community goal

  1. P

    Squadron Missions and Infrastructure (includes GDD)

    Upon the release of Squadrons I was quite excited with the possibilities of gameplay that it would bring. But after a short time I found Squadrons to be very limiting and bare bones. So I've been thinking about on how to make Squadrons more engaging and meaningful. I tried my best at creating a...
  2. M

    New AX weapons feedback

    New AX weapons should do both normal and AX damage on their own without synthesis. Synthesis should be available for greater damage output (premium) rather then AX damage. These weapons appear to be intended for newer and/or "casual" AX cmdrs, but most newer and casual gamers won't want to waste...
  3. Lain

    Next Week's Goal: Which reward would you rather have? (Spoilers)

    -So next week's Community Goal is a Conflict Zone with the option of supporting for a Missile Rack or a Multi-cannon. -Knowing the community of this game the winner is 100% going to be the Multi-cannon. -But placing that aside, which Module would you rather have? -I like the idea of a shiny blue...
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