1. G

    Will PZ Ever Come To Console?

    Just a question I’ve been pondering on, and I’d like to see what the public thinks. I personally hope it will and I think Frontier should, as it would expand a more popular game over a wider audience. Anyway, what are your thoughts?
  2. Scaletho

    Console users: abandon all hope

    Yeah. "Soon" Frontier will push console release without shame. "Soon", they say. Soon the terrible performance will be solve to ALL players, not just for some. Soon the lighting will be fixed for good, and the pitch-black of fake shadows will be over. They don't know how to fix the "copy and...
  3. Patch Notes Planet Coaster: Console Edition 1.4.1 Update Notes

    Hello Coaster friends! We hope everyone out there is doing well and that you're continuing to enjoy Planet Coaster: Console Edition! It's been great fun seeing all the player made parks, coasters and blueprints that you have shared with us since launch in November. Don't forget to upload what...
  4. OldaRobot

    Xbox Series X - Recreated Console with rides!

    Here's a fun one, a theme park inside of the Xbox Series X. No I don't mean because you play the game on the console, I mean because I built the console inside of the game! Here's the first Teaser video, will have more videos and screenshots in the future showing the details of both the case...
  5. Alien

    KFC Gaming Console .... seriously

  6. H

    Oswald count guidance

    I’m not about to complain about the building limit on console, but it would really help to know what impacts it. E.g. Is terrain counted or not? Does having less track support on a track ride lower the count? Should paths be narrow rather than wide? Do big trees count more than small trees...
  7. OldaRobot

    Roller Coasters Uncovering The Forgotten Tomb

    I've just uploaded my first ever Frontier Workshop build, it's a Mine cart ride that takes you through a forgotten tomb. It's for console and uses both the Scary and Adventure DLC packs. I built it all using just the Xbox Controller, it took about 12 hours in total Workshop link...
  8. BlackBearFTW

    Planet Coast Console Edition: Frontier Cloud

    Last livestream we got a look at the frontier workshop..... which kind of left me disappointed. There are a bunch of things that wont come to console or are not currently announced: No cross platform play or cross platform sharing (so no pc parks/blueprints on console) No ThemeMaker ToolKit...
  9. starman

    Consoles The next generation

    In case I gave the impression I was anti consoles my first console was a binatone. How do we decide between the PS5 and Xbox series X?
  10. H

    For Console Version

    Hello Frontier folks, Love what you did with the Elite Dangerous transfer to console and I have confidence you will do an excellent transfer for Planet C as-well. If I could give 2 small suggestion/wishes: Please include the ability to program a single guest to go to all the particular...
  11. Old Duck

    Anti-cheat "Spyware" and the Case for Consoles

    After a long download and a silly dance with the "that name is already in use" signup, I finally was ready to play Planetside 2 for the first time on my PC (I know, I'm late to the party). And then came the popup, the long warning about the anti-cheat software this game was going to install on...
  12. Old Duck

    XB1X 1080p vs. PS4 Pro

    I know some of you own both platforms, so how does ED compare, graphically-speaking? Specifically, PS4 Pro Quality Mode vs XB1X 1080p Quality Mode. Also, is the XB1X HOTAS basically the same as PS4's, quality-wise? And final question, do you folks have any XB1-specific bugs that are super...
  13. GrimJason_Official

    Keyboard and mouse support for console

    it would be nice to be able to use mouse and keyboard in this game like in surviving mars. Its the main reason i dont play JWE that much
  14. Old Duck

    Updated Games via Physical Distribution

    Is software that is distributed via disc (a common practice on PS4) ever get updated in the pressing of the discs themselves, or do all updates always come via download? For example, if I buy RDR2 today, is there any chance of getting a disc with at least the first update already applied...
  15. D

    INARA can now be linked with console

    GOOD NEWS everyone the import CMDR data feature is now working for consoles on go to your profile there and it's as simple as 3 clicks
  16. hornedreaper33

    Manual Log EDSM

    Hello all and happy Friday. PS4 CMDR here trying to add my progress on the AO expedition to EDSM. Apparently my account isn't showing the import flight log button. I am told this is where I can manually add a location however, if I follow this link:
  17. Q

    Console footage when?

    Hi all, i'm currently deciding whether to get this game for console or build a gaming PC, so what i need to make this decision is some console footage to compare it to the PC footage. All of the footage we have seen so far is clearly PC footage, which makes me concerned (with all that detail...
  18. Kyra Mystique

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
  19. SkyB

    Hologram Color on XBox

    Fellow Cmdrs, I just saw there will be different COVAS in the future. Changing the voice of our VI is great but there is still one thing missing on consoles. There is no way to change the hologram/ juf color while PC owners easily can do this. Please build a tiny option having a color regulstor...
  20. ZeroAi

    The Other Triple Elite Club

    The Other "Triple Elite" Club Haven't seen this posted before so... Who owns Elite Dangerous on all three platforms? (PC, XB1, PS4) - Greylock - - - -
  21. forger

    2 vipers vs 3 anacondas at FDS soon we can say about this video "good old days, when cannons were having 40x more ammunition and anacondas had silly turrets", but for now enjoy ;)
  22. DanTheMan

    Kamikaze AI

    Well, it's a bit odd that a sidewinder can fly into an Anaconda that has full shields and destroy it, although I am sure it is physically feasible. I can understand a human doing it for "fun", but an AI ship? I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. In-sewer-ants has taken care of...
  23. heartorhead

    Anihilacja Anacondy w kilka sekund

    Świeżo nagrane: Na cel bierzemy Power Plant, naparzamy z czego się da, jak zejdzie do 0% to każdy statek wybucha bez względu na to ile zostało % kadłuba. Najlepiej sprawdzają się gimballe, jednak przy dobrym celowaniu szybko również idzie railgunami...
  24. Literalyte

    Size comparison between ships!

    I have created a fairly accurate size comparison image between ships. This contains all of the ships currently within the game. From left to right: Anaconda, Lakon Type 9, Cobra Mk. III, Eagle Mk. II, Sidewinder Mk. I, F63 Condor, navigation beacon, standard canister. I spent a fair amount...
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