1. shadow133

    Ships Vette PvE build advices

    About to grind for a long due updated build. Any thoughts? I used 2 huge beams but found it takes too much power and time to finish off a target, so switching with MCs instead while using the smaller ones for lasers.
  2. H

    PvP Triple challenge

  3. Xavi Mendoza

    Something wrong with Krait?

    Well, I'm looking for a new favorite ship for my elite NPC crew after update. I couldn't risk her in Open Mode before update but I have a chance now so... Here are my two favorite heavily engineered builds for Corvette and Krait. Corvette : Krait ...
  4. T

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Corvette for PVE question

    Ok, first off, forgive me if I am in the wrong forum, if I am, please direct me to the proper one. I finally got my real admiral rank and I want to build a corvette, This build is what I came up with. Now, because play style comes into play with combat builds, first off, I am a p poor shot...
  5. F

    PvP FalterXV89 Presents: Hyperactive 'SPEAR'ing

    Source: 💀 Some older footage that I only now just got around to Editing. A 10 versus 4(1) featuring the lovely talents of 14 different CMDRs. Hope you all enjoy! Fly safe everyone, and live Dangerously! 💀 - - "Never Knows Best" Biweave PVP...
  6. F

    The Ravenwing Marauders vs. The 13th Legion

    Video Source: 💀 A 5 vs. 3 wing fight in Eravate, following the 13th Legion losing a 3v3 and attempting to revenge gank me after their CMDR CW3040 died to us twice. Build below: - - - GG's to my wing's CMDR's: CMDR R...
  7. B

    Corvette load out for a player that canoot decide....

    o7 Cmdr's I have a Corvette for last months and I keep changing hardpoints and cannot really decide to keep a set, my problem is I keep trying to get hardpoints for NPC and pvp but when in combat zones I dont want to be reloading all the time and when practice with friends pvp I have to run...
  8. J

    Pirating as a federal general

    I watched a video the other day with a guy pirating other players. I think he was in a corvette, and I thought I might try my hand as a pirate... Here are the 2 builds I'm thinking of... If I could have pointers that'd be awesome.... Docking computer to maybe get gankers ruffled for fun...
  9. W

    Federal Corvette possible nurf? version 3.3.02 xbox

    Anyone know if Frontier made any changes to the game play of the corvette. Seems like after the update my shields arn't as strong and my thrusters are sluggish.
  10. Cmdr Ivo Janssen

    Need help with a Corvette build

    Hi everyone, I am saving (and grinding) for a Federal Corvette. Want to use it PVE and was wondering what is a good built to start with? Was thinking for these few: 1. Class 4 MC and Pulse (or Beam) rest MC turrents 2. Class 4 Pulse and Cannon Class 3 MC rest pulse turrents 3. Two Class...
  11. Titler

    Ships Complete My Corvette; Suggestions for PvE Build Please

    Hey folks; I'm currently looking how to finalise my PvE build after the endless engineering changes, and I was wondering what people would suggest...? Here's my current build, and money is no object when buying new parts... A few pointers on what I'm thinking right now. 1.) Missing are a...
  12. Xavi Mendoza

    Newcomer / Intro Super Corvette?

    I was trying some build with Guardian FSD Booster on Coriolis and realized that it makes a heavy combat Corvette with 26.21 LY jump range and 105.19 LY total range. Is it really possible? I mean, is it possible to remove vette's only drawback and make a dream ship with only one module? :O Build...
  13. dreampage

    Best Bulkheads on a PvE Combat Ship?

