1. Donald Duck

    Community Event / Creation ΞϽCΞ - Elite Community Combat Events (GRAND OPENING 8 AUG - 18 UTC)

    ΞϽCΞ is a new PVP event focused discord server, run by experienced PvPers. The goal is to promote PVP initiatives, introduce new players to PVP through events, and foster communication for established PVP'rs and PVP groups to find active and engaging PVP content. We will publish a regular...
  2. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Competitive Exploration?!?! DeathDingo is the best explorer in the galaxy. No-one can match him in skill.
  3. L

    Why oh why is there not a stock racing league?

    As the title says, there is a golden opportunity for FDev to add a fun new career track in Elite: Racing. 12 intense tracks, two tracks runs a race every two hours, fits all schedules. A few tracks on a planet with a low altitude limit. Cross country with hazards, natural and structural A...
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