1. norlin

    Community goal but for encouraging Open play and PvP

    Please introduce two community goals contradicting each other. Example: Some faction wants to collect a resource to build "something". Other faction wants to prevent this construction. So, Commanders enlisted for the 1st faction will try to protect the transport NPC vehicles delivering the...
  2. I

    Coop Enhancements, a few ideas.

    I came to play again after a year or two of a break from the game and the state of the coop is still VERY poor. Some ideas that could improve it would be: 1 - Ability to share ANY mission with wing/crew, spliting the rewards. The shared missions could spawn increased/harder enemies. Atm...
  3. L

    Co-op Mode in Planet coaster

    Hello, dear Planet Coaster team & community, I and a friend both have bought Planet coaster and are talking to each other over TeamSpeak how we are Building the Parks. And now we just came to an idea: A cooperative mode for Planet coaster. It would be fun and pretty interesting to see how a...
  4. T

    A CO-OP or Multiplayer freature

    Do you think there will be a Multiplayer or a COOP? I know most games of this type don't have one, but I mean building one park together or be a visitor in another park would be just awesome! (Or trade with fossil) What do you think? There are probably several things why this could be cool...
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