1. F

    Zooniverse Progress Thread

    Hey! Sort of like another user sdanwolf, I'm going to be posting all update pictures of my WIP zoo Zooniverse! The last picture is a full map of the zoo with every exhibit labeled! The only animals not labeled are the Goliath Beetle and Giant Tiger Land Snail exhibits, which are in the Plains...
  2. K

    Creature Creation

    While I don't own the game myself, I bought it as a present to my wife last christmas with all dlcs. Sadly she hardly ever plays it, and finds it too difficult & time consuming to build habitats... In the end, even with thousands of workshop items downloaded, she'd rather watch beautiful parks...
  3. 1v4n94

    Do the devs create the models or are they "delivered" directly from Universal Studios?

    Does Frontier create all models and textures or do they "receive" the assets from Universal?
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