1. Qohen Leth

    WHAAM! -- 100 Paintjob Concepts For Fun

    WHAAM! -- 118 Paintjob Concepts For Fun Hello. I was bored, so I made a few paintjobs. I know not all ships are represented. For one, preparing a ship takes between 5 and 10 hours; times 31 that's a lot of time. Secondly, part of the ships are variations on each others. This is mostly 2-tone...
  2. Kleckerklotz

    Concept proposal - COLONIZATION - Community created outposts

    This idea has a complexity which could be part of a new DLC. It would require quite a lot of assets and balancing. But I feel confident it has a huge potential to create more identification and emersion for players with the world they act in. Here's the idea (note: every letter in quotation...
  3. L

    Diamondback Gunship concept Re-Post (Read please? ♥)

    So, I've now been playing ED on the Xbox One for about a year now. I'm quite pleased to see 2 new ships finally be added, the Chieftain and the Defender. I quite enjoy both, especially since the AC gives an alternative to the Python, but....It feels a little....Off, agile-wise. Like, it's really...
  4. B

    IDEA: Beyond was QoL improvements, but ED needs Risk vs Reward rebalance and Campaign Story

    PROBLEM ED players perceive a grind in this game because of Two main problems: mismatches in Risk vs Reward and barriers to engaging in their chosen tasks (combat, trading, exploring) in the game (expensive ships / rebuys / faction requirements / engineering). CONCEPT IDEA ED can fix this...
  5. ToCoSo

    Super Freighter Concept - Big Ships with Big Roles and no Hardpoints!!

    Super Freighters always wanted to see them, not as big as megaships but active large cargo carriers. Yes, made of glued together ship hulls!!!
  6. W

    User carrier megaship concept

    Kia ora, Here's a concept for a carrier megaship I've spent the last wee while working on in Sketchup. Still very much WIP.... I find the existing carrier megaship a little blocky so figured I'd have a go at making my own, sleeker design. I can't quite work out what the scale should be...
  7. andrak

    Handling Fleet Carriers in 2018 - Fleet Carrier Concept

    Instead of being critical of Frontier, I'm offering a detailed concept, with mock up images, on how I'd like FD to implement fleet carriers in 2018. As said in the video, this is my opinion, what I want to see and I'm not claiming I speak for everybody. Mods, I'd appreciate it very much if you...
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