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  1. H

    Parks Rustica - 20x20 grid mini park

    I did a little challenge with a friend where we each had to make the best park we could with only a 20 x 20 grid in Plamet Coaster. My park is called Rustica and is themed around a mining community with a bit of a steampunk twist. The park contains 2 coasters, 1 dark ride and 3 flat rides...
  2. Fisherman1

    Track Rides Ghost Pirates Quick Draw ride from Kaleidoscope Piers!

    Ghost Pirates now available!! The park file has been updated (make sure you grab the latest user media set. I added a few new billboard images). AND, the ride is available as a blueprint! Park is here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1761954599 Ghost Pirates...
  3. Cosmic Cow

    Tracker Dark-Ride (Temple of Doom)

    Small and compact dark ride. Workshop [/URL]
  4. LÉON/LvHtje

    Boat ride as a birthday present! (dark ride)

    Hello, I have now been busy for about seven months build the Fata Morgana from Efteling in Planet Coaster, the inside is almost finished. It is not easy to give the dark ride an arabic theme because there are only few arabic objects in the game. I had to improvise a lot, and have already used...
  5. Berlin87

    Track Rides [WIP] Around The World -- Dark ride

    Hi everyone! I'm working on a compact dark ride called "Around The World", narrated by the world-famous natural historian Sir Dr. Redbug. Here are some shots and a teaser to get this topic started..
  6. T

    Roller Coasters The Tunnel of Terror - Dark Ride

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to share my latest creation, Tunnel of Terror - A dark ride with a dark twist on the classic tunnel of love. Hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/nS-BhMO8RAs
  7. H

    Track Rides Hotel Futura (Steampunk dark ride)

    Time to check-in to the world class Hotel Futura. Situated in the heart of Future World 1899's Metropolis city, this dark ride takes guests through the grand Hotel, which fuses classic luxuries with a futuristic transport system that makes it truly the talk of the town! VIDEO...
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