1. JohannStrauss

    New idea: production contracts for rare goods/ normal goods/ moduls

    My idea: players can pay companies (in this case contract dealers) to produce a certain good in a certain amount of time for them. For example: you need Insulating Membranes at sol. One specialized planet or station is offering production contracts for a unlimited quantity of certain goods...
  2. B

    The contract UI is slowly killing me - Anyone else feel the same?

    I have developed a real hatred for how the Elite Dangerous UI handles claiming the rewards for completed contracts. For the most part, the UI for Elite Dangerous is really well designed and intuitive. And because of this, I don't understand how frontier can miss this crucial design flaw. When...
  3. M

    Where have all the mining jobs gone? (AGAIN?)

    Maybe I've been away in Colonia too long?[where is it] When ALL the mining jobs disappeared after 3.0 dropping a gooley(!), I used the opportunity to come back to the bubble and do some engineering and collect some modules for shipping back there. I spent 3/4Bil on ships and modules and...
  4. G

    Losing Exploration contracts?

    I was about halfway to a destination ~8000 ly from my regular station with two scientific groups. I logged in for the day and the transactions were gone and my cabins were empty. This is only my second long range mission. Does this happen regularly? Is there any way I can get these contracts...
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