1. Palindari

    what? Five Days and counting...

    That I have been able to play ED in general. First off, I've been truly enjoying the game and have been a long time player since Jan 2015. Though I have heard plenty complain about issues with Odyssey, I was relatively happy with my experience overall. My system is currently leading edge (Ryzen...
  2. marx

    Marx's guides, research, data, and various other stuff

    I wanted to make a collection of the various threads I've made over time, with the guides, research, data, and so on, but it wouldn't fit in my forum signature, so I decided I'd make a thread summing them up instead. Here they are: Guides: Marx's guide to finding Earth-like worlds Marx's...
  3. Chocolatier

    Newcomer / Intro Detailed White Dwarf & Neutron Cone Data with Escape Information

    This thread serves as my public "dumping ground" for information regarding White Dwarfs and Neutrons. Please use this as a precursor when encountering these stars. To begin, this is what I have: Current number of recorded tests: 115 Rate of Hull decay, without Reinforcement Packages...
  4. Hoff 07

    Anyone want the a trophy bobblehead? Join CRYS1S squadron and turn in exploration data before the season ends

    we are currently in 4th place we just need a little boost in data. 3rd place and up get a trophy bobblehead. There's 3 hours left in the season.
  5. Hoff 07

    What is the highest payout for a single system in exploration data? My record is over 18 million CR

    Found this system worth over 18 million.. located between Colonia and Sagittarius A. It has 9 terraformables with decent mass and 2 water worlds. The system is SCREAKI BA-Y D1-337
  6. F


    Hello people! Just a suggestion.....after hours and hours of travelling, mapping and a lot of effort to collect data, suddenly we get destroyed but an enemy. I think I am not the only one who had this experience. How about ED team just load our DATA (same as they do with our material and goods...
  7. CanYouHackett97

    How I Lost Millions Worth of Data in an Instant

    tl;dr: I just lost days worth of exploration data because I wanted to land on a planet before going to bed. I started in Elite Dangerous a couple months ago. At first I wasn't crazy about it, but I was able to buy an ASP Explorer after doing a wing mission with friends. Started grinding...
  8. A

    Found New Data Scanning Bug. THX FD

    started a Planetary Scan Job mission today, 2 days time limit. Location: CD-39 3269 (near Xinca) Planet 3C Found the Planetary Outpost and attempted scan of data point after switching to analysis mode. Turrets begin to fire on me as it is a restricted area, game crashes. makes that long...
  9. Lateralus

    [Suggestion] New galaxy map overlay categories: Traffic volume & Risk level

    In a game where players are distributed fairly thinly across a gigantic play area, we need a way of determining where most players are (for lawful and outlaw purposes). This would result in more organic PvP scenarios which can currently be very hard to find unless you go to a CG, which can get...
  10. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP When You Kill An Explorer in Distant Worlds 2 (DW2)...

    When you kill someone in Distant Worlds 2, and wipe their exploration data, I just hope you know that:
  11. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Competitive Exploration?!?! DeathDingo is the best explorer in the galaxy. No-one can match him in skill.
  12. wetwire

    Exploration Data Black Box

    So many explorers play in private or solo mode for fear of losing many days worth of game play in one accident, or being destroyed by another ship. As more of an intensive for explorers to play in Open I propose the following. I suggest adding a Black Box that CMDR's can interact with. A...
  13. Sheppard22

    Can i get my rebuy back ?

    So i was exploring in open i forgot to go in pvt group or sole my bad ;( I jumped into Omega nebula and 2 players ganked me for nothing so rip all my exploring data and rebuy cost on anaconda) Wish i could send this on support but i dont know how to send it and where because they are having too...
  14. D

    Exploration data lost?

    Greeting Commanders, I am far away from home and I am exploring the Void. I haven't play for a few months, so I update the game and was presented with new kind of scanner and new Planet scanner with probes. As much as cool it is I went to see what the Codex was and I find out that I...
  15. Flying Scorpion

    Establish Covert Link With Emplacement Data Link (Help - how do you finish this mission?) I don't know how to finish the mission. I've been attempting this mission for 2 days now. I've given up for today and maybe I'll try again tomorrow if someone can help me out.
  16. L

    Codex 'records'.

    We all saw that section of the Codex. It is a great idea, sort of a fishing thing, where you can see what was the smallest and the biggest one you "caught" so far. The problem is, it doesn't seem to work. It doesnt matter how many particular stars or planets you find the records sections will...
  17. Dread Quixadhal

    More useful galaxy map.

    So, I sat down to play Elite today, on my xbox for a change, and quickly discovered that it was frustratingly difficult to tease any useful information out of the in-game map interface. When playing on the PC, we have quick and easy access to multiple third-party web sites to perform routine...
  18. J

    Cannot scan Ancient Data Terminal

    Greetings, after having the terminal acticvated I try to scan, however my scanner does not start scanning. The Terminal is targeted, see attached pic. Link to pic: I have successfully scanned several Active Ancient Obelisks before. Any hints?
  19. RolloTreadway

    Newcomer / Intro Stupid question about data

    Hi everyone. Can I ask a silly noob question about data? Is it inherently a whole lot more difficult to accumulate it than raw and manufactured materials? Or is there some reliable way of getting data (particularly rarer forms) other than pointing a wake scanner and hoping for the best? What...
  20. P

    All exploration data lost - I'm so fed up!

