1. Rozmar_Hvalross

    Damaged station fines

    Ok Im in my cutter, evacuating people from a station. Im about to touch down when a close explosion occurs. Im flung to another pad, and am told off for blocking the pad. I leave within five seconds, but gain a 500cr fine. Whatever. I go to take some missions. I cant because im wanted. I go to...
  2. Scruffman

    Why is it so expensive to 'clean' hot modules?

    I was a bit of a naughty boy and managed to accrue one of them fancy global bounties that was introduced recently and was foolish enough to swap out some modules in my ship. Unbeknownst to me, the modules remain 'hot' even if you then clear your bounty. I'm unable to put the modules back on my...
  3. torbach

    Report Crimes feature [against NPC only] option

    I play Open even when I PvE... I often RP an E-rated garbage truck in PvE and want the help I want to be a part of open content but not trigger PvE responses when attacked by a player please consider an option to report crimes only against NPC's so that open can be a bit better -- i do not...
  4. L

    Why are authority contacts blocked by anonymous protocol?

    You get a fine for forgetting a docking request or something and you dock to go to contacts and pay it off but contacts are blocked! To unblock you need to pay the fine, to pay it you need contacts and so u need to pay... Help?
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