    I'm planning to upgrade the bulkheads on my Federal Corvette which is now outfitted purely for combat. However, no matter how much I look at the different options I can't decide. I see their attributes and different resistances but I can't quite understand which one would be the best. Obviously...
  14. Xavi Mendoza

    Corvette Build Advice/Feedback

    Hi. I have just bought my Corvette after a loooooong grind and trying to start another one now (Engineering) :o But before that, I need to decide my builds. I have tried to make some with exp. effects for buff/debuff but need advice/feedback before to start run. Just one wish; trying to make...
  15. max9000

    An idea on missions vs Rebuy cost

    I personally feel when it comes to missions, you should get some sort of bonus money based on how valuable your ship is, like first, the initial price of the mission, Plus an extra 50% Rebuy cost money added. The more expensive your ship is the more money you will make through doing missions...
  16. Serenity03

    Ships Ding! 100 Ships Built! Check Them out!

    I completed the build on my 100th and 101st ships yesterday. It wont be my last. Further expansion of my fleet is eminent! "Resistance is futile!" "It's getting a little crowded in my space". Sorry I like movies with ships in them. Check out my fleet! Let me know what you think...
  17. Grey Seattleite

    Fix the Federal Corvette

    The Federal Corvette needs a fix, and now is the time to do it. This sounds strange. The ship is big. The ship is shiney. The ship is incredibly popular to grind for. What could possibly be wrong? The game evolved, and the Corvette didn't. Bear with me, or skip to the TLDR at the bottom. The...
  18. Jason Sefer

    Any corvette PvE loadouts?

    Got any good corvette PvE loadouts?
  19. M

    Class 7 fsd for corvette

    Hey so i want to suggest that the corvette gets an class 7 fsd. The class 6 is simply too small for this ship. I mean it is a combat ship Yes but the diffrence between corvette and anaconda isnt that great wich makes the anaconda the better Option. And that is sad because the corvette is a...
  20. F

    A new way to travel

    I have a suggestion when it comes to faster than light travel. I hear a lot of bashing around current jump ranges from players when playing in a wing and I would like to make a suggestion for something that I believe would be an amazing addition to the game. My suggestion would be centred...
  21. Rariano Majoy

    Ships Build PvE: How do you see it

    Hello, I'm thinking of equipping a Corvette to "Smash" NPC in a HRES and raise the two levels that I lack to reach the Elite level. I am looking for something that takes little time to destroy any ship and that does not require too much to go to refuel munitions to the base or make synthesis...
  22. A

    Corvette large hardpoint useless?

    Okay so I got the Corvette yesterday after grinding out the rank and all that. I have it fully armed with 2 Class 2 beams, 2 Class 1 beams, 1 Class 3 MC, and 2 Class 4 MC's. But I'm seriously doubting the usefulness of the Class 3 MC because it's on the bottom of the ship, and I don't know what...
  23. cmasc

    Balance concerning low ranked players in big ships (Naval rank rant)

    It has come to my attention after the release of 3.0, that there are certainly more players with either the cutter or the corvette, given the changes they made towards mission rewards and the reputation gain with the corresponding federation or imperial navy ranks many of these players which...
  24. KG_Jedi

    What happened to proposed armor hardness and shield boosters stacking diminishing returns? We had some really promising overhaul of the "Big 3", which would make them have weaker shields, but much tougher hulls, especially vs smaller ships. Realism, balance or call it whatever...
  25. Zenoe

    A solution to the whole "rank grind" thing thats been going on

    Remove the military rank altogether. Make the rank locked permits attainable via missions to complete. Alliance now has two ships (kinda) in the type-10 and chieftain, those aren't rank locked but can only be purchased in alliance space or at Jameson Memorial. I mean, you already need a god...
  26. ItsDustyBro

    Federal Corvette Combat Build.

    Hi, as the title states I'm looking for advice on what the current best federal corvette combat build would be for bounty hunting npcs. I haven't been on for probably about 8 months or longer so I'm just curious what the new beat builds May be. Also I'm playing on Xbox so I'm not sure how much...
  27. n13L5

    Looking for comments / math-warrior advice on Vette PvE setup...