    Hi everyone, I have spent literally days and days exploring (something I am quite new to) as I had to travel 5000 light years to unlock Prof Palin. So guess what.....I did really well scanning all types of stars and bodies and was looking forward to amassing millions of credits doing this...
  21. C

    Guardian data retrieval

    Hi guys, returning starside after a break and in need of guardian data for the impending Q2 update. Can anyone confirm the current situation with data obelisks? Does one require the correct combination of artifacts to retrieve pattern data, or are you still able to get it just by scanning? Any...
  22. RolloTreadway

    Exploration: Quality of Life improvement, much needed, please, it's been years now

    I know this has been suggested before, probably many times, at least once by me. But the change never happens and I'm not going to stop going on about it until it does. PLEASE can we have an improvement to the system for giving exploration data to Universal Cartographics. It really is not fun...
  23. V

    Missions to colonia?

    Hey cmdrs, I was wondering if anyone has seen any more data delivery missions to colonia anymore? I know there were a bunch when 2.4 hit but I haven’t seen any since then. I wanted to pick up a few on my way out into the black since I plan on being out there a while and don’t want to take...
  24. Cmdr Zund

    Discussion Secure Data

    Is the client data encrypted from client to server? I'm not terribly afraid of someone hacking my account, but I'm curious. I still use a VPN for most all internet traffic. But this only encrypts my data to the VPN server and not the game server. Cheers! CMDR Zund
  25. Riverside

    Wake Scanning for Data

    I play in a pretty varied way, I travel around, I trade, do missions & explore, I shoot at stuff until it pops then collect the stuff that falls out. So as far as the new materials & data collection is concerned I have collected a lot of everything, many of my bins are full, I miss the dilemma...
  26. Rick Bravo

    Newcomer / Intro Data deliver missions- credit toward trade rank?

    So I haven't been able to find answer to this question so I thought I would try here. Do data delivery missions/courier(data delivery) missions give credit toward trade rank? If so, do bonuses received on those data delivery missions also count toward trade rank or is only the original amount...
  27. n13L5

    Trying to make SENSE of SENSORS - in regards to ship scanning for DATA

    Up to now, I've mainly been putting D-rated sensors on most ships and A-rated sensors on combat ships, as I heard a long time ago, that you can pick up enemy ships from greater distance. This seemed simple enough, and I really had no need for further inquiry, as there weren't any options to...
  28. Bitwalker

    Xbox & Data -> Inara Import?

    Hello, dear Commander! Like many, I also use INARA.CZ to manage my achievements. Presumably, this question has been asked many times, but the search function does not give me any decent results. Is there, or will someday be the opportunity to somehow link the data and materials of my...
  29. S

    I don't know what to do anymore...

    Today I joined the forum, hoping to make some future contribution to the community and build myself as a player.. Today I was most upbeat as I had almost finished a passenger mission to Colonia. Now, I had the idea to take a few passengers out there, so I loaded my asp explorer with 3 cabins and...

    Please can we have a 32t fuel tank for the Chieftain?

    Please could we have the fuel tank in the Chieftain increase to a 32t as standard, as this would make this ship just that bit more perfect for those of us who would like to do more than just combat. I for instance would like to use this tough ship as a secure fast transport for passengers, and...
  31. T

    Why is the Explorer path so unbalanced?

    So, I have a question, why is the explorer career so unbalanced? This applies to all modes, but this is mostly about Open. The context here is when your ship is destroyed as opposed to your time investment. Let me explain.... (hint, there is a TL;DR to this.) The Combat Role: If you are...
  32. Avi0013

    Release Questions about a replacement for Maddavo's updating for TradeDangerous

    Hopefully, most of you know Oliver (@kfsone) wonderful tool, TradeDangerous (TD), which is now being semi-maintained by @gazelle (Bernd) here: The beauty of this tool is in its completeness and complexity. It is a route planner, a market database, a buy...
  33. Dr Raincloud

    System map/trade data sent to dedicated monitors

    Hi, Sorry if this has been covered before. As a suggestion - would it be possible (in future) to send maps/trade data etc. to separate screens? As a user of Sonar DAW (for my musical efforts) I'm able to "undock" parts of the program and dedicate the information to separate screens. This...
  34. H

    Suggestions to new Material Trader

    As a leader of a major player group, I'd like to bring the voice of around 500 people. The material trader is a much needed step in the right direction towards eliminating a significant portion of the grind with engineers. We really appreciate this, a lot. But I'd like to point out that the...
  35. B

    Crime and punishment for planet scan jobs

    I just watched both casts of upcoming "Beyond" expansion and have question about law and punishment. It seems to be somewhat broken right now for the "planetary scan" missions where you have to download data from beacon. I haven't been doing anything illegal, many of these missions are...
  36. T

    Engineers Elite Dangerous "What to Keep" Material / Data sheet.

    I couldn't find a list to help me decide if I wanted to keep a Material / Data, so I built one. It's pretty simple (even tho it took me a few hours), but now I can easily see if having 30 Iron on hand useful. OR if I have any use for "UNUSUAL ENCRYPTED FILES" (only if I'm going to engineer an...
  37. N

    settlements data point scanning it's impossible bad

    The process of obtaining data from settlements is so bad that I just can not play any more, and I have to get out of the game having an annoyance. Poor lighting on all planets - I have bad sight. There is no normal map - i don`t know where i need go. There is no normal mode of movement, and I...
  38. Z

    Discussion Deatailed search of systems

    Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing all the data available at the moment (with regular updates and all). However, the...
  39. C

    Boom Data Delivery

    I have been having an issue where every single boom data delivery has to go to Colonia or one of its subsidiary places near there, I currently play on the Xbox one version, and not being able to do boom data delivery missions is making it quite hard to Progress in rank for Federation and empire...
  40. M. Volgrand

    Thargoid Data Gathering Effort: We need your help!

    Alright, let's do some field research, commanders. Actual situation: The Thargoids are advancing into the bubble. Their objectives are unclear. Proof: Have you been living under a rock? Active attacks towards stations, EAGLE outposts signal systems that may be soon attacked. Proposed...
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