental flaw in the game regarding combat rank. When it comes to combat , you have three different types. Most people think there is two but how I see it in this game there are three. The first one is when a commander...
  29. R

    Anyone playing PvP from about 24:00 GMT on?

    Hello CMDRS, How is everyone. I am looking for comrades and enemies alike. I play these hours often but either dont instance with players or am in a bad spot. Will Travel. Will Fight. Will learn. Am part of a group who is chaotic good, so i dont gank or grief, but if you need an ally to fight...
  30. CMDR Woland92

    All The Really Good Stuff

    My goal here is to start a thread that is just a persistent outlet for all positive reflections on your experiences playing elite dangerous. We have plenty of forumss focused on improving, or complaining about, existing game play elements. Well how about a forum dedicated to strictly to...
  31. Acteris

    Wing Formation Module

    Here is an idea.....I think it would be cool if you could have pre-set wing formations, here is how the mechanism could work There could be a Wing Formation Module which would work on synchronising position of ships in the wing based on some predetermined layout ie: 1. Wing formation shapes...
  32. D

    Everyone's becoming a Pirate or Miner - Fdev something for the Lawful Combat Pilot?

    With the introduction of Squadrons, we now have a clan/guild system where many Squadrons have some form of ethos that their community follows. Some Squadrons are Exploration based, some Xeno Hunters, some Traders, some Miners, some are Pirates, and some are Lawful combat pilots (protectors), and...
  33. TodaKuroitora

    Non-Engineered Builds - Exploration, Mining, Fighting

    Ok, so I understand that Engineering and Guardian based/influenced builds are part of the game. But why is it SO hard to find combinations with decent jump ranges, weapons, mining, and repair/limpet loadouts which are NOT engineered or guardian influenced? Some of us either do not want or, for...
  34. xana452

    Combat Zones -- Spec Ops OP?

    I'm in a fully kitted out and combat engineered Corvette, and these Spec Ops wings are absolutely wrecking me. Endless SCBs, sniper-like Rail Guns with shield breach, seemingly bottomless shields and hull... I'm spending most of my MultiCannon ammo on just these 4 ships that spawn, and by that...
  35. T

    Ships Alliance Cheftian Combat Build Guide

    Hey guys I'm here today with the final of the Alliance ships. Whats weird is this was the first yet it was the last one I went over. Hopefully you all found this video enjoyable and useful. Please tell me down below in the youtube comments what you think of my build and what you do with yours...
  36. CMDR Woland92

    What kind of weapons do the CZ Spec Ops ships use?

    I just got swarmed by the full spec ops wing in a CZ. I didn’t stick around for long. They burned through my ~1.5K MJ shields in about 10 seconds. It also looked like they were using some kind of modified beam laser or experimental effect. Has anyone else noticed this? What weapons and/or...
  37. Bitwalker

    Firegroups Activation for Combat or Explorermode or Both!

    I have a wish that would make life a lot easier;) How about the possibility to activate the fire group depending on the mode? Example: Fire group A & B only in explorer mode, fire group B & C only in combat mode. With the fire groups one would only have to choose whether the group A should...

    Almost 2019, thargoids are still not worth anything.

    If you look at it in comparison to pretty much every activity in Elite, from doing exploration, general mission running, hauling cargo, mining, combat.... if you then look at in terms of how much materials/data you can get, and how much credits you can get, all of them have at least something...

    Anti-Xeno combat is still totally busted.

    So, now that the bubble has been attacked for the first time since the release of the new conflict zones, i thought i would go and check out the new conflict zones in a well modified Krait 2 with guardian weapons and... i was disappointed again, met with a very unbalanced and pretty much...
  40. Lukiepookie

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Share your Medium Sized Combat Ship

    Hello all, I am in need of recommendations for a medium sized combat ship. Money isn't an issue, please share away. Yes I already know about the vulture, I'm just hoping to get a lot of variety in this thread for ideas of my own. Thanks and 07 commanders.
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