1. R

    Custom Configuration Files not Showing in Dropdown (Solved)

    As I'm sure MANY of you out there are going to experience, or have already experienced, the game loves to overwrite your keybindings. Lets start with the reason for this post: I use a gamepad to drive my SRV and the game kept overiding my profiles. Frustrated, I created a saved custom one per...
  2. Woody2107

    Glass Pieces? Forgotten?

    Heyo wonderful peeps at Frontier, had a great holiday? Had a blast playing the game during all the breaks between feasts and studying. The DLC is so good! Back on topic! May I ask why the glass panels where left out the game? Is there any possibility that they may return. For a lot of us...
  3. C

    Discussion Rate my setup! Spaceship Control Panel: DIY USB Controller

    First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum subsection, I found this one to be the most "fitting". Since my posting in the Facebook group got an overwhelming response, I thought I'd post my new build to the forums as well. The perfect addition for my ED setup, ready to go for the next Season...
  4. C

    Screens for our own pictures

    I want screens for our own pictures, like in PlanetCoaster.
  5. M

    Roller Coasters Project Cosmos: Orion - Planet Coaster Record Breaking Floorless

    Downloads Ride Blueprint This is Orion, part one of Project Cosmos - a three part release of some older material - finally finished. Each ride in Cosmos utilizes familiar B&M elements with a more stylized, unique twist. Orion is the tallest...
  6. Ghostly Food Buffet

    Walk-through track ride (ex. Haunted House)

    It would be cool to have a ride that people walk through. It could be used for making haunted houses, tours, expeditions etc. Example:
  7. R

    Custom Speakers

    Hello I would like to suggest having Custom Speakers in the game for our themeparks! Players can import .MP3 and the speaker will play that sound. This would be a great idea for those who have an arcade building and would like have sounds from machines. This would bring Planet Coaster a more...
  8. TomixComics

    Scenarios Freipark Revival Scenario

    [Difficult scenario, also might be a little heavy on some machines once it starts growing]. REQUIRES THE ADVENTURE PACK DLC. (I don't think it needs any of the other ones. If I'm wrong let me know) This scenario is inspired by an old RCT2 scenario, my old scenario "Hurricane Hills", and a real...
  9. Archvillain

    Community Event / Creation Custom Warthog HOTAS face-plate panels; laser-cut label your own controls

    If you're interested in a customized panel / face-plate for the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Throttle, labelled with your own controls and using the Warthog back-lighting (as seen below) then keep reading; I stopped procrastinating about requests to make my Warthog laser-cutting/etching template...
  10. Jimmox72

    Changes to Controls menu system

    The changes to the controls menus broke the ability to use both a HOTAS and a controller at the same time on an XBox. The aim was to provide more custom saves, and to make the menu mechanics more consistent across platforms, which was laudable, but it made the HOTAS unusable for a number of...
  11. V

    Ship Customization

    If I make a purchase of, say, a paint job, would I need to pay again if I sell my ship at a later time or do the modification remain available to any ship i pilot?
  12. AGR-13

    Golden skins for Golden missions! Go 4 Gold!

    Hi devs & store team Regarding the suggestion of the legendary Frontier support I'm writing you here in the official forums about my issue. My inquiry is quite simple. I bougth a lot of skins because I'm one of these crazy people who love not only the game but also loves customizing it and...
  13. F

    Decals / Logos

    I have enjoyed watching the Educating Ed series. There were a number of groups he met with and he indicated there are many more as well. Can you look into a way to add decals for various groups other than the standard ones already present, so that players who align with a specific faction...
  14. T. James

    Fiction An Official Elite: Dangerous novel, by T. James. "Out of the Darkness".

    For anyone who doesn't know, I'm T. James (a.k.a. "TJ"), and I'm another of the official writers penning a book-of-the-game for Elite: Dangerous. My working title is Out of the Darkness, but I can't tell you much about it at this stage as I'm still in the process of fleshing out ideas with the...
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