    I've spent hours on Forum posts found by Google to avoid making some willy-nilly fitting that doesn't work. I'd like to see if my take-away from all these arguments is not grossly mistaken in any area :) I'll structure this into functional blocks... (Talking about speeds and guns and shields...
  28. O

    Ships My Corvette PVE build

    Picked up a Corvette last week and finally have it in the groove. 2 x Huge Overcharged Multicannons. One corrosive 1 x Large Beam- efficient level 5 2 x Medium beams- efficient level 5 2x Small Railguns- long range plasma slugs w/ 4KM range SLF bay with dual fighters (dangerous-deadly NPC crew)...
  29. P

    Large ship to outpost shuttle

    Slightly larger than the fighter with a 8-ton cargo capacity, it's functions as a Cargo Carrier, fuel transfer, mining collection aswell as acting shuttle for pilots from large vessels to outposts. Should be launched similarly to the fighter And can be piloted by both Npc and pc vessels. I think...
  30. EpicHam

    Ship-launch fighters landing on Small-Medium landing pads for large ships.

    At the moment large crafts cannot land on outposts or planetary bases without large pads. This create some problems when big ships want to turn in combat bonds for the local conflict. What if we let fighters land independently to turn in the combat bonds and then redock with the maincraft that's...
  31. jedimaster68

    The Corvette grind ?

    Cmdrs, For those who jumped from the anaconda to the federal Corvette was the Grind worth it because I'm thinking of doing it? Fly safe cmdrs o7
  32. W

    Damn stupid and unfair NPCs!

    I was at a high intensity combat zone in my FDL comfortably earning combat bonds. There was this annoying elite Viper MK IV which kept turning around me and firing his "gimballed" railguns from a distance of 800m to 1500m at me (he kept hitting me even though I had FA off, spiralling all around...
  33. G

    Ships 2.4 Corvette Build advice/doubts

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Commanders Since short I have a Federal Corvette. For the most part I got no problems to build it. But I kinda am doubting what to do depending on it's purpose how to build my shields and Armour. My Clan has given me decent advice, but I decided to listen...
  34. ebbrell

    federal corvette jump range

    I have mentioned the range before when i wanted a corvette. since i have managed to buy one. This is when it gets silly. i bought one in LHS 28 to get 15% discount, but the default equipment and jump range is so low i couldn't jump out of the system in a direction i wanted. i ended up...
  35. M

    A Hypnotic Twilight (Flight Assist Off)

    After a few months away from the game, I decide that the best way to knock off the rust is with some canyon flying, FAO, external camera action. This approach was only somewhat effective... but made for a relaxing flight either way. Apologies for the few random "signal loss" faded camera...
  36. P

    PvP Looking for PVP against other Corvette Pilots - Willing to give engineering advice to participants

    Hello fellow Vet pilots, I have spent hundreds of hours seeking out 1v1s against other Condas, Vets, and Cutters. Due to the very low rate at which I have been able to find 1v1's (typically 1 every 2 months or so,) I'm taking to the forums to look for players willing to 1v1 for fun. I am a...
  37. P

    Ships Looking for PVP against other Corvette Pilots - Willing to give engineering advice to participants

    Hello fellow Vet pilots, I have spent hundreds of hours seeking out 1v1s against other Condas, Vets, and Cutters. Due to the very low rate at which I have been able to find 1v1's (typically 1 every 2 months or so,) I'm taking to the forums to look for players willing to 1v1 for fun. I am a...
  38. FurryFailure

    Cosmetic Suggestions - Armour Plating

    Before I begin, this suggestion includes 3 suggestions using the same idea, so, be sure to read it all So as the title suggests, Armour Plating Cosmetics/Ship Kits, I got the idea when talking with my friend about some of the ships, my friend mentioned the Type-10, and we figured it'd be a...
  39. J

    Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Holiday DLC?

    Hello, Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the game so far, however I was wondering if there is any plans to release Holiday versions of the game as DLC? I know I would love to play the game during Halloween or Christmas! Its a little old, but I'm sure fans would still purchase it!
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