1. lilibat

    Glowing Spiderwebs for Dark Rides

    The first of the webs. I am going to make some various sizes in different designs which I am hand drawing and importing into Blender.
  2. Shiftzie

    Flat Rides Little Paris - Bumpin'Car - By Shift

    Hey all ! New blueprint available on my steamworkshop : It's a little street of Paris, with a restaurant (Le 27), an attraction (Bumpin'Car) , and an information shop. ;) ! Enjoy ! (Need Tmtk objects necessary for windows ! and...
  3. MsRedNebula

    Completed Wolves

    There are three different poses, and all have multiple layers of fur flexicolor (took a while to get that looking right, sorry for those who were waiting on these guys!), and the eyes are flexicolor as well. Standing Sitting Howling LOD stats: L0 - 1854 L1 - 1498 L2 - 1072 L3 - 722 L4 - 372...
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