1. Un1k0rn

    Next generation of consoles 2019: Discussion thread.

    I'm currently waiting for a task to complete on my computer and am a bit bored. So I thought I'd start a thread on the topic of the next generation of consoles. I will be extremely surprised if no big hardware reveals are made at this year's E3 in June. Very, very surprised. I remember the...
  2. B

    Consoles - SRV game crash.

    In February, we were presented with Beyond 3.0, a new update for the Horizons DLC offering new and exciting content. We were also presented with a bug, a glitch which prevented us from enjoying this content (or future content) as it limited planetside interactions in SRVs to only two...
  3. 1v4n94

    Is it difficult to port JWE from one platform to another?

    I just wanted to know if it's a difficult task to make or is it mostly automated (using already existing software to convert the features from one platform to another)
  4. VoodooSonny

    Appreciation of what we have

    Greetings Commanders. I just watched the latest D2EA youtube video, and The Yamiks latest, as well as ObsidianAnts. (All are great for different reasons, I recommend checking them out! 18+ for language and chatter content) I am part of a group of three, we call ourselves Deltamob, and fly in the...
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