1. B

    CTD when opening carrier commodities market

    Im getting CTD Crash to Desktop instantly when clicking on commodities market on carriers. note its ONLY on carriers! stations work fine i reproduced error around 100 times at around 40 carriers !!! game is unplaybale for me bcs i cannot interact with carrier market !!!!!!! everything else works!
  2. O

    Add a High Value Commodity Only Tradable In Open

    Not only would it make trading a more viable money maker, it would revitalize the pirating scene, make traders bother engineering and adding defenses to their ships, and maybe even encourage traders to have bodyguards or travel in groups. Seems like such a simple thing would add a lot of life to...
  3. M

    New mining bug

    So i have mined out 242 void opals, in two groups, first one was 87, and the second one was 155, on the first sale i was sitting at 14 mil and for some reason after sale it replaced that 14 mil for the sale price of 144 mil. I thought it was a one time glitch till i sold the 155. I had 30 mil...
  4. ebbrell

    Filter on station commodities list

    Can a filter box be added to the commodies list when do ked at a station, alowing us to type the commodity we require Can this auto discover, so as you type the first three characters for example, commodities matching appear underneath in the commodity list
  5. ebbrell

    Ability to see required commodities for missions while buying or on ship inventory

    I am hoping this quality of life improvement can be added,. I basically would like a way of seeing what totals of missions items are required when purchasing commodities. When you have 6 or 7 missions all needing stuff, the missions may mean you need 3 different commodities made up of...
  6. REMZilla

    Commodities Interface Update, Please

    It's something we use a LOT. We could use an upgrade. Here are a few suggestions: Filters/Sort It would be grand to have a way to filter the commodities in the UI to display only those items that a given station has to sell instead of having to scroll through the whole inventory to see...
  7. B

    Higher grade cargo racks

    they could have more integrity, resist pirating, hold more cargo at the cost of weight, resist having cargo fly away once your cargo hatch starts malfunctioning.
  8. Speccy

    Does anyone ever take the commodity rewards for missions?

    Can't see the point of it to be honest. You can sell them for maybe a bit more than if you take the cash alone, and that's after finding a suitable market. Doesn't seem worth the effort. Maybe I'm missing something?
  9. ebbrell

    Commodity Storage

    can we introduce a small amount of commodity storage please. Even if we have to pay per tonne per day or week. I suggest this is set to a maximum of 100 units, and can be stored as an station you dock at, just like we store modules. Can we also have the ability to transfer the stored...
  10. Shadowdancer

    Galaxy map trade feature lacks context and short-term memory

    So in the "I wish I had had more time for beta" section, it feels like the new "commodity finder" feature on the galaxy map is pretty howyadoin'. Trying to find personal weapons, it turns out that the map has very little idea about legality. It will happily show a station where stuff is banned...
  11. Justinian Octavius

    Passenger Mission Arrival Point Algorithm needs to apply to Commodities Market upon return

    One of the side effects of the algorithm for rewarding passenger missions based upon the arrival point distance was that it killed off the commodities trade for many commanders. Thus, imho, when the algorithm returns it needs to apply to prices on the Commodities Market as well. CMDR Justinian...
  12. T

    Demand/Production/Stock price dilemma, and Smuggling issues - Save the Merchants!

    Hey pilots. I was thinking for a while about how galactic economy works. I was first playing E: D with (don't laugh) Spice and Wolf in mind – a story about two smart people using their wit to turn in some tasty profit. So I did cargo runs, and deliveries, and smuggling, tried piracy (heh) and...
  13. EdzUp

    Remove all extras from missions (Cargo/Commodities etc)

    Yes there are loads of threads asking for it but my reason is simple: I want it removed because if I fly a Sidey with a SRV instead of any Cargo racks some missions with cargo cannot be turned in (They don't appear on the mission board until I fit a cargo rack). Also commodities are equally as...
  14. E

    Modular terminals.

    Hi. So i'm trying to unlock professor Palin to mod my thrusters and I'm stuck on Marco Quent, getting the modular terminals he wants. I've read that you need to go to a high tech system and go through missions. I've done this for 3 hours and not found any. Is there anything I'm missing or am I...
  15. vinnieboJ

    Where are my commodities?

    So, after 2.4 dropped I decided to get back into elite to see what is what. heard about near death experiences of other commanders who came face 2 face with thargs and did not feel the need to meet them yet. I decided to get into the CG's for anti-tharg stuff and what i discovered made my heart...
  16. ParaSitius

    Frontier intro song

    I would really like to see an updated version to this intro tune included somewhere in this game, even if it's only put on the official soundtrack. I still think it is one of the best instrumentals I've ever listened too and would really like to hear a full on orchestral version. Please make...
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