1. JT442

    The Elite Dangerous Storyline

    The Children of Raxxla would like to share with you an analysis of the very complicated storyline. We have uncovered the extent of the corruption brought about by the corporations, and expanded on a popular Thargoid theory. We touch upon Raxxla, The Dark Wheel, The Club... everything is linked...
  2. F

    Fuel Scoop Breaking News - Terror In The California Nebula.

    The Fuel Scoop is proud to bring the galactic community our first breaking story. This will be one that we're going to try and follow up on as it could unfold into something interesting. our discord...
  3. M

    Galnet.... Thargoids.... Hmm....

    Anybody ever wonder why the Galnet logo looks suspiciously like a Thargoids ship?
  4. Harley001

    Apple bobbing conspiracy! (its fuzzing space aliens man!)

    [wacko] So you think that the newest community goal is just some happy halloween party spooky goodness? I THINK NOT! If you read the event info it mentions this paragraph! "There's a risk the festivities could be overshadowed by this whole Thargoid thing, but just because there are hostile...
  5. Comisar Augustus

    General / Off-Topic R'ha (short movie)

    Found this, 2000AD facebook page posted it. Single guy did it, astonishing work IMO
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